The Freedom Practice

The Freedom Practice

The Freedom Practice is a fast and powerful way to become highly emotionally competent. It is designed to make it easy for you to integrate the Pure Awareness Techniques into your life. This allows you to start to make more decisions from your intuition.

When you start the Freedom Practice you receive a personalized Decision Influences Assessment.

The Decision Influences Assessment (DIA)

Your personal DIA will show you to what extent your decisions are currently being influenced by each of the four different kinds of thoughts –

    1. Practical thoughts
    2. Intuitive/creative thoughts
    3. Ego based thoughts
    4. Emotional pain based thoughts

Your personal DIA will give us a base line for how your decisions are influenced now. As you progress during the Freedom Practice we will periodically re-assess your DIA so that we can see your progress of reducing the extent to which ego and emotional pain based thoughts have been undermining your decisions and therefore your life. The increase of the influence of your practical and intuitive thoughts simply naturally rises as we get the energy patterns that create problem causing thoughts out of the way more and more. 

An important aspect of the DIA is that it allows us to see to what extent you are becoming a living example of making less and less mistakes and making your decisions more and more from your intuitive and practical thoughts. 

The Practical Thoughts and Intuitive Thoughts are useful to you. Decisions based on those kinds of thoughts typically lead to actions that are successful.

Ego Based Thoughts and Emotional Pain Based Thoughts are not-useful and typically lead to poor decisions and costly mistakes.

Most people make many decisions based on Ego Based and Emotional Pain Based Thoughts without even realizing that they are doing that. This is because you have been having all four kinds of thoughts your whole life so they all seem like they are just a normal part of the process of thinking. So you don’t distinguish between them.

Even if you were able to make the distinction between the useful and not-useful thoughts, no one has trained you in how to get rid of the not-useful thoughts so that they stop influencing your decisions. The Freedom Practice shows you exactly how to distinguish your useful thoughts from your not-useful thoughts AND how to access and resolved the “energy” of the not-useful thoughts so that they don’t come up any more.

The Freedom Practice Process

The Freedom Practice is done on a daily basis and has two phases to it.

Phase 1 starts by doing the practice each morning shortly after you get up for about 20 minutes or more depending on what happens during the practice. You will be identifying and transforming the energy patterns that have been creating your ego based and emotional pain based thoughts.

Phase 2 starts to happen naturally as you become increasingly sensitized to recognizing and transforming the self-sabotaging energy patterns of the not-useful thoughts by starting to be more conscious of which thoughts are ego and emotional pain based as they occur during the day. You start to catch them, test them and transform them whenever they come up during the day.

This is when you start to become truly emotionally competent and more and more awakened to living and expressing your inner greatness.

The Freedom Practice Report

What’s needed to be successful with this entire program is to have a structure that supports you in being consistent with doing the freedom practice everyday. It is also very important to receive ongoing mentoring from a Freedom Practice Mentor. An essential part of the structure of the program that supports you in having the needed consistency is that each day you prepare a Freedom Practice Report.

This is simple and only takes a few minutes to do. You just write a quick summary of what you did during you Freedom Practice that day and send it to a group discussion list for your group. You also mention changes in your experiences you are starting to have in various circumstances as you progress. For example people notice that they become less self-critical, more confident, more present, more understanding and compassionate. etc. Then your report is reviewed and you are given additional insights and guidance by your Freedom Practice Mentor.

Learning the Basics

To learn the basics of how to do the Freedom Practice, it starts by taking a training called Freedom from Illusions. It can be taken as a live training seminar when available near you or it can be taken anytime online as a series of 5 webinars of about 90 minutes each. The information about the Freedom from Illusions online training is here –

Freedom from Illusions online training

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