Orientation to learning the IN Technique

This page is an orientation to learning the IN Technique The IN Technique teaches you how to feel and resolve the energy patterns of emotional pain and trauma in a simpler, faster and easier way than you have ever seen before. 



Why is it useful to have this orientation? It’s because the IN Technique will guide you through experiences you have very likely never had before. That’s because when we are very young we all get emotionally overwhelmed lots and lots of times. Nobody likes that! In fact we hate it. And we rapidly learn to get as far away from the emotional painful sensations as we can. And we do this before we learn how to talk! 

This becomes a deeply conditioned way of being and leads to becoming very emotionally incompetent. This is the main reason that people are not good at handling their emotions. And because we learn to do this before we have developed language we continue to do it throughout our life without even realizing that this is happening. 

The problem is that emotions have both content and energy. Traditional therapy and coaching focus on the content of emotions. But the energy of the emotion creates the sensations of it in and around our body and it is the energy of the emotion that gives it life. 

If you don’t know that this is happening, when you start to learn to do the IN Technique you can mistakenly stop doing it for fear of being overwhelmed by that energy. In fact, that happened to me a couple of times which is why I always now give people an orientation so they know what to expect. It turns out that it is vastly easier than people think it will be. It is the 2 or 3 year old inside of them that fears being overwhelmed by the emotional pain. But you aren’t 2 or 3 anymore. You have an enormous capacity to feel things. It’s much easier than you might think.

However, it is essential to recognize that the pain is just a sensation. These old traumatic pains have two parts to them. In fact, every emotion has two parts to it. They all have both energy and content. The energy causes the sensation that you have been attempting to avoid feeling. In the past when you have felt it, it has triggered the memories of the traumatic event or events that caused it. This has caused you to do your best to suppress it and NOT feel it.

Here’s a chart that shows the difference between a small child’s capacity to feel and the underutilization of an adult’s enormous capacity to feel that results from such suppression. 

The science behind this is that we have specific brain cells called spindle cells which are the ones that we use to process emotions. When we are just a baby we have a minimal number of spindle cells. So our resulting capacity to feel emotions is limited. 

As we grow up the number of spindle cells increases greatly and so our capacity to feel things has the potential to increase significantly. But we are so deeply conditioned to suppress and avoid feeling emotionally painful sensations that we significantly underutilize our innate capacity to feel. We’ve got the hardware but our inner human software is not being fully used.  

So the point of this orientation is to get you to understand that although initially some of the energy patterns of emotions that you will be feeling may seem intense to you, as you practice the IN Technique you will find that it is much, much easier than you thought it would be and you can do it successfully. And when you do it successfully you will feel lighter and freer and you will start to naturally trust your intuition more and more and make far fewer costly mistakes.

So when you are doing the IN Technique, don’t stop feeling the sensation of the emotional pain until it is gone. When it is gone, you will feel so much better that you will be really glad you hung in there and completed the incomplete experience of that old pain. 

Most people think that the content, the memories, images, and sounds of what happened and the energy of the sensation are one thing. But it turns out that they are separate and can be experienced separately. You will be directed to notice the sensation and to keep your attention focused right into the central strongest part of the energy field that is causing the sensation.

Amazingly enough, by allowing yourself to notice the central strongest part of the sensation, you create a little bit of a distance between you and the sensation of the pain. This does something very important. It keeps you from collapsing into the pain and getting overwhelmed by it.

It turns out that it is perfectly safe to do this. The first time I did it, I noticed that it didn’t kill me to allow myself to feel it. It was intense for sure, but what I learned in just a few seconds was that I could handle the intensity. In fact, it wasn’t even that difficult.

At first, allowing myself to feel what was still being held there made it feel stronger than normal. It wasn’t actually stronger, it just seemed stronger because I was allowing myself to really feel it rather than just continuing to try to get away from it.

And the amazing thing was that after innocently letting myself feel what was there, the intensity gradually softened. It got weaker. That was an amazing and very welcome surprise!

So, I got my courage up and brought my awareness even closer to what was still left of the sensation of the energy. Amazingly, after a bit, it got softer again. So, I got closer to it yet again. It got softer again. So once again I got closer still. It kept getting softer and softer until I couldn’t find it anymore.

To test it, I thought about the event, the experience of getting shot in the chest, right at my front door. When I did that I couldn’t feel the terror I had felt in my chest ever since I was shot.

To be extra conservative, I decided to sleep on it and see if I still couldn’t feel the terror. I had been having nightmares every night since getting shot. So, when I woke up the following day, the first thing I realized was that it was the first night since getting shot that I hadn’t had any nightmares!

When you first try this, it is important to understand that you will be doing something that is the exact opposite of what you have been doing ever since you got traumatized. Instead of trying to get as far away from the pain as possible, you have to allow yourself to get closer to it and feel it. It seems crazy but it turns out that this is the way to complete the incomplete experience of the pain and that’s precisely what your body needs you to do.

To be successful with doing the IN Technique, there’s a way to do it that works. It requires doing 2 things. The first is to do your best to keep your focus of attention right into the middle of the strongest part of the sensation.

The second thing that you do, is that if you feel like you are about to be overwhelmed you back away from the painful feeling just a bit.

You are used to backing away from it really far so that you don’t have to feel it at all. But that doesn’t resolve the trauma. In fact, that’s just a form of suppressing it that keeps it unresolved. What’s needed is to complete the incomplete experience of the energy field that is causing the painful sensation. So this is learning a new skill. It is learning how to allow yourself to feel the central most substantial part of the sensation… gradually.

It can help a lot to adjust how close to or far away from the energy field you keep your attention. The perfect distance is when you are close enough that you can really feel it but not so close as to collapse into being overwhelmed by it. It turns out that you can adjust and control that distance. Most people don’t know that this is possible. It turns out to be pretty easy. It is like getting into a helicopter and going up a little bit.

The combination of focusing right into the central strongest part of the energy field and adjusting the distance makes it possible for you to complete the incomplete experience gradually. You just have to go the distance and be a little patient. If you just keep getting closer to the central strongest part of whatever is left of the energy field, it will keep getting softer and softer until it is gone.

When it is gone you will notice that it was much easier than you thought it would be. You have an enormous, under-utilized capacity to feel these kinds of sensations. All you really need is practice and you will find that it gets easier and more accessible.

The Pure Awareness Techniques eliminate the emotional reactions from your decision making so instead your decisions can be made from a place of certainty and confidence.

When you utilize the Pure Awareness Techniques regularly, you begin to make more of your decisions based on your intuition, rather than from emotional distress and impulsivity.

So the bottom line on this is that when you start to feel the sensation of any old emotional pain just notice it and it will gradually fade away. You don’t have to be afraid of it anymore. And when the pain is gone, you will find that the feeling of being free is simply incredible!

So you can go ahead and watch the video of lesson 2 and learn how to do the IN Technique. When you are finished with the lesson 2 video, you will have the option of moving on to the lessons of Section 2 – which includes lessons 3, 4, 5, 6. 7, 8, 9, and 10.

The 8 lessons of Section 2:

Lesson 3 – Learning the OUT Technique

Lesson 4 – Learning Muscle Testing

Lesson 5 – Removing the barriers to having Muscle Testing be reliable.

Lesson 6 – Practice Makes Perfect 

Lesson 7 – The Wholeness Technique

Lesson 8 – The NEUTRALITY  Technique

Lesson 9 – The CLARITY Technique

Lesson 10 – The KNOWING Technique

One last thing is that by joining this community you are joining a global movement to remove the world’s pain. People have been so deeply conditioned to suppress and avoid their emotional pain that they haven’t had a clue about how to do that or even that it is possible. 

But now we have the IN Technique and as you will learn in Lesson 3 it is another powerful technique for resolving what are called Reactive Emotions, like anger, frustration, disappointment, resentment, grief, heartbreak. and nightmares, etc.  It is called the OUT Technique and you will learn it in lesson 3. 

In Section 2 of the training, you will also learn what is called muscle testing which is a phenomenal tool for being able to see if your intellectual understanding of something is aligned with your experiential wisdom about it. In other words, to check if your body and mind are in resonance or alignment. It’s one of the most useful tools I have learned my whole life. 

So go ahead now and watch lesson 2 of the Freedom Practice Training. Become a Human Software Engineer and learn how to debug and upgrade your inner human software! 

Lesson 2 video

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