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The video on the left is Heather talking about getting over horrific nightmares in just one session. Checking in with her even months later, she was still nightmare free.

The video on the right is Angela, a rape victim who also got rid of nightmares in just one session. She is from the UK, and she had horrific nightmares every night for 8 years. She thought her life was over. In just one session, we resolved the traumas causing her nightmares, and that night her nightmares were gone. And in the ten years since, she hasn’t had any nightmares at all! Have a look at this 3-minute video in which she shares her experience. –

Great coaching comes from great people

This training is designed to help you become a great person.

Learn how to make a great living helping people truly conquer PTSD –

Completely & Permanently

For Life Coaches, Therapists

And people who just like to help others

What would happen to your career, your income, your job satisfaction, and your life if:

  • You could provide clients with a program and techniques that really help them conquer their PTSD completely and permanently.
  • There was a constant demand for your services (because they really work) and a consistently full waiting list.

Up until now, people haven’t known how to reduce or eliminate the severity of PTSD symptoms. In fact, the lack of knowing how to do this has caused most people in the medical and psychological professions to believe that PTSD is incurable.  This belief is reinforced by many of their clients with PTSD because they aren’t getting better from the conventional treatments they are receiving.

What if you knew how to alleviate this from happening by learning and offering a new, scientifically proven program that really works and allows people to truly conquer their PTSD and return to a normal life or a life even better than they had in the past?

It is much easier and quicker than you might think. Here’s an example of someone with PTSD who got all of his PTSD symptoms down to severity levels of zero in just five sessions.

Meet Tom Stone, the founder of Inner Greatness Global.  He discovered how to effectively reduce or eliminate the stressors that create PTSD. In 1993, Tom was shot in the chest with a .44 caliber handgun, and miraculously, he survived. However, he had PTSD with all of its symptoms as a result of this attack. But what made Tom’s recovery process different is that he did not have the commonly held belief that PTSD is incurable. Through his personal experience, Tom felt there was something missing in the approach to PTSD.  

This led him to do his own research, where he gained valuable insights and a new method for resolving PTSD.  The methods he used involved feeling the sensation of the residual suppressed traumatic stress still held in his body from the experience of getting shot. To his amazement, Tom was able to gradually diminish the intensity of the traumatic sensation until it was completely gone. He eliminated all of his PTSD symptoms, and they have been gone for over 30 years.

This is unheard of! Tom went on to help hundreds of others completely eliminate all of their PTSD symptoms. 

Register now and save $2,200! Wow! I’ve never made such an offer before. I’m doing this to support increasing the number of people who can help others (and themselves) recover from and protect themselves from the stress and traumas caused by the pandemic.

I feel that once people start to see the incredible results we get with these simple but powerful techniques, many people will want to get this precious training.

For everyone who wants to help people wipe out their PTSD and start to live from their own inner greatness and become one of the best coaches in the world, the price of the training will not be an issue.

If you would like to be part of this solution, you will love how rewarding it is to help people who have been suffering from things like nightmares for years and be able to help them get rid of the nightmares and other PTSD symptoms in just one or two sessions.

I also helped Ernie de Leon in the same way. Ernie was a Vietnam vet who had nightmares and all of the other PTSD symptoms for 43 years! He had been having traditional cognitive therapy at the VA for 17 years but still had nightmares every night.

Usually, he only slept about 2 to 3 hours and then woke up from nightmares. With just one session of about an hour and a half, I guided him through resolving all the traumatic stresses causing his nightmares. He slept for 9 hours that night, and just like Angela, he was nightmare free that first night after the session – for the first time in 43 years! I saw him a year and a half later and asked him how his sleep was, and he replied with a big grin that he hadn’t had a single nightmare since that first session!

PTSD Increasing in the Medical Work Place

Over these past months, there has been a big increase in the number of medical professionals who have developed depression, anxiety, and PTSD from the stresses of dealing with the COVID pandemic. Nurses, doctors, and others in hospitals and clinics say their working environment is like a war zone. The suicide rate for doctors and nurses has climbed over these recent months.

Who discovered how to so effectively reduce the stresses that create PTSD?

The fact is that Tom Stone, the founder of this website’s company, Inner Greatness Global, was shot in the chest in 1993 with a .44 caliber handgun and miraculously survived it. However, he had PTSD with all of its symptoms as a result of this attack.

Tom didn’t believe the commonly held idea that PTSD is incurable. He thought that the people holding this belief must be missing something. So he did his own special research and gained an insight that allowed him to experiment with shifting to a new method of feeling the sensation of the residual suppressed traumatic stress still held in his body from the experience of getting shot.

To his amazement and delight, he was able to use this new approach to gradually diminish the intensity of the traumatic sensation until it was completely gone. He completely eliminated all of his PTSD symptoms, and they have been gone for over 30 years. Unheard of!

Tom has gone on to help people like Angela and Ernie and hundreds of others to completely eliminate all of their PTSD symptoms so thoroughly that PTSD just isn’t there anymore. I’d call that a cure! You can read the article about Tom’s experience and miraculous recovery here –

Tom’s Story

But does it Really Work?

Scientific Proof

Now for the science. PTSD is now curable. Outrageous? Maybe not!

For so long, the medical and psychological communities have believed that PTSD is incurable. When the anti-depression and anti-anxiety medicines don’t stop the pain, many people who have PTSD, particularly in the medical field, in their desperation, think that killing themselves is the only way to escape the pain and suffering.

But now this isn’t the only option. Because the much-needed breakthrough has been found, and it turns out that PTSD is curable after all. Hundreds of people have had their PTSD symptoms completely wiped out.

In one study, a group of 8 people with PTSD took a 6-hour group training to learn and try out for the first time the simple new techniques for reducing the severity of their PTSD symptoms. There were no 1-on-1 private sessions involved with this study, and it was the first time that any of the people tried the techniques.

The evaluation immediately after this 6-hour training showed a reduction in symptom severity levels of 63%. An additional evaluation a week later showed that not only did those positive results last, but the severity reduction actually continued to improve by another 10% to a 73% reduction. The VA takes 6 months to get a 60% reduction in symptom severity levels, and that doesn’t go down another 10% a week later. So, which sounds better to you – 6 months or 6 hours?

To see a graphic summary of the study results, go to this page – PTSD Pilot Study Results.

We hope you take advantage of this remarkable breakthrough. Become an Extraordinary Coach by becoming a great person and join us in helping so many people who have been traumatized by all of the stresses from the pandemic and other traumas.

The normal price for this training is $2997. But to make it accessible to as many people as possible, we have made a huge discount, and you can now register for only $797.00. This course fee is a little bit more than might be mentioned in the video, as we were offering an early bird special back them. But we are still keeping the price quite low. The first 10 people who register for this remarkable training now get a private 1-on-1 coaching session with Tom at no extra cost! 

Register now – only $797

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