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This may be a review of some things that you learned in The Freedom Practice, but there’s no harm in that.  The images of the Index and the In Technique buttons below are just images and don’t have active links. You can get a “live” version of the index and each set of buttons for the techniques by clicking on the words – The Technique Index just below the logo above this paragraph. 

To get started, determine which technique you are going to use and click on the link in the index.

The screen will show the interface for using the audio player that looks like this – 

As you have already learned, doing the Pure Awareness Techniques is easiest to do with your eyes closed. So you can tap on the button on the screen that says – START. 

You will immediately hear the first instruction, which will tell you to close your eyes and sit comfortably. You may want to adjust the volume so that it is comfortable for listening to the audio clips. Once you have done that, hover your thumb or a finger over the NEXT button and tap it. 

You will then get the first instruction or information about what you are going to do. After you have heard that first information or instruction, you can tap the NEXT button again. 

Each time you tap the NEXT button, you’ll get the NEXT audio instruction you need. Then the audio player stops and waits for you to hear the information or do the action that you are guided to do. 

The reason that the audio player works like this is that different people have different experiences as they go through the audio instructions. Some people take longer to do what they are guided to do than others. So having the audio player not advance to the next instruction until you are ready to hear it allows you to have your own perfect timing of going through the technique guidance.

If you have a distraction or some other interruption while you are using the app, you can press the button labeled Previous to hear the last instruction again. In fact, if you press the Previous button more than once, you can go back in the instruction sequence as far as you like. You can even use the Restart button if you want to go back to the beginning and start over. 

When you are finished with all of the audio clips for a given technique, the instructions may simply stop, meaning that if you tap the NEXT button, there won’t be any more audio clips or the last clip may just let you know that you are at the end of the sequence of instructions. 

How the LOCATE Techniques works

The purpose of the LOCATE Technique is to help you find and experience the energy fields of unresolved disruptive emotions that may be so well suppressed that just thinking about the topic you’re working on doesn’t lead you to find the right energy. 

The LOCATE Technique starts with the QUIETNESS Technique. This is so that you get a sense of the QUIETNESS before you tell the body to show you where the unresolved energy is being held inside of you.    

So the LOCATE Technique is kind of like a GPS system. In fact, we used to use the acronym GPS for the technique. The acronym meant Greater Awareness Place.

That’s because as you look off to the side of your thoughts, you become more and more aware of the silent nature of the state in which your thoughts occur. You become more conscious of awareness itself. This makes it easier to allow yourself to notice where the energy that you are looking for is located in your body, 

There is a point in the LOCATE Technique instructions where you tell the body to show you where the energy is that you are looking for. If you have some access to the silent or empty background in which your thoughts are occurring, then when you tell the body to show you the energy field, it will typically show you right where the energy is located. 

As you will see, there are four versions of the LOCATE Technique:





Here’s why – 

  • After you have done the LOCATE Technique a few times using the app, you will start to know what instruction is coming next. As this happens, you start to be able to do the LOCATE technique with less need for instructions from the app. In fact, you will eventually get good enough at doing LOCATE that you can simply do it on your own without needing any guidance from the app anymore.
  • So the short version can be used as you don’t need all of the details anymore. 
  • With both the longer and shorter versions of LOCATE at the end of the LOCATE instructions, you can double-tap the NEXT button on your mobile device or double-click the NEXT button on your computer screen, and you will be taken to the first audio instruction of the IN or OUT Technique depending on which LOCATE version you are using, This will allow you to continue to keep your eyes closed without having to go back to the techniques index to start the IN or OUT Technique, This allows you to stay in the flow of your process of resolving the previously unresolved emotional energy. 
  • In addition, the instructions are just a bit different for finding the IN and OUT Technique energies.

The Technique Index

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