Extraordinary Relationships

Even though it often seems like your relationship problems are being caused by your partner that is usually an illusion. The problems are typically being caused by some inner conflict inside of you. 

So the key to having the relationship that you want is to become fully congruent with that which you want, fully in resonance with it. Then your reality can start to show up that way.

If you want it to be different then things have to change and that change mainly has to occur inside of you.

The Extraordinary Relationships Program is a series of 14 sets of special instructions that you receive once a week that you use with The Inner Guidance app to guide yourself through the process of removing your inner barriers to having a truly great relationship. The app uses interactive audio instructions with which you can guide yourself through special techniques called the Pure Awareness Techniques that are simple but powerful ways of resolving unresolved disruptive emotions that get in the way of having the relationship you really want.

  • Our focus is extraordinary intimate relationships
  • Whether you have a partner or not
  • This will also naturally affect all of your relationships

Here’s the list of topics that are addressed during this course:

  1. Eliminating resentments
  2. Staying present
  3. Self-sufficiency
  4. Optimizing communication
  5. Your partner is a mirror
  6. Stop dating your parents
  7. Attracting an ideal partner (or allowing your partner to be ideal)
  8. How to get over heartbreak… completely!
  9. Not settling for less than you really want
  10. Intimacy and independence
  11. Appreciating differences
  12. Being the kind of person yourself that you want to be with
  13. Financial integrity
  14. Great lovemaking


Note that this program is currently undergoing a redesign and will be available in the near future. If you would like to receive the announcement when it becomes available again, you can email us the contact us form below. This will also give you a free membership to this membership website. Mention in the body of the email that you would like to receive information about the updated Extraordinary Relationships course when it is available.

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