Extraordinary Relationships – “April 2023”

Even though it often seems like your relationship problems are being caused by your partner, that is usually an illusion. Inner conflicts inside of you typically cause your relationship problems. 

So the key to having the relationship you want is to become fully congruent with what you want, fully in resonance with it. Then your reality can start to show up that way.

All our Training and Group Coaching Programs start with taking the Freedom Practice. It provides the basic techniques and skills used in our training and group coaching programs. These techniques and skills allow you to access and eliminate the true barriers to living and enjoying the full expression of your inner greatness. 

If you want it to be different, things must change, and that change must occur inside of you.

Following completion of the Freedom Practice Training, the Extraordinary Relationships Program has three phases to it. They are:

  1. Extraordinary Relationships
  2. Love without Attachment
  3. Unconditional Love

In the first phase, you go through a series of 14 sets of special instructions that you receive once a week. You use the techniques and tools that you learned in the Freedom Practice to eliminate the old patterns of conditioning that keep you from having a really great relationship. 

  • Our focus is extraordinary intimate relationships
  • Whether you have a partner or not
  • This will also naturally affect all of your relationships

Here’s the list of topics that are addressed during this course:

  1. Eliminating resentments
  2. Staying present
  3. Self-sufficiency
  4. Optimizing communication
  5. Your partner is a mirror
  6. Stop dating your parents
  7. Attracting an ideal partner (or allowing your partner to be ideal)
  8. How to get over heartbreak… completely!
  9. Not settling for less than you really want
  10. Intimacy and independence
  11. Appreciating differences
  12. Being the kind of person that you want to be with
  13. Financial integrity
  14. Great lovemaking

You will use the techniques and skills you learned in the Freedom Practice Training to guide yourself through removing your inner barriers to having a truly great relationship.

The next phase of the Extraordinary Relationships Program is called Love without Attachment

Love without Attachment

In the second phase of this program, you will discover that Attachment has nothing to do with love. But most people think that attachment is love or is a part of love. It isn’t!

Attachment means feeling that something is essential to you being able to feel whole and complete. 

Most people are deeply conditioned to become attached to others, particularly romantic or intimate partners. The kinds of conditioning that cause people to create attachments are numerous. It comes from religion, government, parents, media, books, movies, childhood fairytales, behaviors, and stories from friends, relatives, and others.

Attachment is presented to us by all of these conditioning sources as being an aspect of love, but it has nothing to do with what love really is.

Love without attachment is the natural extension of the Extraordinary Relationships course, There are ten intentions and 13 topics in the Love without Attachment phase of the training. It is designed to take the Extraordinary Relationships course to the next level.

Unconditional Love

Love is not about giving and getting. It’s not about meeting needs.  Everything marketed to us under the false label of love – attachment, need, and identification has nothing to do with love. They are all based on need. There’s only one form of love which is unconditional. It is a state of being. 

This phase of the course has three basic topics. Although we have covered the basics of some of these in earlier phases, the Unconditional Love phase goes even deeper into each of these topics. 

Staying Present – is an essential characteristic of being in a state of Unconditional Love. There are 24 different issues about being able to stay present covered in this phase. 

Seeing the beauty in everything – has four issues

Speaking the Sweet Truth – has five issues

Some of the classes will be provided via videos of classes already given. This is one of the factors that allows us to provide this comprehensive Extraordinary Relationship series at such a low cost. We will be going even deeper into removing the influences of the conditioning that get in the way of being in a state of Unconditional Love.

You will also join a discussion group where you can ask questions and share your experiences. 

There are two options for registering for the full program. 

Extraordinary Relationships Program – $997

Includes all three phases of the training.

It is also possible to pay for the full program by making 12 monthly payments of $97.

12 Monthly payments of $97


The first five people who register for the full Extraordinary Relationships training get a private 1-on-1 session with Tom Stone.

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