CEO and Chairman of Inner Greatness Global

Tom Stone has a unique ability to teach people how to access and live the full potential of their inner greatness. In 1997 he had an experience of awakening to the full potential of his own inner greatness. The sense of who he is shifted from being caught in the illusion of being an isolated individual to experiencing that he is the totality of limitless awareness. This shift never went back to being lost to the illusion of separateness of being an isolated individual.

Others, who have experienced similar awakenings often have this as a spontaneous experience. Some of them can describe their experiences eloquently. But their awakening didn’t come with a road map or owner’s manual. They may have had a genuine experience of awakening, but typically they don’t know how it happened. So, they don’t know how to teach others how to have a similar awakening. 

Tom, however, gained this awakening experience through a very specific process that he

discovered that makes the ability to have this kind of awakening systematically possible and even easy. It does require learning to do some things that are the exact opposite of things you have been deeply conditioned to do for your entire life. But Tom’s unique techniques are not difficult, and people who learn and practice what Tom teaches on a daily basis start to live in the continuous experience of Wholeness within months instead of years or lifetimes. 

Tom has a unique ability to explain subtle or complex things in ways that are simple and easy to understand. This ability combined with his own experience of using his insights to have his own awakening makes his teaching unprecedented and extraordinary. He has identified the real barriers to experiencing and living in Pure Awareness all the time. In addition, he discovered exactly how to remove these barriers so that they no longer mask the reality that you are the limitlessness of your own awareness. 

The dogma mistakenly held by many seekers of truth, that having a true awakening is a long and difficult process, is an illusion. The reality is that you are yourself. So you can’t be very far from yourself. It only takes learning now to come out of being lost to the illusions created by your ego and your residual emotional pain. These are the only real barriers to your awakening. It has long been thought that these barriers are difficult to overcome. But with Tom’s new insights and simple techniques it is vastly easier and faster than it has ever been before. 

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