Dear Friend, The journey towards experiencing perfection and wholeness and living fully awakened is everyone’s birthright. There is nothing more important or valuable. There is no gaining of wealth or possessions or becoming famous that can compare with such an accomplishment.

I have created a new program to help more people make this transition. Perfection and True Awakening Training is a program to help more people make this transition. I haven’t seen anything like it.

I will share some insights on this transformative process and information about this training program designed to support individuals in pursuing true, full enlightenment.

More People Are Starting to Wake Up

I have noticed lately that more and more people are making a transition from living mainly as the product of their conditioning to starting to experience that what they really are is the limitlessness of Pure Awareness.

Your essential nature permeates the total vastness of the whole universe. It includes even the limitlessness of the unmanifest consciousness that hasn’t manifested as stars, galaxies, planets, animals, plants, and these strange things called humans.

Because the vast majority of people have spent all of their lives living as the product of their conditioning, they have a “self-definition” that is made up of all the stories about their life experiences, and it seems to them like the composite of these stories is what they are.

But this is not what you are. This artificial self-definition creates a feeling of “who” you are that is not real. And this creates a sense of separation from others and the reality that your essential nature as awareness actually permeates the entire universe.

Remembering the Future

This artificial feeling of separation from the world around you is often called ego. Making choices based on illusions is not a good choice. Many people make choices based on their ego. Their ego-based thoughts rule them.

Making such choices leads to a lot of suffering. For example, if your ego believes you must become a partner at a law firm, you spend years trying to make it that far, even if this job doesn’t fit you. That will give you a lot of stress and a feeling that you’re wasting your life.

Or maybe your ego believes that you must keep your relationship going because you’re afraid of being alone. As a result, you might stay with the wrong husband or wife for too long and always be unhappy.

So ego ruins our decisions. It leads to costly mistakes.

But there is another way of making decisions, and that is by following your intuitive thoughts. Intuitive thoughts are a way of ‘remembering the future. Our bodies and minds have an excellent feeling for the flow of life and where the developments in your life are going. We can align ourselves with this flow and make the right decisions by listening to our intuitive thoughts.

But the problem is that when your inner emotional landscape is cluttered with lots of unresolved, hidden disruptive emotions, they tend to cloud the picture and create the doubting of your intuition.

Because of this, you tend to fear the possible consequences of acting on your intuition instead of what you are used to, which is acting on your conditioned responses. This is probably the main obstacle to people’s spiritual development.

You might feel stuck here if you are still reading this page. You may have read about the experiences of people who have had a spontaneous experience of full awakening. Hearing about such people is inspiring, but it can also be frustrating because there doesn’t seem to be any clear guidance for how to start living in the continuous experience of wholeness yourself.

This is what the Perfection and Full Awakening Training is all about.

What we will be doing

This Training is mainly about finding the unresolved emotional energy patterns that create your ego-based thoughts and your emotional-pain-based thoughts and learning how to resolve them.

Your emotional-pain-based thoughts are created by traumatic and emotionally painful energies from experiences in the past that are still stored in your body.

The ego-based thoughts are mainly caused by what can be called “reactive” emotional energies. These are mostly from upsets over unmet expectations and the projection of possible negative outcomes onto the future.

Both kinds of thoughts cause you not to be living in the present.

As your inner emotional landscape gets cleaner and cleaner from doing the Freedom Practice regularly, you will start living in Pure Awareness more and more of the time.

You will notice that you have fewer thoughts and will be distinguishing your practical and intuitive thoughts as very different from your ego and emotional-pain-based thoughts.

We just want to make this distinction consistently and efficiently so that living in the continuous experience of Wholeness, Pure Awareness is always present.

It’s not that you will always think about Pure Awareness. It is just the experience that Pure Awareness is always present, whether in the foreground or the background. Having Pure Awareness present in the background is completely different than not being aware of it at all. 

A Systematic Process

What is unique about the programs from Inner Greatness Global is that we have a systematic way of getting to and resolving the hidden energies that are the causes of our ego and emotional-pain-based thinking.

The inability to find these energies and resolve them consistently and systematically has been the very thing that has made spiritual development seem like a long and arduous process.

After all, when we are very young, we develop the habit of suppressing intense emotions, because we are easily overwhelmed as toddlers, and this is a necessary survival strategy. This pre-verbal habit of suppression and avoidance of being emotionally overwhelmed is the primary thing that keeps people stuck in the fear of uncertainty. Most people don’t know that to get their inner emotional landscape cleaned up; they need to find and resolve things they don’t even know are there.

What’s Needed

So, the task is to clean up your inner emotional landscape sufficiently so that you can start to live more and more from Pure Awareness all the time.

There are basically two things that are helpful. One is to have the right tools, which includes the Pure Awareness Techniques, and muscle testing to find the hidden emotional energies that are too subtle and not obvious. Another important tool is the Results Now process, which I will teach during the course. The Results Now process is a modern version of Sanyama, a Sanskrit term for going into the silence of Pure Awareness and telling the body to cancel or strengthen a specific energy pattern. Amazingly enough, it works.

The second helpful thing is to have the guidance of someone who has already been through the process of cleaning up their inner emotional landscape enough to fully make the shift into living the continuous experience of Wholeness.

I have a unique life. I have both had such an awakening, but I also have had the great good fortune to discover all of the needed tools to get yourself fully cleaned up and awakened. It is great to be blessed with both. This allows me to help others wake up and experience perfection in their everyday life.

Perfection is a profound concept beyond mere intellectual understanding and requires a direct experience to truly grasp its essence.

Personal experiences play a significant role in understanding perfection and full awakening. It is through direct experience, rather than mere intellectual understanding that one truly comprehends their essential nature.

Imagine describing the taste of a strawberry to someone who has never tasted one. No matter how detailed the explanation, it can only fall short of the actual experience of taking a bite. Without the actual experience, understanding perfection and true awakening requires personal realization to be experiential, not just intellectual.

I would like to share my own journey to illustrate how this applies to genuine spiritual awakening.

My Awakening,

One of the main principles of Inner Greatness Optimizing (the current name of our process of cleaning up your inner emotional landscape), is making things that have been unconscious-conscious.

There is a big difference between having a spontaneous spiritual awakening and gaining a full awakening via a systematic method.

Many people who are considered spiritual teachers, like Eckhart Tolle and others, speak and write about their experiences eloquently. And it is evident from what they say that their awakening is genuine.

But because their awakening was spontaneous, it didn’t come with a roadmap or owner’s manual so that such people can describe the awakened state of being. Such people typically don’t have a systematic way of helping others attain that same fully awakened state.

Many people I have talked with who have read the books or watched the videos of such spontaneously awakened people are frustrated that there isn’t any systematic method for truly gaining a real enlightened state o being themselves. They don’t know that this requires cleaning up their inner emotional landscape of the suppressed emotional energy patterns from infancy. Most people don’t even know that they have an internal emotional landscape!

In my own life, I have also had an awakening, but this was not spontaneous. I woke up by discovering a new technique that helped me see through the illusions of separation.

The cause for this was quite dramatic. In 1993 I was shot in the chest by a deranged stranger with a powerful handgun. A rib of mine diverted the bullet, and it didn’t hit any vital organs. An ambulance brought me to the hospital, where I was operated on. Later on, my doctor told me that the chance to survive such a shot like I had was one in a million.

So, I was still alive. But the problems weren’t over because I was heavily traumatized. I had all the PTSD symptoms, like nightmares, flashbacks, hypervigilance, startle response, and more.

According to mainstream psychology, I just had to learn to live with this. But I didn’t accept that. I wanted to find a solution.

In 1997, I made a revolutionary discovery. I discovered the IN technique while watching a spiritual teacher guide people to experience the silence of their own awareness. Intrigued, I decided to try it myself when caught up in emotional reactions.

At that point, I had been practicing and teaching Transcendental Meditation™ for about 30 years. I was already very familiar with the experience of Pure Awareness. TM is a powerful practice. After all of that time, I knew that the only thing that still interfered with my experience of Pure Awareness was getting caught up in emotional reactions.

When I learned the IN technique, I finally found a way to resolve my own suppressed emotional pain. I resolved the trauma from the shooting incident very quickly, and the PTSD symptoms were completely gone.

It didn’t take long

I loved this new technique, and I wanted to use it more and more. This wasn’t hard because my wife would often inspire me to practice. During one incident, my wife accused me of something I hadn’t done, and I felt angry.

Remembering what I had decided to do, I got in a room alone, closed my eyes, and allowed myself to feel the energy of the anger in my body. Gradually, the anger diminished and transformed into a feeling of hurt, which I also recognized and released.

Layers of emotions unfolded, revealing sadness and deep loneliness. A sense of pervasive silence and peace emerged as I resolved each layer.

Since this transformational experience, I have taught the methods I have learned to resolve emotional problems to thousands of people. As a teacher, I have realized that everyone has their own path of awakening, and the journey may differ for each person. This understanding forms the foundation of the Perfection & Full Awakening Training Program that I’m offering.

In this training, we will delve into identifying and releasing conditioned patterns that obstruct experiencing everything as perfect. Through guided exercises using the Pure Awareness Techniques, participants cleanse their inner emotional landscape, allowing a deeper sense of peace and perfection to emerge.

It is also perfect for you to see others go through this process, as this will form a foundation for you to help others go through a similar approach.

Seeing it happen for many people will help you become quite skilled in this process should you want to pursue assisting others in making this all-important transformation.

In summary, the Perfection & True Awakening Training Program aims to assist individuals in their pursuit of true enlightenment.

By uncovering conditioned patterns and fostering a sense of inner harmony, participants can access a profound experience of perfection that goes beyond intellectual understanding.

Why this Program is Needed

One of the main reasons I created this new program is that I am seeing many of my students starting to transition from living an everyday life of being the product of their conditioning to starting to experience more and more of the expansive silence of Pure Awareness all the time.

Unless you are living the reality of your essential nature –  Pure Awareness being present all the time, there is still something keeping you from shifting into a fully integrated state of consciousness in which the continuous experience of Wholeness never goes away.

We will keep working on finding and removing whatever illusions of separateness are inside of you so that you fully have your essential nature present all the time.

This makes it a bit difficult to give details about what we will be doing in this program other than just going through the process of making the unconscious – conscious… fully conscious all the time.

When this happens, it is a major shift in your state of consciousness. For your whole life, you have been living with a sense that you are your “self-definition.” You think that you know who you are. But you also know that your life experience isn’t like the descriptions from those who have become truly awakened.

As you go through the awakening process, you discover that your idea of who you are is not real but is an illusion. As a result, you can feel like you are losing your existence, which can be much scarier than the fear of dying.

What is needed in this kind of situation is to have the guidance of someone who has had an awakening from a systematic method which I was fortunate to have back in 1997.

How My Support Can Help You

In the Perfection and True Awakening Program, you will have my support in guiding you through this powerful shift in consciousness, and the program is designed to have this happen.

My guidance can be precious in the later stages of your awakening process. When you are just starting with the Freedom Practice, it is often quite easy to see which emotions require you to use the Pure Awareness techniques.

Ego-based thoughts like ‘I have to make a lot of money’ or ‘I need everybody to love me’ are often easy to recognize as ego-based. But later in the awakening process, the ego-based thoughts become more insidious.

For example, your experience that you are separate from the world around you or that you are the doer of your actions is less natural than you may think they are. These experiences are created by how you think. And these thoughts are ego-based thoughts.

To identify such thoughts, you will often need an experienced teacher. That is why I have created this new course so that I can help you to find these ego-based thoughts and resolve them.

The same is true for suppressed emotional pain. Some forms of emotional pain, like loneliness or anxiety, may have been a part of your life. Therefore, you don’t even see it as an emotion. It just seems like a part of the world. It feels like the world is simply a stressful place, and you don’t notice that the emotional pain of the past creates this experience. Having a teacher point this out to you can make all the difference.

For those who are inspired but also frustrated that until now you haven’t found a simple, systematic process of finding the real barriers to having a true awakening, you must have some good karma to have found this program.

It is the only method I know of that provides a systematic approach with simple techniques that really work and the mentoring of someone who discovered and used this process to purposefully gain his own awakening. It is an unusual combination. This is another way in which our program is quite unique and special.

Experiencing Perfection All the Time

The Perfection & True Awakening Training Program is designed to assist individuals in their journeys towards experiencing perfection in everything and gaining the experience of really living in Pure Awareness all the time.

Through a systematic approach, we will identify and release conditioned patterns that hinder your ability to perceive everything as perfect and live in the continuous experience of Wholeness.

This program offers a comprehensive framework for personal growth and rapid spiritual development by combining teachings, practices, and new techniques. It is not just talking about it.

It turns out that hidden suppressed emotional energies are the only things keeping you from living the continuous experience of Wholeness all the time.

Think of it as shifting from a quite cloudy day to all of your days having a totally clear blue sky. There’s nothing else in the way. So, in the final analysis, true awakening is actually rather simple if you know what’s there and how to remove the “clouds systematically.”

As these patterns of unresolved disruptive emotions are gradually released, you will experience a deeper sense of peace and perfection within yourself.

Each person’s journey toward perfection and spiritual awakening is unique. While the program provides guidance and support, it is essential to acknowledge that experiences may differ for each individual.


“I am truly grateful to Tom for his help in my life, and I am delighted that he is bringing his work out to share his insights and techniques to help others on a large scale. I know that through Tom’s pioneering work in creating Inner Greatness Optimizing, he will accomplish this goal in a profound and powerful way.”

Jack Canfield – Co-founder of the Chicken Soup for the Soul book series.


Tom Stone’s work is the most important work of all because, with this, anything is possible.

Brian Tracy – One of the top authors and sales trainers in the world.


“I had spent 14 years in personal development—I read over 100 books and attended countless seminars. At one point, I attempted to add up how much I spent, and it was over $120,000 in my search to ‘find me.’ But I always felt there was still something missing. Through learning and practicing the Pure Awareness Techniques, I feel like I hit the jackpot. Other teachings come close, but nothing is so simple, precise, and gives you immediate results like the Pure Awareness Techniques.”

Michelle Humphrey


Pricing, Scheduling, Start Date, and Registration links


Full payment of $597.

Be one of the first ten people to register and get a 1-on-1 session with Tom – that’s a savings of $500.


The training classes will be on Saturdays at 8 AM Pacific Time, 5 PM in CET (The Netherlands and much of Western Europe), and 8:30 PM in India.

We have planned it so that as many people from both hemispheres can attend the live classes.

The program will have one training per week on the first three Saturdays of each month and it will last for eight months.

We will do the classes on Zoom, where I will guide you through the program and answer all your questions about the Pure Awareness technique and mentoring. We will also practice these techniques with the group, allowing you to go deeper with your own practice than you ever have before.

Note that this is an advanced training. That means it is only for people who have completed the Freedom Practice course or other basic training the Pure Awareness techniques and muscle testing. This is because you need to be able to do the IN, OUT, and LOCATE Techniques and muscle testing to follow the procedure properly.

Another important thing to note is that in this training, we will dive into deeply suppressed emotions and hidden beliefs about yourself and the world. Resolving these emotions and ego-based thoughts is very valuable and liberating, but this process can also be confronting. It requires the courage to face things within yourself that you’d maybe rather not see. So please only sign up for this course if you feel ready and willing to do that.

If you sense that this course is right for you, that’s very likely your intuition talking to you. And you can sign up using the appropriate link below.

The first ten people to sign up will get a free 1-on-1 session from me (which would normally cost you 500 dollars). I look forward to seeing you in the training.

Registration link

Full payment of $397 USD

Perfection & True Awakening – with Mentor program – 397

Special Discount

There’s a special discount for four people to register for only $197 for this fabulous course. If people are interested in joining this class for this unusually low price – have them read this page and then send me an email at [email protected] and I’ll send them a special registration link for the $197. 


More Testimonals

P.S.: If you’re still in doubt, you might be interested in the experiences of some of my clients and students from courses I have given in the past.

“I don’t feel any pain. I used to have pain with the intensity of 5 or 6 on a scale of 1 to 10 for three years. Now it’s gone. Really amazing!”

Sharon Noh – A client whom I helped resolve chronic pain in her abdomen caused by surgery there.  

“Before we started this session, my grief felt like 8 or 9 on a scale of 1 to 10. Now, after the session, it’s only 1 or 2. There is no pain anymore right now.

Joan Schramm, a client that I helped to resolve the grief she had about her husband, who had recently died.

“Ever since the one session I did with you, I have been completely nightmare free”

Ernie De Leon, a Vietnam Veteran who had been having nightmares for 43 years and who had been doing traditional therapy for 17 years without resolving the trauma.

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