The Freedom Practice – Lesson 1 – Overview of the Training

Lesson 1

Overview of the Training

Note that the next lesson is lesson 2.1 called Reality Check.

Lesson 2.1 – Reality Check

Introduction to Freedom Practice 2 – Advanced Skills

How to use this app

  • This app includes learning new techniques for resolving trauma and emotional pain. You will also learn to recognize when you are about to make a costly mistake and how to get at the underlying cause of doing that. You will learn how to eliminate the actual cause of doing that so it doesn’t come back.  
  • Lesson 3 – 

Learning the OUT Technique to experience the essence of what you really are.

  • There are two primary Pure Awareness Techniques. They are called the IN Technique and the OUT Technique. In this lesson, you will learn the OUT Technique and be guided through its instructions. It’s easy and frees you from all kinds of reactive emotions. 

Lesson  – 4

Muscle Testing – A way to gain experiential wisdom

  • In this video lesson, you will learn how to do a technique called muscle testing. This allows you to compare knowledge gained through direct experience of the body and senses with your intellect understanding gained through the mind. 

Lesson 3 – 

Making Muscle Testing Reliable

  • In this lesson, you will use the IN and OUT Techniques to eliminate some basic fears that cause most people not to trust themselves. Amazingly, you will learn how to fully resolve the fear of emotional overwhelm, the fear of punishment, and the fear of uncertainty. You will be able to trust yourself more than ever before, making your muscle testing very reliable. 

Lesson 4 – 

Practice Makes Perfect

  • In this lesson, you will have all the basic skills and techniques to start doing the Freedom Practice. This class will have two practice sessions with a debriefing of the experiences after each practice period. As the video recording got turned off during each practice session, you can use the Inner Guidance app to guide yourself rhrough the appropriate Pure Awareness Techniques you will be using. 

Lesson 5 – 

The Wholeness Technique

  • The Wholeness Technique guides you through the experience of noticing that Pure Awareness is the essence of every experience you have, no matter how big or small. It is wonderful, and you will love it. 

Lessons 6 – 7 and 8

  • Three Pure Awareness Techniques are simple enough not to require audio guidance instructions. They are explained in lessons 6, 7, and 8  – Neutrality, Clarity, and Knowing Techniques.

Lesson 6 – 

The NEUTRALITY  Technique

  • The Neutrality Technique is for helping you stop doing things tht are driven by conditioned responses. It helps to let your thinking and actions come from what you truly are – Pure Awareness.

Lesson 7 –

The CLARITY Technique

  • The Clarity Technique is simply a form of waiting for clarity when you don’t have it. It teaches you to only take action based on clarity and not to make impulsive decisions. 

Lesson 8 – 

The KNOWING Technique

  • The Knowing Technique is also similar to the LOCATE Technique, but instead of having the body guide you to where a pattern of energy is hidden, It is a way to access your intuition and get answers to your questions.

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