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This is a new program with an unusually special message here today and you will want to read it all. Thousands of years ago, there were some very wise and sensitive “seers” who could look at

Emotional Mastery Training Subscriptions

You can join the Emotional Mastery Training membership program for just $27 dollars a month. There are options for different levels of training that you can received. Here are the options and prices: $27 per month

Master Your Emotions – Computer and mobile

You can use this page to order your copy of the Freedom Practice app for guiding yourself through the Pure Awareness techniques. The app is in the process of being renamed as the Master Your Emotions

Master Your Emotions

Introduction Welcome to the Emotional Mastery Training! People typically come to the from being referred by a friend or from a landing page or an ad. The Emotional Mastery Training  is available both on the computer

New and Current Training Programs of IGG

Current Training Programs of IGG How to removeand Freedom From Illions of separateness (formerly – The Freedom Practice) k New Training Programs of IGG Perfections & True Awakening


You can order Prostacor from the manufacturer from this web page –  

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