Freedom Practice – 2*


The Freedom Practice is divided into 2 sections. 

The first section is free and it gives you access to lessons 1 and 2 of the program.

Lesson 1 provides an overview of the whole training, Lesson 2 teaches you the main Pure Awareness Technique for resolving trauma, called the IN Technique,

There is another short video (about 10 minutes) that provides you with an orientation to learning the IN Technique, This is because the IN Technique teaches you how to allow yourself to experience and feel unresolved emotionally painful energies that have felt like they were just too much to feel in the past. 

But the reason you have felt that way is that when you were very young you had a limited capacity to feel emotional pain. When you got overwhelmed by your emotion pain when you were so young you didn’t have the ability to feel emotioinal pain that you have now as an adult. So it was much easier for you to get emotionally overwhelmed back then that it is now. 

In fact, you have a lot more capacity now and so you have the capacity to feel much more intense energy fields then you did when you were young. 

This means that when you allow yourself to start to feel unresolved emotions now as an adult, it isn’t such a big deal as it was when you were so easily overwhelmed as a kid.

The difference is kind of like this – 

So you get deeply conditioned to limit what you allow yourself to feel. This means that you have far more capacity to feel and resolve emotional pain than you did whe you were very young, This explains why everyone is so emotionally incompetent. 

Your Next Step

Your next step is to watch the Orientation video before watching the lesson 2 video which is about learning the IN Technique. The orientation video will help you to understand more about the conditioning of suppression and avoidance and how you have to learn a new way of allowing yourself to feel the residual emotional pain that you have accumulated. It is important to watch the orienation video so that you know what’s coming as you are going to be learning to do some things that are the exact opposite of what you have been doing your whole life. 

But, no worries. It turns out to be far easier than you would think to access and start to use your previously under utilized capacity to feel those old pains. In fact, it won’t take you much time before you start to feel like it is just not a big deal to feel old intense energies, It will rapidly get faster and easier the more you do it. 



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