True Awakening

True Awakening

People like Eckhart Tolle, Sadhguru and others who have had a genuine, spontaneous spiritual awakening write and talk about their experiences eloquently. But they typically can’t fully explain how they got there. And they don’t have a systematic way of helping YOU really get there.

I had an awakening, too, that has never gone away. But I did it consciously, and I know how to guide you to live from Pure Awareness all the time – permanently! Something is missing from most spiritual development programs. I know exactly what that is and how you can finally have it. Having had a True Awakening myself that was not spontaneous but done by conscious design, I know how to help you move from reading or hearing about it to actually living it! 

 The Freedom Practice

Each group coaching program starts with a foundational training called the Freedom Practice. The first few lessons are free, so you can get some basics and see if you want to continue.

Then you take section two of the Freedom Practice, and when you finish the Freedom Practice lessons, you can continue with the True Awakening Group Coaching program if you register for both simultaneously. 

The normal price of the Freedom Practice Training is now $497, but you can save $347 by making this combined registration. 

The group coaching happens once per week but will be scheduled to accommodate different time zones. It is possible that, depending on where you live, you may have to take some of the group coaching sessions via video recordings. 

The structure and cost of the True Awakening program is designed to support you in rapidly finding, accessing, and resolving the IN and OUT Technique energies cluttering your inner emotional landscape.

As you get these energies cleaned up more and more, and your inner emotional landscape gets cleaner and cleaner, you will begin to live the continuous experience of Wholeness all the time. It is much faster and easier than anything you have ever tried or heard about. 

The price for the Group Coaching for this program is $297 per month. If booked separately, it would look like this –

The Freedom Practice = $497

Three months of the True Awakening Program at $297 per month = $891

$497 + $891 = $1388

If you take the upgrade to Section 2 of the Freedom Practice and register for three months of the True Awakening program, we will reduce the total cost of the package to only $591. That’s a savings of $797.

So your total registration will be $591 for Freedom Practice – 2  and the first three months of the True Awakening Group Coaching program.

The Freedom Practice – 1 plus True Awakening for three months



You’ll be able to continue with the True Awakening program at the rate of $197 per month for as long as you wish. 

We can help you determine what’s the best program for you. Just use our inquiry form below, and we’ll get back to you to help you get what will best meet your needs.

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