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Introduction to The Freedom Practice

  • The introduction provides an understanding of the Freedom Practice Training. You will learn about what you will be learning and what you can do. Many things you will know will be the opposite of what you have been doing your whole life. 

How to use this app

  • This app includes learning new techniques for resolving trauma and emotional pain. You will also learn to recognize when you are about to make a costly mistake and how to get at the underlying cause of doing that. Finally, you will learn how to eliminate the actual cause of doing that so it doesn’t come back.  

Lesson 1 – 

How to Transform Suffering into Joy

  • An Overview of the Training. There is a fundamental problem that most people have. They don’t know what continuously causes them to make costly mistakes. This overview provides the essence of this critical missing knowledge and the understanding of how the Freedom Practice overcomes this. 

Orientation to Lesson 2 –

Orientation to learn the IN Technique

  • This short video prepares you for what to expect as you learn the IN Technique. Learning the technique is easier if you know what you can expect. The IN Technique is the primary technique for eliminating trauma at its real root cause. That involves having some experiences you have been trying your best to avoid for your whole life. So it’s much better to know what’s coming.

Lesson 2 –

Learning the IN Technique

  • In this lesson, you will learn the primary technique that has been discovered that quickly and permanently eliminates the energy patterns of traumas. This disproves that PTSD is incurable, and it is the key to really getting rid of PTSD… always.

Lesson 2.1 – Reality Check

  • Everyone has a reason to be here, and it has to do with being able to access and express your inner greatness, whatever that may be. But most people don’t have a clue as to how to do that. This lesson explains exactly how to do that so you can start making much better decisions. It includes an explanation of your personal decision influences assessment.

What’s Next?

Typically, Freedom Practice – 2 Registration is USD 150. How would you like to get it for FREE? One way to do that is to register for one of our group coaching or training programs. When you do that, the cost of registration for Freedom Practice – 2 drops to zero. It gets bundled together with the registration cost of the group coaching or training. The updated list of group coaching and training programs follows  – Click on the program name for more information about each.

Group Coaching and Training Programs

Freedom Practice – 2 – Only $150


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