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Introduction to Freedom Practice – 1

  • The introduction provides an understanding of the Freedom Practice Training. You will learn about what you will be learning and what you will be able to do. Many things you will learn will be the opposite of what you have been doing your whole life. 

How to use this app

  • This app includes learning new techniques for resolving trauma and emotional pain. You will also learn to recognize when you are about to make a costly mistake and how to get at the underlying cause of doing that. You will learn how to eliminate the actual cause of doing that so it doesn’t come back.  

Lesson 1 – 

How to Transform Suffering into Joy 

  • An Overview of the Training. There is a fundamental problem that most people have. That is that they don’t know what it is that continuously causes them to make costly mistakes. This overview provides the essence of this important missing knowledge and the understanding of how the Freedom Practice overcomes this. 

Orientation to Lesson 2 –

Orientation to learning the IN Technique

  • This short video prepares you for what to expect as you learn the IN Technique. This is because learning the technique is easier if you know what you can expect. The IN Technique is the primary technique for eliminating trauma at its real root cause. That involves having some experiences you have been trying your best to avoid for your whole life. It’s much better to know what’s coming.

Lesson 2 –

Learning the IN Technique

  • In this lesson, you will learn the primary technique that has been discovered that quickly and permanently eliminates the energy patterns of traumas. This disproves that PTSD is incurable and it is the key to really getting rid of PTSD… permanently.

Lesson 2.1 – Reality Check

  • Everyone has a reason to be here, and it has to do with being able to access and express your inner greatness, whatever that may be. But most people don’t have a clue as to how to do that. This lesson explains exactly how to do that so you can start making much better decisions. It includes an explanation of your personal decision influences assessment. 

What’s Next?

If you are an AGI Programmer or part of a team that is developing AGI software, use the Freedom Practice – 1 app daily to get on with cleaning up your inner emotional landscape as quickly as possible. We don’t want any of your hidden “bugged code” getting into any AGI software you are developing inadvertently.

This is the hidden stuff that causes people to hurt and even kill others and themselves. Using the Freedom Practice -1 app to debug and upgrade yourself is the surest way to keep that from happening. 

You may be invited to join a group of other AGI programmers, staff, and/or managers to collectively support each other in this inner emotional landscape clean-up process and to help ensure that none of this “bugged code” gets into the AGI software that you and your colleagues are developing. 

Elon Musk is right. It’s not going to be regulated by the government or corporate organizations. They don’t have an understanding of what we are talking about here. And even if they did, they wouldn’t know how to solve this problem. 

So become a super clean, emotionally competent AGI programmer and help to keep the world safe. 

If you have friends or family who are not part of an AGI development team, but you would like them to be able also to get the personal benefits of becoming truly emotionally competent, you can share the group Coaching and Training programs with them. You will see by the changes in the way they treat you that this was a very good idea! 

Group Coaching and Training Programs

Extraordinary Coach Training – Great coaching comes from great people, not from just learning coaching techniques. This program is designed to find and remove any hidden barriers to awakening that inner greatness you know is there, just waiting for you to access it and live it fully. Become one of the best coaches in the world!

PTSD Help for Nurses – Thousands of nurses have developed burnout and PTSD due to the super stressful challenges of the Pandemic. Are you one of them? Now there’s a new way to actually cure your PTSD that you can learn from someone who has actually done that. You will be amazed that it’s far easier than you think.

The medical and psychological community thinks that PTSD is incurable, but it’s not. How can you get the help you need from someone who believes that? I cured myself of PTSD – completely, and I haven’t had a PTSD symptom in 30 years. Come learn it from someone who’s actually done it.

PTSD Help for Military Veterans – When people think of PTSD, the group that everyone thinks of is those who go into combat – military veterans. It used to be called shell shock, but by whatever name, it has been a very destructive condition. Apparently, more veterans of the Vietnam War have died from suicide as a result of PTSD than died in combat in the war. 

The medical and psychological community thinks that PTSD is incurable, but it’s not. How can you get the help you need from someone who believes that? I cured myself of PTSD – completely, and I haven’t had a PTSD symptom in 30 years. Come learn it from someone who’s actually done it.

PTSD Help for Miscarriage Victims – One of the very underserved populations with PTSD is women who have miscarriages. We have a new program for helping women with reducing or eliminating the severity of PTSD symptoms for those who need such help after going through the trauma of having a miscarriage. Read more about it by clicking on the link at the beginning of this paragraph. 

True Awakening – Some people have had a genuine, spontaneous spiritual awakening and since then have been living in a continuous experience of Wholeness. But they typically don’t fully understand how they got there. And they can’t tell you how YOU can get there.

I had an awakening, too, that has never gone away. But I did it consciously, and I know how to guide you to live from Pure Awareness all the time – permanently! Something is missing from most spiritual development programs. I know exactly what that is and how you can finally have it.

The Grief Relief Masterclass – People think that grieving has to take a long time and you must go through many stages to come out of it. It’s not true! We can eliminate the primary pain of loss typically within the first month of group coaching sessions. Often the pain is gone after the very first session.

Extraordinary Relationships – For any relationship to be successful, you have to gain a state in which you don’t NEED anything from anyone.You have to be able to stop “dating your parents.” You have to be able to Love without Attachment. In this unique group coaching program, amazingly enough, you can learn how to develop a true state of self-sufficiency – not needing anything from anyone. It’s the only way to have relationships that really work.

Taking the next step

in your development of real emotional competence

At a certain point, you will want to learn the OUT Technique. It is the other main Pure Awareness Technique. 

You will get good at doing the Pure Awareness Techniques, which are major breakthroughs for the field of trauma resolution and developing true emotional competence. 

It is rare to find someone who has not been traumatized to some degree, even if they would not be diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). 

Why PTSD is thought to be incurable

That’s because, when we are very young, we all get emotionally overwhelmed lots of times. Nobody likes that. In fact, we hate it. But this happens before we learn how to talk. 

What happens is that in order to minimize being overwhelmed by the emotional pain, we do our best to get as far away from that pain as possible. So we distance ourselves from the pain the best we can.

This causes us to suppress and avoid emotional pain, and it causes us not to finish experiencing the painful sensations. So we archive some of it, hoping we will never have to deal with it again. 

But life circumstances have a way of causing the unresolved emotional pain to get triggered, and we then attempt not to have to feel it or to minimize experiencing it. 

We also tend not to realize that we are doing this because we learned to do it during our preverbal development. So we keep on suppressing and avoiding experiencing that old unresolved emotional pain, and we continue accumulating more and more of it as we progress through life.


Combat Stress (Military Veterans)

When people think of PTSD, one of the first groups they think of is military veterans. It turns out that sexual abuse during military service produces more PTSD than combat stress. It impacts about 1/2 of women in the military. 

Nurses with PTSD

A population of people in the world who have been quite stressed in this way by the COVID pandemic is nurses. They have been so stressed and traumatized by attempting to deal with all of the super stressful demands and challenges of the pandemic that a large percentage of them have become burnt out, and many have PTSD as a result. This has been particularly true of nurses in critical care and emergency wards.  A high percentage of such nurses have been or plan on quitting their jobs. 

As I researched this online, my heart really went out to the nurses, and I felt great compassion for them. I know that I can really help them as no one else can. So this inspired me to create a program of new help for nurses. – New Help for Nurses with PTSD

Women with PTSD after Miscarriage

Another group that I’ve just learned about is women who have had miscarriages. Apparently, the number of women who get PTSD as a result of having a miscarriage is huge. 

Miscarriage is the spontaneous loss of a pregnancy before the 20th week. About 10 to 20 percent of known pregnancies end in miscarriage. But the actual number is likely higher because many miscarriages occur very early in pregnancy.

Almost one in three women develop post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) after early pregnancy loss, a new study shows. For some, signs of PTSD, anxiety, and depression are still evident nine months later.

So we also have a new group coaching for women with PTSD after having a miscarriage. Details here – New Help for Women with PTSD after miscarriage.

And the help that they really need has not been available to them anywhere. That’s because there has been a missing element in understanding how to truly cure PTSD.

The main techniques of traditionally attempting to treat PTSD have been cognitive therapy, exposure therapy, and drugs, with some people using “tapping” and./or EMDR. Some of these things can help a bit, but most military veterans and others who have had exposure therapy have told me they just feel retraumatized by the exposure therapy. And there are limits to the effectiveness of pretty much all of these methods.

I did a pilot study with 8 civilians with PTSD, teaching them how to do the main trauma resolution technique I discovered I call the IN Technique. We had people fill out a trauma symptom severity assessment, and we got a 63% decrease in symptom severity levels across all 17 of the symptoms normally measured. Then we did a group coaching program for 6 hours on one day in which they learned how to do some of the Pure Awareness Techniques.

Although we didn’t have the Freedom Practice app back then, they still had this impressive 63% reduction in their PTSD symptom severity levels. And a week later, we had them take a follow-up assessment that showed an additional 10% decrease in severity levels for a total reduction of 73%.

This is in contrast to the Veteran’s Administration, which takes 6 months to get a 60% decrease in symptom severity, and they don’t get an extra 10% reduction a week after that.

So, take your pick – 6 months or 6 hours?

And who better to show you what to do than someone who actually completely cured himself of PTSD? I don’t have a degree hanging on my wall, but I haven’t had a PTSD symptom in 30 years! And I have helped hundreds of people get rid of nightmares, flashbacks, startle responses, and other PTSD symptoms, often in just one or two sessions.

If you have PTSD and you’d like a great answer to helping get rid of it, you will want to see some short videos of people who have used the Pure Awareness Techniques to get over nightmares and flashbacks. In many cases, they have had PTSD for months or even years. It is unprecedented that many of them got over their main PTSD symptoms in just one or two sessions. These short videos are here –  Getting Rid of PTSD – Results.

We also have programs that are not about PTSD. Some of the other topics include:

  • Extraordinary Coach Training – How to become one of the best coaches in the world
  • Extraordinary Relationships
    • Extraordinary Relationships covering 14 topics
    • Love without Attachment
    • Unconditional Love
  • True Awakening – a program to remove the invisible, hidden barriers to people’s progress with spiritual development
    • and one program called the
  • Grief Relief Masterclass.
    • Now we can get rid of the pain of loss so that grieving can be over in a session or two instead of it taking months or years. 

For a limited time, some free sessions are available. You can check to see if any are still available by filling out the form below and clicking submit.

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