The IN Technique – Audio Instructions

It is important to understand that it is necessary to to be able to feel the sensation of the energy field of an unresolved emotion before you can resolve it by using these audio instructions. In order to do that you can either just think about a topic that has an unresolved emotional energy or you can use the LOCATE – IN Technique (coming shortly). Once you can feel the  sensation of the energy field in your body you can start to play the video. The idea is to listen to each instruction and then click pause while you do what the instruction guides you to do. When you feel that you have completed the experience by following that instruction, click play again to continue to the next  instruction. This process allows everyone to go at their own pace.

The IN Technique

Reduce Stress and Solve Problems

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The IN Technique

The OUT Technique

The QUIETNESS Technique

The LOCATE Technique for IN

The LOCATE Technique for OUT

The Sort version of LOCATE for IN

The Sort version of LOCATE for OUT

The WHOLENESS Technique

Detailed explanations about the –  Pure Awareness Techniques

The OUT Technique and the IN Technique are the 2 most used Pure Awareness Techniques. They are used to eliminate the disruptive emotions that are at the basis of the kind of thoughts you have that lead to costly mistakes. The optimal way to get the most out of the IN and OUT Techniques is to integrate them into your life. This makes you about to have much more influence on your decisions from your intuitive thoughts leading to more successful outcomes. 

To learn more about the Freedom Practice click here – The Freedom Practice.

And the Freedom Practice is the foundation of most of our training programs and seminars. In many cases learning the Freedom Practice is quite bit less expensive when it is taking as part of one of our comprehensive trainings such as our Extraordinary Coach Training program.




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