The WHOLENESS Technique – Audio Instructions -April 2023

The WHOLENESS Technique is a wonderful form of guided meditation. It guides you to experience that Pure Awareness is permeating everything in the universe. It give you the experience that Pure Awareness is the essential nature of what you are. It isn’t just a philosophical or intellectual exercise. It actually guides you to experience the oneness of everything.

The WHOLENESS Technique begins with guiding you to notice Pure Awareness is the silent background in which your thoughts occur. This is one of the other Pure Awareness Techniques called the QUIETNESS Technique. – It is one thing to get a taste of the expansive silence of Pure Awareness by using the QUIETNESS Technique or the WHOLENESS Technique but you will find that you will lose the experience of it soon after finishing either of these techniques. Why is that? It’s because you have inside of you two collections of unresolved not-useful emotions.

There are 2 kinds of not-useful emotions that are summarized on this chart – 

These unresolved emotions are patterns of energy that are stored in your body. They get expressed as ego and emotional pain based thoughts. It is these thoughts that grip your attention and pull you back into your normal life of thinking, perceiving and reacting to the world around you. You lose the experience of your essential nature and get lost to your thoughts and feelings – and you are not conscious that this is happening to you. This absorption in your thoughts and feelings is a deeply conditioned way of being.

Most people live their life mainly as the product of this conditioning and are unaware that this is happening. It is almost as if you were born in a prison and don’t know any other reality. The QUIETNESS and WHOLENESS Techniques offer you a glimpse into what it is like to get out of the prison of being lost to the thoughts and feelings that are the product of having these collections of unresolved emotional energies. When you first begin to realize this you naturally ask – Is there a way out of the prison? Fortunately the answer is YES!

As you see from the Types of Emotions chart, there are two categories of unresolved not-useful emotions. And there are Pure Awareness Techniques for getting rid of the individual emotional energies that you have been collecting all of your life. They are the IN Technique –  And the OUT Technique – 

The best way to clean up your inner emotional landscape is to learn the IN and OUT Techniques and another skill called Muscle Testing. The best and fastest way to learn and use these skills is by taking a training called – 

The Freedom Practice 

This trains you how to integrate these techniques into you life so that you clear out your inner emotional landscape more and more which removes the barriers to living life with the presence of that expansive silence of Pure Awareness present all the time. You will be amazed at the incredible freedom that comes with a clean inner emotional landscape. Now that’s a life worth living!

The WHOLENESS Technique



Detailed Explanations of the Pure Awareness Techniques

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