The LOCATE – OUT Technique – Audio Instructions

Sometimes we have buried the emotional energy pattern inside so well that it is really suppressed and well hidden. Everyone gets good at doing that after all because we really don’t like feeling emotional pain. No one does. When you get good at sweeping the emotional pain under the rug the problem is that it’s still under there. It’s still held in your body and under certain circumstances it can get triggered. It causes lots of ego and emotional pain-based thoughts that are the basis of making many costly mistakes. When there are residual patterns of emotional energy held in the body that are difficult to get access to there is a simple way to be able to bring them into awareness.

It is called the LOCATE Technique. In our older HSE language we called it the GPS Technique. The acronym stands for Gentle Provocation System.

The LOCATE Technique is used as a kind of vacuum cleaner for cleaning up any residual emotional energy of incomplete experiences when it is otherwise not easy to determine if something is still held in your system or not. The LOCATE – OUT Technique is used for finding clouds of energy that need the OUT Technique for resolving them. It can be difficult to find these energy clouds by talking or thinking about what and where they might be.  In order to use the LOCATE Technique you have to have a clear intention of what it is that you want the body to show you.  LOCATE starts with the QUIETNESS Technique.

First you go into Pure Awareness before telling the body what the energy is that you want it to show you. Then there are no barriers to get in the way of being shown where the OUT Technique energy that radiates out from your body into the space around you. Then the body pretty much immediately shows you it to you. It was there already but you are so used to it that you don’t typically notice it until you have a clear intention that when the body does show you the sensation of the energy cloud that you are going to allow yourself to feel it. 

This version of the LOCATE Technique is specifically for finding what are called OUT Technique energies. These energies are typically created by projecting positive or negative outcomes on to the future. There is a separate one listed in the index below for finding IN Technique energies called LOCATE – IN. There are also short versions that you can use once you have used the longer versions for some time. It’s totally up to you. 


LOCATE – OUT Technique

Reduce Stress and Solve Problems

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The IN Technique

The OUT Technique

The QUIETNESS Technique

The LOCATE Technique for IN

The LOCATE Technique for OUT

The Sort version of LOCATE for IN

The Sort version of LOCATE for OUT

The WHOLENESS Technique


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