The Short LOCATE – OUT Technique – Audio Instructions

We have 2 versions of the LOCATE OUT Technique, a long one and a short one. The long one is for going through the techniques with lots of details so that you really get how to do it. You only need to do that the first few times. Once you do that, you understand what to do. So then you can use this short one because the instructions can be a lot simpler once you have really got it When you switch from long to short is completely up to you. They the both out and you can decide.

The LOCATE Technique is very helpful for finding the energy patters of deeply suppressed emotions. We learn to suppress emotions when we are very young. So sometimes they are difficult to find. After all, we suppress our emotional pain precisely so that we can avoid feeling it. But the problem is that we are under the illusion that we have our emotions handled. Nothing could be further from truth. You managed to sweep the emotional pain under the rug, but the problem is that it is still there. And the accumulated unresolved emotional pain becomes the source of lots and lots of ego and emotional pain based thoughts and that cause you to make many costly mistakes. They also cause or contribute to all kinds of illnesses.

The LOCATE Technique is used before the IN or OUT techniques to help you find these hidden emotional energies that are undermining your life without you even realizing that this is happening. You can try the recordings of IN and OUT but you need to be able to feel some unresolved emotional energy before you start.

The Short LOCATE – OUT Technique

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