The LOCATE – IN Technique – Audio Instructions

The LOCATE – IN Technique is used for finding unresolved emotional stress energies that you can’t easily find by talking or thinking about what and where it could be.  In order to use the LOCATE Technique you have to have a clear intention of what it is that you want the body to show you. 

It starts with the QUIETNESS Technique because when you first go into Pure Awareness before telling the body what the energy is that you want it to show you, when that is coming from the clarity of Pure Awareness, there are no barriers to get in the way of being shown where the IN Technique energy is being held. So then the body pretty much immediately shows you where it is.

The only other thing that is good to know is to just have the intention that when the body does show you the sensation of where the suppressed energy is being held, that you are going to allow yourself to feel it. 

This version of the LOCATE Technique is specifically for finding deeply suppressed IN Technique energies. There is a separate one for finding OUT Technique energies. There are also short versions that you can use once you have used the longer versions for some time. It’s totally up to you. 

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