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Tom and Jack Canfield“I am truly grateful to Tom for his help in my life, and I am certain that his pioneering work will help many others in a profound way.” – Jack Canfield, Co-creator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series.

(Tom is a coauthor with Jack on the best-selling book

Mastering the Art of Success – read Tom’s chapter here –


Brain Tracy & Tom Stone

This is the most important work of all, because with this, anything is possible. Brian Tracy

(From an interview with Tom Stone on the Brian Tracy show – see the interview – here)

Thomas Leonard

“Tom Stone is nothing short of a genius. He is an expert in the area of dynamics, and he has the cleanest energy of ANYONE I’ve ever met, bar none.” – Thomas Leonard, Founder of CoachVille, International Coach Federation (ICF) and coaching industry pioneer.

(Thomas hired Tom Stone as his coach after Thomas had not had a personal coach himself for 10 years)

The Unique Tools of Inner Greatness Optimizing

Inner Greatness Optimizing (IGO) has a unique set of concepts, models, techniques and tools that now make it possible to rapidly and thoroughly “debug” and “upgrade” your inner human software. The combination of these new resources now make it possible to solve problems and make changes that have been difficult or impossible to change in the past.

There is an important purpose to each of these Inner Greatness Optimizing (IGO) tools. These web pages linked to below provide more information about the various tools, models and concepts of IGO that are briefly described on this page.

The main tools of IGO are:

The 12 Causes of Human Problems

This set of insights provides the answer to the question – What’s really going on? It makes conscious the unconscious patterns of conditioning that are mostly pre-verbal. This is an essential tool for getting to the real underlying basis of any problem. More…

The Pure Awareness Techniques

The Pure Awareness Techniques provide precise, simple and powerful tools for resolving the two kinds of not-useful emotions (see the The Types of Emotions Model below). They are unique in the personal development/coaching world. They are experiential. They resolve the energy of the not-useful emotions quickly and thoroughly and most importantly they bring you to a state of Pure Awareness at the conclusion of the technique. More…

The Inner Guidance App

The Pure Awareness Techniques mentioned just above can be learned from the free app that works on your computer on this  “responsive” WordPress site, so you can also access it on your smartphone or tablet. The app has interactive audio guidance  that lets you guide yourself through the instructions for doing the Pure Awareness Techniques. It works by simply clicking or tapping the screen of a video to start and stop the next audio instruction. This allows you to get the next instruction at your own pace when you are ready for it which can be done even with your eyes closed which is the best way to do the techniques. More…

The Intuition Testing Technique

This technique makes intuition something that can be used systematically and reliably. It transforms intuition from not being sure about it to being crystal clear and eliminating doubts. The importance of learning and using of this tool is that it allows IGO sessions to be guided by the “knowing” in the body rather than by our “thinking” which tends to be influenced by unresolved reactive emotionally energy. More…

The Where to Start Chart

This model combined with Intuition Testing allows you to know at what level the problem really resides. It helps to avoid pursuing a path of intervention based on your training and assumptions and instead again lets the “knowing” of the body guide the selection of the optimal techniques to be used for each situation. It is the starting point for any and all IGO sessions. More…

The Types of Emotions Model

This model makes the discrimination between “Useful Emotions” and “Not-useful Emotions” and shows the structure of the categories of the not-useful emotions and which Pure Awareness Techniques to use to resolve them. More…

The Basic IGO Protocol

The IGO Protocol is a systematic series of steps that are guided by use of Intuition Testing. This systematic process helps to insure a positive outcome of every IGO session. More…

The Freedom Practice

The Freedom Practice is a fast and powerful way to become highly emotionally competent. It is designed to make it easy for you to integrate the Pure Awareness Techniques into your life. This allows you to start to make more decisions from your intuition. More…

The Quantum Energy Optimizer (QEO)

The QEO is a physics based electronic device that can cancel out the energy patterns of unwanted electromagnetic fields in the body. It works on the same principle as a noise-canceling headset. But instead of canceling out environmental noise, it cancels out unwanted patterns of energy in the body. It can be used to eliminated disruptive and damaging energy patterns that cause both physical and emotional problems. More…

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