The Intuition Testing Technique

The Intuition Testing Technique

This tool makes it possible to have your intuition be something that can be used systematically and reliably. It transforms people’s experience of intuition from doubting it, into being crystal clear about the distinction between having an intuitive thought vs. making something up in your mind. This eliminate  doubts and allows you to be able to trust your intuition much more consistently. The importance of learning and using of this tool is that it allows IGO sessions to be guided by the innate “knowing” in the body rather than by our “thinking” which tends to be influenced by unresolved reactive emotionally energies.

The source of wise decisions

When learned and practiced properly, Intuition Testing helps you to make wise decisions. If people are about to decide on a course of action to try to solve some problem in their body, they often assume that they know what to do. Such assumptions typically come from people training and conditioning. But nobody is trained in every method of solving problems. So it often happens that people take a course of action that isn’t the right one that the body needs. This is happening millions of times every day all over the planet!

What if there was a way of asking the body what it really needs and being able to get accurate answers?

The body has a level of intelligence that we often take for granted and don’t think about. Under normal conditions, it has the ability to keep itself functioning properly and is able to maintain all the myriad processes that allow the incredibly complex systems and structures of our body to operate without pain or disease. It removes pathogens and toxins from the body. There’s a war going on inside of us in every moment in which our immune system is fighting off the “invaders” of foreign toxic or pathogenic substances to keep them from damaging us. We don’t really appreciate the enormous sophistication and intelligence of the body’s self-protection and self-healing processes.

After all when healing occurs, it is the body that heals itself. Therapies that are effective aren’t healing the body. they are only facilitating the healing making it easier  for the body’s own self-healing mechanisms and processes to do their job more effectively.

What this means is that the body is extremely intelligent. And this intelligence extends not only to physiological self-healing. It also applies to emotional healing as well.

What is there was a simple and easy way to access this natural intelligence of the body and be able to ask it if a particular approach is going to be helpful to it or not? And further, what if we could find out between the various options and choices available to us, which one or ones would really be the optimal ones for supporting the the optimal solution to whatever problem we are dealing with?

If such a method existed then we would have a way of letting the body’s innate wisdom guide the entire process of solving any problem.

Such a system does indeed exist and it is used at the beginning of every session at Inner Greatness Optimizing. Certified Inner Greatness Coaches are thoroughly trained is this method of testing. It is called Intuition Testing.

Intuition Testing is used at the beginning of every IGO session whether it is for a physical or an emotional issue. In order to determine the optimal approach for solving the issue being tested, we use the Where to Start Chart explained on the next web page.

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