The 12 Causes of Human Problems

The 12 Causes of Human Problems

This set of insights provides the answer to the question – What’s really going on? It makes conscious the unconscious patterns of conditioning that are mostly pre-verbal. This is an essential tool for getting to the real underlying basis of any problem.

To live your life with the highest possible levels of performance, success, fulfillment, satisfaction, contribution, happiness, prosperity, ease and comfort, this is only possible when every thought, word and action you take are coming from your inner greatness. It means that you are in total alignment with the universe, with the laws of nature and your own essential nature.

Is it easy? It didn’t used to be, but new breakthroughs in understanding the real nature of conditioning and new techniques for truly eliminating the real causal basis of the kinds of conditioning that get in the way of having a life like that have been discovered and are now available to everyone.

The Nature of Conditioning

Conditioning is the process of learning to do things so well that you don’t have to think about how to do them any more. You get so good at doing something that you have the idea to do it and it just happens pretty much automatically.

Conditioning itself isn’t good or bad. It’s just the process of getting good at something by practicing it until it becomes automatic.

But there are two categories of conditioning, they are conditioning that is useful and conditioning that is not useful or no longer useful. This means that some conditioning creates freedom and some conditioning creates limitations, problems and suffering.

Let’s look closer and get a deeper understanding of conditioning.

Our speech and actions can either be the expression of our conditioning or the expression of our inner greatness, our essential nature, Pure Awareness.

The differences between thought, speech and actions based on conditioning vs thought, speech and actions based on Pure Awareness are the basic determining factors of whether we have a life of suffering or of optimal performance, success and fulfillment.  

What’s needed is to create a state of being in your life in which every thought, everything you say, every decision you make, every action you take comes from Pure Awareness and not from your learned “not-useful” conditioned responses.

How can you do that?

In order to do that we have to get rid of whatever it is that causes you to think, talk, decide and take action based on your conditioning.

Useful and Not-useful Conditioning

Useful Conditioning

  • Walking
  • Eating
  • Speaking
  • Typing
  • Playing a musical instrument
  • Riding a bike
  • Driving a car
  • Typing on a keyboard or phone

Not-useful Conditioning

  • The 12 Causes of Human Problems
  • Suppression and Avoidance
  • Longing – Looking for Yourself Where You Are Not
  • Trying to Force an Outcome
  • Over-reacting to circumstances
  • Projecting of negative outcomes onto the future
  • Rationalizing reactive emotional behaviors
  • etc.

There is a sequence of events that puts our conditioning in place. It starts with early childhood traumas that everyone experiences due to the delicate nature of our very young and under developed nervous systems. This means that it is very easy for us to get emotionally overwhelmed. Everyone experiences this many, many times when we are very young. There are many kinds of traumas but 12 of the most basic kinds are shown on the chart below.

There are two basic components to each of the 12 Causes of Human Problems. One component is pre-verbal conditioning that creates the 12 Habits. The experiences that are at the root of the conditioning are the 12 Traumas and the resulting 12 Fears. There is an important difference between the Conditioning/Habits and the Traumas/Fears. The difference is in the kind of energy patterns that comprise these two aspects of the Causes and most importantly the understanding of which technology works to resolve each aspect.

The sequence of how all of this gets created is:

  • You first have the Traumas such as frequently being emotionally overwhelmed
  • Such experiences immediately produce the Fears
  • Because these experiences happen many times and the Fear reactions happen over and over again, you become deeply conditioned to make decisions and take actions based on the Fears
  • This produces the conditioning and the conditioning results in the Habits

When all of the energy patterns of the 12 traumas, the 12 fears, the 12 patterns of conditioning and the 12 habits are resolved, you then live a life that is the expression of the 12 freedoms.

Training in how to use the 12 Causes of Human Problems Model and Insights to identify and resolve the deepest levels of human conditioning is available as part of the Extraordinary Coach Training Program. This training is one of the most important aspects of IGO and allows Certified Inner Greatness Coaches to identify and resolve the deepest level of the true root causes of human problems.

The Pure Awareness Techniques

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