By Tom Stone

How it began. . .

I was living in a house set back from the road about 100 yards, in the small town of Fairfield, Iowa. Through the oval glass in my front door, I could see who was there. It was dinner-time on December 7, 1993. The doorbell rang. It was someone I didn’t recognize. I got up to greet the stranger. As I started to open the door he pulled a .44 caliber handgun out from behind his back

“Oh God! He’s got a gun.” I yelled out to my wife. I could see my 9-year-old daughter in her room just a short ways away. I yelled at her to stay in her room as I tried to slam and lock the door. But the stranger stepped over and shot through the oval glass. The bullet hit me in the chest on the right side. I reeled back from the impact. “I’m hit!” I yelled. I tried to get away by stumbling into another room that was close by and I fell to the floor.

Then I yelled to my wife as loud as I could to call the police, thinking that perhaps that might discourage the stranger from coming into the house. I was shocked and terrified. I could hear the tempered glass in the door cracking as it granulated. All the stranger would have had to do was to tap it with his gun and it would have fallen inwards. Then he could reach in and unlock the door and finish me off and kill my family. These were the terrifying thoughts I had as I also yelled to my wife in a somewhat softer voice to also call an ambulance. Waiting in this terrified state, I was gradually relieved to find that he didn’t come into the house. He must have felt that he had done whatever it was he wanted to do and turned and walked or ran away.

Fortunately I had enough presence of mind to put pressure on the bullet hole wound. I found out later that I had kept myself from bleeding to death by doing that. The ambulance finally came and took me to the local hospital in the small town of Fairfield, Iowa, population about 10,000. The hospital wasn’t big enough to handle this kind of emergency, so the University of Iowa hospital sent a helicopter to pick me up.

I had a big abdominal surgery because the x-ray showed the bullet lodged behind my 5th lumbar vertebra. It had taken a strange path through my body just missing major nerves and arteries. The bullet was lodged in the 5th lumbar bone right next to my spinal cord in such a way that they couldn’t get it out from the top without a lot of risk, so they left it in and sewed me up. I have a big scar from my solar plexus to my pelvis.

The assistant surgeon came by to check on me after a few days of recovery and he said to me, “Tom, you know you are really rather lucky.” I said, “What? I just got shot in the chest, what do you mean lucky?” He replied, “Well, if you are going to get shot in the chest at close ranger with a .44, one in 100,000 people would survive it and 1 in a million would escape with as little damage as you have.” He was right!

As the scar tissue was forming around the bullet, it started to create a lot of pain. So I went back for a second surgery a few months later and they managed to remove the bullet by going in from my low back.

So, although there was plenty of physical healing to do from the two surgeries, the biggest healing that I desperately needed was from the trauma of the whole experience. I was grateful that I hadn’t died, but I had all of the typical PTSD symptoms, nightmares, flashbacks, startle response, anxiety… I didn’t know that it was called Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, but I certainly had it.

Psychologists view is that people don’t recover from this kind of trauma. They have to learn how to live with it. But I had an intuitive sense that there must be something missing from this picture. So I decided to follow my intuition and see if I could find some way to really cure my trauma symptoms.

It took a few years to find it, but I was very fortunate to discover an amazingly simple insight that was the key to actually being able to completely cure my PTSD. Unheard of! But I did it. No more nightmares. No more startle response. No more anxiety. All the PTSD symptoms were completely gone!

The simple insight was that when we are little, we all get emotionally overwhelmed many times. Nobody likes it. And everyone rapidly learns to suppress painful emotions like traumas and hurt feelings in an attempt to not have to experience painful emotional overwhelm.

I had another intuition… what if I did the opposite of that. So I decided to give it a try. I could still easily remember the terror of the event when I thought of it. So I got up my courage and allowed myself to feel the sensation of the terror, in fact I allowed myself to notice the strongest part of the sensation, right in the middle of it.

The first thing I noticed was that it didn’t kill me to do that. Yes, it was intense, but it was possible. The intensity level of the sensation seemed to stay more or less the same for a while but after some time it gradually started to become less intense. So I tried bringing my awareness even closer to the remaining intensity of the feeling. That made it seem stronger again. But eventually it started softening again.

Now I was encouraged. I continued to get closer to it as it continued to soften and eventually it softened so much that I couldn’t find it any more. I thought of the event and to my amazement and delight I couldn’t sense any terror. I decided I’d wait until the next morning to see if the effect lasted. When I woke up the next day I thought of the event again and didn’t feel any terror. I also immediately realized that I hadn’t had a single nightmare that night for the first time since the shooting.

Now I knew that I was on to something. So, I started to share this discovery with friends and family, and I rapidly learned that it was highly effective for resolving all kinds of emotional problems. You didn’t have to have severe trauma to benefit from it. I started to give seminars and one-on-one sessions helping people resolve all kinds of problems. It was amazingly fast and effective. It evolved into a system that I now call Inner Greatness Optimizing (IGO). I’m currently using IGO to launch a network of Inner Greatness Centers around the world with the first 12 centers just opened in China in 2016.



I didn’t realize it at the time but what I had done is what other successful people do more consistently than the general population. They follow their intuition.

I’ve asked thousands of people at my seminars if they have the experience of having an intuitive idea, and then – NOT following it and later really regretting that they didn’t. Everybody says – yes.

Here’s what successful people say:

  • Often you have to rely on intuition. ~ Bill Gates
  • Follow your instincts. That’s where true wisdom manifests itself. ~ Oprah Winfrey
  • The only real valuable thing is intuition. ~ Albert Einstein
  • I’ve never been led astray by these intuitive insights and they’ve helped me guide my actions, create prosperous business and personal relationships, and avoid costly mistakes. ~ Jack Canfield
  • Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary. ~ Steve Jobs

Although successful people follow their intuition, they don’t necessarily know how to show others how to do that. That’s because the barriers to following your intuition are deeply conditioned habits that have not been well understood… until now.

Because I did manage to follow my intuition, I discovered new techniques for getting rid of PTSD and emotional pain. This led to the creation of IGO. And IGO can be used to eliminate the real barriers to trusting and acting on your intuition much more consistently. I’m going to show you exactly how to do that.


I discovered that there are two main ways to greatly improve your ability to follow your heart and intuition and thereby be much more successful:

  1. Eliminate the fear that blocks you from trusting your intuition
  2. Remove the root causes of clouded thinking and poor decisions

#1 – Getting rid of the Fear of Punishment

I discovered that the fear of punishment is the primary inner barrier to following your intuition. When we are little we do things to explore the world around us. Some of these things might not be acceptable to our parents. For example, if we paint a picture all over our bedroom wall we might think it’s great, but our parents may not agree. We might get punished for our innocent acts of intuitive creativity. It doesn’t take many punishments before you start to hesitate to act on the next intuitive impulse.

The fear of punishment is an unresolved stress. It’s still inside of you. And now when you get an intuitive idea this old unresolved stress gets activated, triggering the fear of punishment. Whether you are aware of the fear or not, it gets in the way of trusting your intuition.

The solution is called the IN Technique. It’s what I discovered for curing my PTSD. The IN technique starts with allowing yourself to feel the energy of this fear. The LOCATE Technique on the website will show you how to simply tell the body to show you the energy of that fear. The body will show you a tight knot or ball of energy inside somewhere. You then just notice the strongest area of the energy field of this sensation.

You can use the tinyurl in the bio to access the Inner Guidance App and guide yourself through the LOCATE Technique and the IN Technique to thoroughly resolve the fear of punishment. The app is a series of audio instructions that you access by clicking on a large button on the screen that you can keep clicking even with your eyes closed.

At first, the level of intensity of the energy field may stay the same for a while. But as you just continue to notice it, gradually it will start to soften. When it does, bring your awareness closer to it. Continue to focus right into the center of the strongest part of the remaining energy and it will soften again. Each time the energy gets softer, get closer to it until there’s nothing left.

You’ll also find instructions for getting rid of other kinds of emotional problems like depression, anxiety, resentments, stress, grief, heartbreak, etc. Just join the site as a free member and you’ll have access to all of this. It’s also available on your smart phone.

Once you resolve the fear of punishment you’ll find that it will be much easier to trust and act on your intuition. You’ll find that you have more awareness of when you have an intuitive thought and you’ll be more able to take action on it.

#2 – How to remove the real root causes of clouded thinking and poor decisions

There are two types of not-useful emotions. Some emotions are useful, but most of them are not. Here’s a chart about the types of emotions. Fortunately there are only 2 categories of “not-useful emotions.” However, you do have lots of entries in each category.

There is an IGO Technique for resolving each of the two types of disruptive emotions:

  1. The IN Technique for the Painful/Internal ones
  2. The OUT Technique for the Reactive/External ones

Everyone learns to suppress their feelings when they are very little in order to try to avoid the awful experience of being emotionally overwhelmed. You certainly will have many accumulated unresolved disruptive emotions. These two kinds of disruptive emotions cause all kinds of thoughts that cloud your thinking and cause you to make poor decisions. Think about times that you have made a decision out of fear or anger. You usually regret such decisions later, but you tend to do it anyway.

The OUT Technique starts by noticing that the energy of a reactive emotion radiates out into the space around you. It creates a kind of cloud or aura of energy that surrounds and engulfs you. The way out of it is to let your awareness move out into the space around you further and further until you find the outer edge of the cloud of energy. You then simply notice the quietness out beyond the edge of the energy field and it starts to fade away. You can also now see the story you made up in your mind that you are reacting to. Once you are out of the energy cloud of the reaction, you can simply stop giving the story energy and both the story and the energy disappear.

What’s needed is to use the IN and OUT Techniques to clean up your inner emotional landscape. You’ve been accumulating disruptive emotions all of your life. But when you clean them out you will have much less “mind-clutter” and you’ll be able to more clearly distinguish your intuitive thoughts from your emotionally-based thoughts. This will allow you to much more consistently recognize, trust and follow your intuition.

My wish for you is that you will take these first steps in eliminating your fear and clouded thinking and start to move powerfully toward the level success that you want and deserve that’s latent inside of you.


About Tom

Tom Stone is an internationally-acclaimed speaker and seminar presenter, as well as an inventor, writer and entrepreneur. He has spent much of his life developing the most efficient and effective techniques for solving problems using principles and techniques from biophysics and consciousness.

Tom is the pioneer of the new emerging field of Inner Greatness Optimizing (IGO) in which he has made a number of unique discoveries, including a set of profound insights into the nature of human conditioning, which he calls the 12 Causes of Human Problems. This unique body of work provides the tools for eliminating the barriers and blocks that weigh people down, infringe on potential, and keep people from having the success they truly want. Tom’s techniques have led to remarkably effective solutions to many of the seemingly intractable problems that plague modern society such as anxiety, depression, ADD/ADHD and PTSD.

Here’s a tinyurl to a website where you can guide yourself through the IGO Techniques and fully remove the barriers that have been blocking your intuition. To check it out, visit:

Tom has written 12 books including The Power of How, Vaporize Your Anxiety and Vaporize Your Fear of Rejection. He also stars in the movie The Keeper of the Keys with Jack Canfield, John Gray and Marci Shimoff.

I am truly grateful to Tom for his help in my life, and I am certain that this pioneering work will help many others in a profound way. ~ Jack Canfield, Co-creator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series.

Tom Stone is nothing short of a genius. He is an expert in the area of dynamics, and he has the cleanest energy of ANYONE I’ve ever met, bar none. ~ Thomas Leonard, Founder of CoachVille, International Coach Federation and Coach Industry Pioneer.

Currently Tom is developing a growing network of Inner Greatness Centers in China and the USA with more opening soon in different countries. For more information or to book a speaking engagement with Tom, contact him at:





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