The Where to Start Chart

The Where to Start Chart

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The Law of Cause & Effect

– Action – Reaction

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  • Physical Therapy, Chiropractic, Massage, Exercise
  • Chemical
  • Food, Nutrition, Toxins, Drugs, Herbs, Detoxification
  • Perception
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  • Energies that are too subtle to be perceived by the senses


Pure Awareness Manifests from Abstract to More Concrete Expressions of Vibrating Awareness

Pure Awareness

The Unified Field of All the Laws of Nature

How to stop wasting time and money on things that don’t work

Millions of times every day, people go to practitioners around the world hoping to get answers to some physical challenge or emotional problem they are experiencing. No practitioner can know everything about every treatment modality available, and each one is limited by the scope of their training and experience. It is also common for practitioners to feel that they have a broad scope of healing methods to offer their clients. Sometimes they have what their client needs. However, there are times when people will spend a lot of time, money (or both) and either get no results or experience temporary symptom suppression, yet not a lasting cure.

Is there a solution to this dilemma? The answer is yes. The Where to Start Chart, when used in conjunction with muscle testing, is a tool that can be helpful in determining whether or not a practitioner’s treatment modality includes the optimal method(s) for facilitating a permanent cure of any particular problem. This process is an effective way to access the body’s innate wisdom instead of just relying on the mind. The body knows what it needs.

Physics tells us that everything is made up of patterns of vibrating energy. Ancient Vedic Science goes yet a step further and views the patterns of vibrating energy as patterns of vibrating awareness.

Through proper muscle testing and use of the Where to Start Chart, the correct level of expression of vibrating awareness can quickly be determined. Then, the most effective intervention within that level of expression of vibrating awareness can also be quickly identified. The muscle testing is performed with the intention of finding the optimal treatment modality which will provide the best actual cure to the specific problem that the client wants to heal.

A good example of the proper use of the Where to Start Chart was shared with me by an orthopedic surgeon in Switzerland who had taken one of my seminars. He is an expert at doing refined surgeries on people’s wrists. We became friends, and one evening while having dinner together he said to me, “Tom, I love the Where to Start Chart.” “What makes you say that?” I asked.  The orthopedic surgeon replied that when a person comes to him for consultation, he will muscle test them using the Where to Start Chart. Since he performs refined wrist surgery (which is on the physical level), he said that if he gets a muscle testing response in any category other than Physical on the Where to Start Chart, he doesn’t take on that person as a patient. This is due to the person’s solution being located in a category other than Physical on the Where to Start Chart.  If every practitioner learned and used this simple process, millions of dollars and innumerable hours could avoid being wasted.  Many people could avoid the frustration of spending lots of time and money and still not getting the answers they need for optimal healing.

This is why we train people who learn Inner Greatness Optimization (also called Human Software Engineering) to use the Where to Start Chart at the beginning of each session to determine what the body’s wisdom says that it needs.  A client is muscle tested to assess which one of the five categories on the Where to Start Chart contains the optimal intervention(s) and results for their particular problem.

As most practitioners are not aware of the Where to Start Chart, a person can learn how to muscle test themselves and use this process when considering going to someone for help.  Muscle testing is a very valuable skill to possess and can save you lots of time, money, trouble, and suffering. Learning to do muscle testing competently will be one of the best investments you can make in yourself.

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