The Clarity Technique


How to Get Clarity Before Making Decisions

An additional technique to cultivate your inner knowing is to learn how to get CLARITY. CLARITY is a technique for bringing yourself into alignment with the law of least effort. Have you ever had a desire and then forgotten about it for a time, and then all of a sudden, the fulfillment of your desire just showed up without you doing anything to bring it about? The CLARITY Technique helps you to live like that all the time.

When you learn how to wait for the perfect timing for things, they happen, either seemly by themselves or with an “in the zone” like effortlessness.

The CLARITY Technique goes against the grain of a lot of our societal conditioning.

How to do the CLARITY technique? The answer is very simple, but like all of the Pure Awareness Techniques, it involves doing something that is the opposite of what we have been conditioned to do. That is to wait for clarity. Waiting for clarity means to not make decisions impulsively or emotionally. The basic guideline is if your decision feels emotionally charged, don’t make it and wait.

Waiting for clarity is not a passive process. Waiting is a time to gather more information, let circumstances develop a little bit more, and it is especially a time to practice the other Pure Awareness Techniques like IN for fully feeling any feelings that the potential decision is bringing up and perhaps to use LOCATE to check in with Pure Awareness and see what kind of guidance it has to offer even it all it says is… not ready to give you an answer yet, which basically means… wait some more.

Like all of the Pure Awareness Techniques, you have to try it out and actually experience it in order to start to get the hang of it. Wait for clarity. If you feel impatient, use the OUT Technique Inner Guidance App and resolve the impatience feeling. You’ll then be more aligned with the laws of nature and not feel impatient.

What does clarity look like? It’s not emotional. It’s not pressured for time. It’s not concerned about missing out on some opportunity. It is a calm inner quiet knowing that something is either right for you or it’s not, and it doesn’t have anything to do with what anyone else thinks or feels about it. This is called being true to yourself.

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