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Thank you for registering for Freedom Practice – 2.

There is a special treat for you to use in this app that will help to ensure that you can do all of the Pure Awareness Techniques easily and correctly. It is called the Inner Guidance app. It is an app within this app. 

It is a special audio player that we created that allows you to play audio instructions in short clips to guide yourself through each of the Pure Awareness Techniques by simply tapping or clicking on buttons with your eyes closed. 

It is easiest to do the techniques with your eyes closed so that you don’t get distracted by things that you can see. Apparently, our eyes use about 80% of our life energy when we are using them. We don’t want all of the visual distractions when we are doing the Pure Awareness Techniques.

So the way that it works is that you first select the technique you want to do from the Techniques Index. The index looks like this – 

When you select and click on the name of the Technique in the app, you will be taken to a new page that has buttons on it that you can use to guide yourself through that technique. 

Those pages with the buttons on them look like this – 

These are just images, so the links and buttons aren’t functional here. You will get access to the Inner Guidance app shortly. 

First, you should know that there is something cool that we built into the Inner Guidance App. When you are using the LOCATE IN TECHNIQUE or LOCATE IN SHORT to find where an IN Technique energy is stored in your body,  when you get to the end of the LOCATE Technique audio instructions, the last audio clip will ask you if you can feel the energy in your body, if you can you simply keep your eyes closed and double click or double tap the NEXT button and the app will instantly switch to the IN Technique. 

This means that you won’t have to open your eyes and go back to the Techniques Index. Instead, you will be able to continue to keep your eyes closed and start the IN Technique uninterrupted. It works the same way for both versions of the LOCATE OUT Technique. This is a very nice feature of the app. 

As you know by now, one of the trickiest things about your inner emotional landscape is that it is like a foreign territory. That’s because all of your life you have been avoiding going there. Nobody likes to feel the residue of their old emotional pain. 

But it is the small infant inside of you that stored those emotional energies, hoping you would never have to feel them again. But now, as an adult, when you do allow yourself to feel them, it is a lot easier than you have feared it would be. You are not an infant anymore, and so the intensity of the sensation of the energy is far easier to feel and resolve than you have feared that it would be. 

You have a much bigger capacity to feel than you realize.

This means that you don’t have to be afraid of being overwhelmed by the sensations of the residual emotional energies stored in your body. 

When you do allow yourself to feel them, you will find that you can easily do it. What felt overwhelming when you were little now just feels like a sensation. Intensity is redefined. It’s just a sensation, and you will see that you can handle it. 

The Freedom Practice – 2 app provides the next level of learning to use the Pure Awareness Techniques.

Once you have done the IN Technique lots of times, you will start to be able to integrate doing the IN Technique into your day. And as you get good at it, it will go faster and be easier.

There are two main Pure Awareness Techniques. You have already learned the IN Technique in The Freedom Practice, which, as you know, is for completing experiences of emotional pain that were incomplete, so you stored a residue of that pain in your body. 

The other main Pure Awareness Technique is called the OUT Technique, which you are about to learn now. The OUT Technique is for resolving the energy of what we call – “Reactive Emotions.”

Here’s a chart that shows the difference between the IN and OUT technique energies.

In Freedom Practice – 2, you will learn the OUT Technique, and you will learn how to use the LOCATE Technique to be able to sense the OUT Technique energy field. 

The OUT Technique is kind of the opposite of the IN Technique. Instead of going into the central strongest part of the energy field, with OUT Technique energies, the energy radiates out from your body into the space around you. It surrounds and engulfs you.

Different OUT Technique energies have different sizes, colors, and textures to them. They are a bit like having dark glasses on. You are inside of the energy field, looking out at the world through it. It “colors” everything you see. So if you are upset that an expectation you had didn’t happen as you hoped it would, that sense of your upset seems to be everywhere. 

These energy fields are created as reactions to stories you are holding in your awareness. So the OUT Technique shows you how to get outside of the energy cloud that you are inside of. Then the energy starts to fade away until it is gone. There are a few extra steps in the instructions to make sure that it doesn’t come back. 

In lesson 2, you will learn something called muscle testing. This is a process of bringing you out of your mental activity and into awareness of your body. It is a way of being able to compare your intellectual understanding with the experiential knowledge that you get through the body and senses. You could say that it provides a way to compare cognitive and experiential data. It is a way to see if your mind and body are in sync… or not. It is one of the most useful and best things that I have learned in my life. 

In lesson three, you will learn how to get rid of some basic fears that tend to interfere with trusting yourself. They are the fears of punishment and confrontation, the fear of uncertainty, and the fear of getting emotionally overwhelmed. 

Getting rid of these fears allows you to trust your intuition more, have your muscle testing be reliable, and it helps you in many other ways. As I say, it is one of the best things I have learned in my life, and after you learn it and use it for a while, I’m confident that you will feel the same way about it.

In lesson 4, you will practice the Freedom Practice for about 20 minutes and then do a debriefing. You will do that twice. 

Here’s the link to the app index:

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At a certain point, you will want to learn the OUT Technique. It is the other main Pure Awareness Technique. 

You will get good at doing the Pure Awareness Techniques, which are major breakthroughs for the field of trauma resolution and developing true emotional competence. 

It is rare to find someone who has not been traumatized to some degree, even if they would not be diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). 

Why PTSD is thought to be incurable

That’s because, when we are very young, we all get emotionally overwhelmed lots of times. Nobody likes that. In fact, we hate it. But this happens before we learn how to talk. 

What happens is that in order to minimize being overwhelmed by the emotional pain, we do our best to get as far away from that pain as possible. So we distance ourselves from the pain the best we can.

This causes us to suppress and avoid emotional pain, and it causes us not to finish experiencing the painful sensations. So we archive some of it, hoping we will never have to deal with it again. 

But life circumstances have a way of causing the unresolved emotional pain to get triggered, and we then attempt not to have to feel it, so we do our best to minimize experiencing it. 

We also tend not to realize that we are doing this because we learned to do it during our preverbal development. So we keep on suppressing and avoiding experiencing that old unresolved emotional pain, and we continue accumulating more and more of it as we progress through life.

Combat Stress (Military Veterans)

When people think of PTSD, one of the first groups they think of is military veterans. It turns out that sexual abuse during military service produces more PTSD than combat stress. It impacts about 1/3 of women in the military. 

Nurses with PTSD

A population of people in the world who have been quite stressed in this way by the COVID pandemic is nurses. They have been so stressed and traumatized by attempting to deal with all of the super stressful demands and challenges of the pandemic that a large percentage of them have become burnt out, and many have PTSD as a result. This has been particularly true of nurses in critical care and emergency wards.  A high percentage of such nurses have been or plan on quitting their jobs. 

As I researched this online, my heart really went out to the nurses, and I felt great compassion for them. I know that I can really help them as no one else can. So this inspired me to create a program of new help for nurses. – New Help for Nurses with PTSD

Women with PTSD after Miscarriage

Another group that I’ve just learned about is women who have had miscarriages. Apparently, the number of women who get PTSD as a result of having a miscarriage is huge. 

Miscarriage is the spontaneous loss of a pregnancy before the 20th week. About 10 to 20 percent of known pregnancies end in miscarriage. But the actual number is likely higher because many miscarriages occur very early in pregnancy.

Almost one in three women develop post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) after early pregnancy loss, a new study shows. For some, signs of PTSD, anxiety, and depression are still evident nine months later.

So we also have a new group coaching for women with PTSD after having a miscarriage. Details here – New Help for Women with PTSD after miscarriage.

And the help that they really need has not been available to them anywhere. That’s because there has been a missing element in understanding how to truly cure PTSD.

The main techniques of traditionally attempting to treat PTSD have been cognitive therapy, exposure therapy, and drugs, with some people using “tapping” and./or EMDR. Some of these things can help a bit, but most military veterans and others who have had exposure therapy have told me they just feel retraumatized by the exposure therapy. And there are limits to the effectiveness of pretty much all of these methods.

I did a pilot study with 8 civilians with PTSD, teaching them how to do the main trauma resolution technique I discovered I call the IN Technique. We had people fill out a trauma symptom severity assessment before and after a 6-hour training on one day,  and we got a 63% decrease in symptom severity levels across all 17 of the symptoms normally measured. During the 6 hours, they learned how to do some of the Pure Awareness Techniques.

As mentioned, the participants in our pilot study had an impressive 63% reduction in their PTSD symptom severity levels. And a week later, we had them take a follow-up assessment that showed an additional 10% decrease in severity levels for a total reduction of 73%.

This is in contrast to the Veteran’s Administration, which takes 6 months to get a 60% decrease in symptom severity, and they don’t get an extra 10% reduction a week after that.

So, take your pick – 6 months or 6 hours?

And who better to show you what to do than someone who actually completely cured himself of PTSD? I don’t have a degree hanging on my wall, but I haven’t had a PTSD symptom in 30 years! And I have helped hundreds of people get rid of nightmares, flashbacks, startle responses, and other PTSD symptoms, often in just one or two sessions.

If you have PTSD and you’d like to learn a great way to get rid of it, you will want to see some short videos of people who have used the Pure Awareness Techniques to get over nightmares and flashbacks. In many cases, they have had PTSD for months or even years. It is unprecedented that many of them got over their main PTSD symptoms in just one or two sessions. These short videos are here –  Getting Rid of PTSD – Results.

We also have programs that are not about PTSD. Some of the other topics include:

  • Extraordinary AGI Programming
  • Extraordinary Coach Training – How to become one of the best coaches in the world
  • Extraordinary Relationships
    • Extraordinary Relationships covering 14 topics
    • Love without Attachment
    • Unconditional Love
  • True Awakening – a program to remove the invisible, hidden barriers to people’s progress with spiritual development
    • and one program called the
  • Grief Relief Masterclass.
    • Now we can get rid of the pain of loss so that grieving can be over in a session or two instead of it taking months or years. 

For a limited time, some free sessions are available. You can check to see if any are still available by filling out the form below and clicking submit.

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