Ancient Wisdom Institute

The Ancient Wisdom Institute
This organization is in the process of renewal and modernization of the powerful ancient wisdom in the vast wealth of Vedic science. This is knowledge that is the oldest wisdom on earth, but it has not been accessible or complete for a long time. The Ancient Wisdom Institute is updating this profound knowledge to renew its purity while at the same time making it accessible to the seekers of truth in our modern times.
This is mainly accomplished by making sure that those who are doing the updating of the ancient wisdom are living examples of Vedic knowledge. That means that their consciousness is clear enough and refined enough that they know what the pure essence of that knowledge is because they are fully experiencing it and even understand the mechanics of how the Vedic wisdom allows for the most profound management of consciousness. The Ancient Wisdom Institute is fortunate to have such people guiding the organization and its ancient wisdom modernization projects. 
In addition, the Institute recognizes that its leadership and all key personal who are involved with the renewal and accessibility of this precious ancient knowledge happens without diluting its profound truths. This is also fundamentally done by ensuring that those who are doing this work are of a sufficient level of consciousness that what they create and disseminate doesn’t cause the degrading of the ancient wisdom through the Tragedy of Knowledge
In some cases the work of the institute’s renewal projects is also modernizing the language used to make the ancient wisdom truly accessible for those in modern life who become interested in having the benefits and uses of the profound knowledge of the Vedas. 
The institute will also be utilizing modern technologies such as the internet and mobile phone apps, etc. to additionally increase accessibility of the modernized Vedic wisdom. 
Some on the initial  projects include:

The Eight Stages of Life Program

Knowing What to do – When – Planning and implementation day charts

Scientific Life Assessments A new name and format for Vedic Astrology Readings. New pricing for Scientific Life Assessments coming February 7, 2022- $500. Until then, you can still have this powerful experience for $350.

KameshtiA Vedic Science process that empowers you to more easily overcome obstacles and let go of the past and step into the reality of a brighter future. Participate in a kameshti once a month for a full year! Updated information will be announced throughout the year.

Private Kameshtis –  For enhancing specific areas of your life for which more specific kameshtis will be additionally useful over and above the monthly kameshtis. 

New projects and services are being added to the Ancient Wisdom Institutes web pages as they get created. To receive announcements about what’s new at the Institute join the list via the form below – 




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