Eight important times in life

There are certain times in one’s life which are of particular importance.

For thousands of years in ancient India, there have been 8 special practices to enhance important key events in your life or in the life of your child.

For the programs offered, a Scientific Life Assessment is used as a modernization of the term Vedic Astrology reading. In addition, the Sanskrit word “Kameshti” is the term used for a Vedic procedure that helps to remove obstacles which prevent you from being able to fulfill your desires and have an optimal life.  Kameshtis are performed for the following 8 important times to ensure that life flows optimally.

  1. Marriage
  2. Conception
  3. Fetal development – 8 to 11 Weeks – health oriented precautions and dietary plan
  4. Pregnancy – 4th month – procedure to support emotional balance between mother and womb
  5. Naming the child – 11 days after birth
  6. During the teething phase
  7. The start of formal education
  8. Preparing for death
  1. Marriage

To help ensure an enjoyable marriage for a couple, both would have their Scientific Life Assessments prepared and explained to them.  Ideally, such assessments would be prepared before the marriage to ensure the couple will be compatible.

A Kameshti is performed to align both the couple with each other as well as align them with their lineage.

Price – $2,100 (see footnote)

  1. Conception

For conception, a normal reproductive tract, balanced hormonal status, sound mental health status, healthy egg and sperm & the right age for conception are required.

The Scientific Life Assessments of the couple are reviewed to decide the most auspicious date and time for conception. A Kameshti is performed before conception.

Price – $2,100 (see footnote)

  1. Fetal development

Between 8 and 11 weeks of pregnancy a Kameshti is done for the intellectual and mental development of the baby in the womb and to ensure healthy progeny. It aims mainly to stabilize pregnancy and have a baby of one’s choice.

Scientific Life Assessments of the couple are again reviewed for the assessment of health oriented precautions and an optimal dietary plan. A Kameshti is performed for the mother and womb.

Price – $2,100 (see footnote)

  1. Pregnancy

A program to support emotional balance between mother and womb

A Kameshti is performed during the 4th month of pregnancy during the presence of an auspicious constellation. During this period, the mother starts bonding more intimately with her child.

As a result of significant hormonal changes during pregnancy, a woman experiences the discomfort of life, which may cause emotional imbalance. A Kameshti is performed to support emotional balance between the mother and the womb and to make it easier for the woman to handle this discomfort.

Price – $2,100 (see footnote)

  1. Naming the child – 11 days after birth

A naming ritual is performed to decide the name of the infant. A Kameshti is performed usually on the 11th day after the birth. A Scientific Life Assessment of the child is prepared and the first letter of the name is proposed.

A Kameshti is performed to help ensure that the ideal name is given to the child.

Price – $2,100 (see footnote)

  1. During teething phase

This is done during the teething period of the child. A Kameshti is done to support ideal digestion and use of the nutrients by the child. After this, feeding with grains, cereal etc. is started.

Price – $2,100 (see footnote)

  1. The start of formal education

A Kameshti is performed to start the formal education of the child to facilitate optimal success.

Price – $2,100 (see footnote)

  1. Preparing for death

The final Kameshti is done to prepare for departing from the earth. The best time of death is assessed via the Scientific Life Assessment. A Kameshti is performed to equalize the balance sheet of the life of the person. This is done before the projected time of death. Additional Kameshtis are done every day for 13 days. This is the reason for the higher price for this program.

Price – $5,100 (see footnote)

Price footnotes –

Those programs that are listed at $2,100 are the price if taking the program is the first program in the series that you take. As some people may be already married for example or have a child who is already conceived or born, and because the starting point of joining one of these programs for the first time will involved a Scientific Life Assessment and reading for both husband and wife, and because this only needs to be done once, not every time you take one of these programs, there will be a 25% discount of all additional programs in this series that are taking. Each of the programs will involve a short review of the Scientific Life Assessment chars of the couple but this involves only a fraction of the time that the original readings take. The one exception to this is the 8th program. The discount will be $600 for this one if it is not the first program taken in the series.

If you have any questions about these programs or would like to register to get started with them, you can join at any point and take just the ones you want, To speak with a representative please fill out and submit the form below.

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