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On January 17th we entered into a 30 month long window of opportunity which manifests only after a gap of 30 years

It is a period of time in which the planet Saturn has it’s strongest influences on everyone. For some people the influences of this 30 month period can bring good fortune and positive changes. For others, the influences can be negative, even disastrous. Fortunately, it is possible to influence these changes to minimize negativity and maximize positive change. This is done via the ancient Vedic procedures. Within ancient Vedic science, there are specific procedures called Kameshtis. Kameshti is a Sanskrit word composed of two words – “kama” which means desire and “eshti” which means fulfillment.  Kameshtis provide detailed precise instructions for how to improve pretty much every area of life.  The procedures include various means to create wave interference patterns of energy that interact with the waves of the energies which produce limitations or obstacles in your life. The wave interference energy patterns modifying procedures have been tried and tested over thousands of years and the positive effects have been extensively validated.

Many people in modern times have come to believe that astrology is a kind of New Age fantasy and should not be taken seriously. This is very likely due to important differences between western astrology and Vedic astrology from ancient India. 

Modern western astrology is a much more recent development and is not at all as effective for predicting future events or for understanding what’s really happening now and in the past. The limitations of western astrology may be the cause of many people’s doubts about its usefulness or validity. 

So, the question is – Is there any reality to astrology? Do the planets really have any effect on us? Well, consider this – What causes the ocean tides to rise and fall? We know from simple scientific observations that the tides are caused by the changes in gravitational pull of the moon as it moves closer and further away from the earth. But is the moon only affecting the ocean and isn’t it amazing that it can actually move the ocean’s massive amount of water?

You may know that the human body is made up of about 60 to 70% water. So, if the moon’s gravity is affecting the oceans like that, what is its effect on us? And is it just gravity that is affecting us or are there other influences that impact us as well. And what about the other planets? Clearly the sun has a huge impact on us, making life on earth even possible.

The astrology of ancient India, known as Vedic astrology, has been around for at least 20,000 years and perhaps as long as 40,000 years. The Vedic astrology system is considered to be more accurate in its ability to understand and predict how and when your life is and will be impacted by the changing planetary influences as the planets rotate around the sun and change their positions in relation to the earth.

30 months of extra powerful influences of Saturn


In Vedic astrology, depending on Saturn’s placement in your Vedic astrology chart, its influences on your Actions, Profits, Social status, Longevity and the Fulfillment of desires can be ascertained. Also, according to its placement in your chart, Saturn can influence Pain, Chronic disease, Disappointments, Delays causing all kinds of lengthy Struggles, and Failures on the Material, Mental and Spiritual levels of your life.

This means that Saturn can affect you in both positive and negative ways according to where it is placed in your chart and where the other planets are placed in relationship to it.

Fortunately, it is quite possible to know what the main influences Saturn will have in your life will be and these are particularly prevalent during these next 30 months. It is during these 30 months that Saturn’s influences are the strongest that they can be.

The remedies that will lessen the negative influences and strengthen the positive ones can be done in a series of kameshtis (Scientific Life Upgrades) with one done during each of these upcoming 30 months. While there will be an emphasis on modifying Saturn’s influences from negative to positive a similar process will also be done for each of the planets as represented in each of the 12 houses in your Vedic astrology chart.

There is a way to know what’s coming? 

The way to know what kinds of positive and negative influences this special Saturn cycle will have on your life is to have a simple Saturn Scientific Life Assessment (Vedic astrology reading). Such readings are not the same as a full reading of your whole chart. This kind of special reading can be done at lower cost and typically it can be done in about 30 to 45 minutes. We are integrating this special Saturn reading with the Monthly Group Kameshti program so that you can know which challenges and opportunities you will be able to improve by participation in this series of 30 group kameshtis.

You can register for and receive this special Saturn reading before you sign up for the group kameshti program.  This will allow you to have the clarity of to what extent and to which areas of Saturn’s influence you can get help from participation in the group kameshtis.

The way that we are doing the kameshtis during this 30 month period is to do the first 12 kameshtis with focus on the removal of the problematic influences of Saturn and the other planetary influences that will cause problems in all sections of your life. The reason that the sequence is 12 kameshtis is that there is one kameshti for each of the 12 houses that cover all of the primary aspects of each person’s life.

The second 12 kameshtis focus on the upgrading and optimizing of the positive influences that Saturn will have on your life, particularly on having success in all aspects of life. The final 6 kameshtis are for enhancing your sixth sense/intuition regarding your conduct that will have a major impact on your quality of life in the future.

The sequence of these 30 Kameshtis will start with the first one on this coming February 18. If you are interested in getting the benefits of this series of kameshtis, you may do so by confirming that you want to take advantage of this rare opportunity by registering for participation by February 5th. The dates for each kameshti will be sent to you after you register. The specific times of day will be sent to you separately but also well before each kameshti will be done. You will also receive a zoom link so that you can watch the kameshti being done if you wish. As a reminder it is not necessary to watch the procedure. When you are registered for this kameshti series you will be the full benefit whether you see it or not.

A change in the registration

and participation process

Last year we had people participate in the first 12 group kameshtis by making donations to help cover the expenses involved. That included the hiring of the Brahmin priests who chant the Vedic mantras and direct the offerings that are presented during the kameshti. It also included covering the cost of renting of the temples where the kameshtis were performed and the purchasing of the various ingredients of the offerings. It also sometimes covered the expenses of travel and lodging when the temple for a given kameshti required that. It is this unique combination of the chanted Vedic mantras and the making of the offerings in a suitable environment that create the energy patterns of wave interference that cancel out or strengthen the energy patterns of the returning influences of your past actions, whether from this life or previous lives.

It is highly recommended that even if you were a participant in the first 12 kameshtis that were done last year, that you go ahead and take the full 30 kameshtis that are starting this February because of this important focus of the positive and negative influences that will be more specifically dealt with during these 30 life upgrade procedures.

I repeat that it is useful to know that you don’t have to be in attendance or even watch the performance of the kameshtis via zoom in order to get the full benefit of being included. Just your intention to participate which is expressed by your registration and subscription to the series and our acceptance of you and the intention of the Brahmin priests who perform the kameshtis that the desired influence on you has proven to be true for thousands of years long before the advent of video conferencing.

Last year many people were included in the participation of each of the 12 kameshtis and most people who participated made some kind of donation to help offset the expense we have changed the participation criteria so that it is now a subscription with a regular contribution each month instead of donations.

So after you have your special Saturn Scientific Life Assessment (reading) you will be able to register either as an individual or as a family to assure your participation and the uninterrupted continuation of all 30 kameshtis.

Below are the links to the IGG shopping cart so you can register for a private 1-on-1 simple Saturn Scientific Life Assessment (Vedic astrology reading). Allow 45 minutes for the scheduled reading time.

The cost for an individual is only $101 USD for the personalized reading.

The cost of participation in all of the 30 Scientific Life Upgrades (kameshtis) is $101 USD per month for an individual or at a discounted fee if paid in full at registration.

Once you have your reading you will receive links for subscribing to the 30 kameshti series that will allow you to subscribe as an individual or family.

So, the first step is to register for your personal Saturn Vedic Science reading using the shopping cart link that you can access below.

Saturn Kameshti series – Payment Options

You can register either for automatic recurring monthly payments from your debit or credit card or with a full payment at a significant discount


30 recurring payments once per month for 30 Months $101 USD each 

Full Payment – $3000 (includes all 30 Kameshtis)


((Includes both Parents and all children)

30 recurring payments once per month for 30 Months $151 USD

Full Payment – $4500 USD (includes all 30 Kameshtis)

The schedule of the monthly Kameshtis will be sent to you if you are registered. The exact dates and times will be sent to you in advance of the Kameshti in case you want to watch the procedure on zoom. The very best and most auspicious time is precisely calculated so that it will have the most positive effect. This has to be calculated relatively close to the time that the Kameshti is performed, which means we will send out the exact time of the Kameshti a few days before the zoom call.


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