Scientific Life Assessment

Scientific Life Assessment

A Scientific Life Assessment is a modern term for an in-depth and precise process which is thousands of years old. It is based on Vedic Science and it includes an extensive body of literature that is called the Vedas.  The term Veda means knowledge and it is believed to relate to the underlying cause and function of and response to a person’s existence. It is one of the oldest bodies of knowledge about life on earth and in many ways, it is the basis of our modern concepts of science.

Scientific methods can be considered a fairly recent field of study in Western culture. However, the individuals who wrote the Vedas thousands of years ago utilized this knowledge. These individuals were considered to be brilliant scientists – dedicated to discovering the insights into what invisible forces are really impacting our lives.

The creation of the natural numbers – 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 were made by the ancient Indian scientists for the purpose of making precise calculations of the planet’s movements in our solar system. As a comparison, up until just a few hundred years ago, the Europeans only used Roman numerals which are cumbersome for making calculations. When the Europeans discovered and adopted the natural numbers from ancient India, it was finally possible to make enormous scientific progress in many fields. Using the natural numbers turned out to be vastly easier than utilizing Roman numerals. Thus, certain aspects of the scientific process originated in ancient India.

In India, mathematics was used for being able to calculate the movement and placements of the planets and the sun and moon. These calculations were used to create what was called Vedic Astrology and the Sanskrit name for this is Jyotish.  For thousands of years, Vedic Science has correlated people’s experiences of how the various placements of planets influenced their lives. Jyotish charts have proven to be incredibly accurate and strongly correlated to people’s life experiences. Therefore, a Scientific Life Assessment is a modernized terminology for a Vedic Astrology chart and reading as both are generated from precise mathematical calculations.

In addition, the term astrology has been influenced by Western astrology which is quite different than Vedic Astrology. Vedic astrology is very precise and much more accurately predictive than western astrology. Since most people in the west are mostly familiar with western astrology, the term “astrology” has a connotation of being something mystical and not scientific. Our use of the term Scientific Life Assessment is to distinguish the precision and scientific nature of Vedic astrology from the more general and less precise western astrology.

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