The Power of How Seminar

Freedom from Illusions

Presented by Tom Stone

August 31 – September 1

Yelm, WA

9:00AM – 6:00 PM both days

Venue – to be determined

Seminar fee – $600

This seminar will be presented by Tom Stone, author of The Power of How and Founder and Chairman of Inner Greatness Global.

What you will learn:

(Explained in detail below)

How to remove the real barriers to living in Pure Awareness all the time

  • Four Pure Awareness Techniques
    • For removing the barriers
  • The Intuition Testing Technique
    • For making the unconscious – conscious
  • The Freedom Practice
    • For integrating Pure Awareness into your life

In addition, everyone who registers will receive

  • Your personal Decision Influences Assessment (DIA)
  • 1 month of daily mentoring by Tom for all seminar participants via a group chat system
  • A free app with which you can guide yourself through the Pure Awareness Techniques that you will be learning and practicing during the seminar. It’s called the Awaken Your Inner Greatness app and it’s available for both Apple and Android phones. Download it now and get familiar with it before the seminar. You can get it here –

Awaken Your inner Greatness apps

iPhone –

Android –

Early Registration bonuses (winners to be announced at the seminar)

  • 1 free 1-hour private 1-on-1 session with Tom for the first person who registers
  • 1 free half-hour private 1-on-1 session with Tom for registrants 2, 3, 4 and 5.
  • A free copy of the new, revised edition of the Power of How (including many additions and refinements – about to be released) for the first 20 people to register.

Details of what you will learn from this seminar

  • How to remove the real barriers to living in Pure Awareness all the time

Tom can teach you how to remove the real barriers to living the continuous experience of wholeness faster and easier than anyone else in the world. This is because he had an awakening in July of 1997 as a result of looking for and finding a cure for PTSD that he had after getting shot in the chest by a deranged stranger with a .44 caliber hand gun. The story about how he discovered how to do that is here – Re-awakening Pure Awareness

  • Four Pure Awareness Techniques for removing the barriers

The Pure Awareness Techniques are simple and powerful. They are experiential techniques that teach you how to do the opposite of habits that you have had all of your life that keep you in bondage and illusions. There are 8 Pure Awareness Techniques and in this seminar, you will learn the first 4 of them.

(For those of you who have read The Power of How, you will notice that the names of the techniques have been changed. This happened when I started to teach these techniques in China. The original names were acronyms and they didn’t translate well into Chinese. So, I simplified the names so that they now can be easily translated into any language)

They are:

  1. The IN Technique (previously called the CORE Technique) – This is a technique for efficiently completing the experience of incomplete patterns of energy from being emotionally overwhelmed in the past. This is the technique for eliminating the “pain-body”.
  2. The OUT Technique (previously called the SEE Technique) – This is a technique for extracting your awareness from being caught inside of the energy clouds of reactive emotions. This is the technique for systematically eliminating the identifications that create the ego.
  3. The QUIETNESS Technique – (previously called the GAP Technique) – This is perhaps the simplest way to directly experience Pure Awareness. It is the starting point of the LOCATE Technique
  4. The LOCATE Technique (previously called the GPS Technique) – This technique is used for finding the energy patterns that have been deeply suppressed due to the universal conditioning of suppression and avoidance of painful emotions.
  • The Intuition Testing Technique

This technique is a simple form of self-muscle-testing. Tom has taught thousands of people how to do this, including many people who had tried it in the past and couldn’t do it. He teaches it in a way like no one else does that involves using the Pure Awareness Techniques to remove fears that keep you from trusting yourself. Everyone who learns this from Tom is able to do it successfully and reliably.

  • The Freedom Practice

This is the details of what you will practice each day. It has two phases to it and that is explained here – The Freedom Practice

More about what you will learn –

Increased Emotional Competence = Rapid Spiritual Awakening

Recently, many people in the Yelm/Rainier area have been reading my book called the Power of How. I’ve been starting to get to know some of them and the idea came up for me to come to Washington and give a weekend seminar to teach people exactly what they need to do in order to have their own genuine spiritual awakening. So, I’m going to be coming to the Yelm/Rainier area on August 31 – September 1 – to give this seminar and show you exactly how to do that.

It’s one thing to understand spiritual enlightenment intellectually. It’s an entirely different thing to actually wake up and experience the reality of the limitless nature of what you truly are. I’ve been very fortunate to discover exactly how to do that and it is much simpler than people think.

I realize that you may discount this immediately, because so many people are deeply conditioned to think that gaining true enlightenment is something difficult that takes years or lifetimes to accomplish. But I can assure you that this is not true. Over the centuries the knowledge of HOW to remove the real barriers to living the continuous experience of wholeness has gradually been lost.

That knowledge has degraded into practices that became gradually and increasingly disconnected from their original truth throughout the ages. Many techniques have become slow and ineffective and don’t produce the awakened state of consciousness that they may have done at one time. This has resulted in the unfortunate state of low spiritual development that we have in the world today and the understandable notion that gaining enlightenment is a long and difficult process. This phenomenon is called The Tragedy of Knowledge.

The other thing that I have heard is that many of the people in the spiritual community in that part of Washington do a practice of paying attention to being present. The sense that I get from hearing about this is that cultivating presence in this way develops a more awakened state of consciousness. This is a positive idea and you may have benefited from doing this, however, it may not have brought you the level of development that you had hoped it would. That’s because there is something unconscious going on that tends to pull you back into becoming absorbed in your thoughts and pulled out of the conscious presence state.

It turns out that everyone becomes deeply conditioned to suppress and avoid painful emotions starting very early in life. This causes the accumulation of incomplete suppressed patterns of emotional energy. There are two different kinds of patterns of emotional energy that is explained in more detail here – The Types of Emotions Model.

Everyone has two databased of these unresolved, suppressed emotions. I’ve also heard that some people who read the Power of How, don’t like the idea of feeling those old suppressed emotions. I just want to reassure you that it is the 3-year-old inside of you who resists this idea of feeling these old suppressed emotional energies. In this upcoming seminar, I’m going to teach new ways to feel these energies that are not difficult at all. These special ways of feeling the energy fields of these emotions rapidly and completely resolves them so that they are really gone… for good! You haven’t done this the way that I’m going to show you how to do it and it is much, much easier than you can imagine based on all of your previous experiences. So, you don’t have to be reluctant to learn to do this. It is the fastest way to clear the path to living in Pure Awareness all the time!

If you don’t learn how to resolve the disruptive emotional energy patterns you are holding inside of you, it’s like using a computer that’s infected with viruses and old bugged code. It may work but not very well and only at a fraction of its potential. This seminar is about learn how to run human anti-virus software on yourself and massively upgrade your inner human software operating system!

Without realizing it, these unresolved, suppressed emotions cause you to have ego-based thoughts and emotional pain-based thoughts. But the problem is that you are not aware that this is happening. You’ve been having these kinds of thoughts all of your life. They are very familiar to you, so familiar, that they just seem like a normal part of life. It is the energy patterns of these disruptive emotions that create the thoughts that absorb you and keep you from being able to be naturally and consistently present. These are the real barriers to gaining a permanent awakened state of being. And they are the only barriers to gaining that state.

What is needed is to learn how to become conscious of when you are having and ego or emotional pain-based thought. And also, to learn how to simply and easily locate the energy patterns that cause them. You will learn how to do this by learning the Intuition Testing Technique.

Next you need to learn how to quickly and easily dismantle the energy patterns at the basis of your ego and emotional pain-based thoughts using what are called the Pure Awareness Techniques. Only when the energy patterns at the basis of these kinds of thoughts are gone can you stop them gripping your attention and losing your connection to your essential nature.

It turns out that these suppressed patterns of emotional energy are the only real barriers to being able to gain a state of being in which you live and enjoy the limitlessness of Pure Awareness all the time. You learn how to never have to be the victim of your emotions ever again. Doing this greatly increases your emotional competence. And it is much easier than you think.

You can learn how I re-discovered this ancient spiritual wisdom by reading about that here if you are interested – Re-awakening direct assess to Pure Awareness.

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