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Welcome to the Emotional Mastery Training!

People typically come to the from being referred by a friend or from a landing page or an ad.

The Emotional Mastery Training  is available both on the computer via the internet or by using an app from either the Apple or Android mobile device version. The web-based version for the computer is available now. 

The Freedom Practice app has three lessons to it, and they are free.

Lesson 1 is an overview of the full training.

Lesson 2 teaches the main trauma resolution technique called the IN Technique.

And lesson 2.1 – Is called a Reality Check. It includes an explanation of a simple chart called a DIA – Decision Influences Assessment. You get the option of purchasing your own personalized, individualized DIA for just $1- bucks.

The reason it is called a reality check is that it shows you the extent to which you suppressed emotional energies are causing you to have ego-base and emotional pain-based thoughts. You will be amazed to see how much that is happening and causing you to make costly mistakes in your life.

There is also a short video that is an orientation to learning the IN Technique. It is highly recommended to watch this orientation video before learning the IN Technique in lesson 2. 

After learning the IN Technique and going through the Reality Check lesson, you will then be able to make an in-app purchase for accessing Freedom Practice – 2. which contains eight lessons listed below. 

The first four lessons each include a detailed video of the lesson explaining the topic of that lesson thoroughly, usually with demos. Here’s a summary of each lesson;

Lesson 1 – Experiencing Your Limitless Nature  In this lesson, you learn the other main Pure Awareness Technique that is for resolving upsets and fears called the OUT Technique. 

Lesson 2 – Experiential Wisdom – Muscle Testing  TIn this lesson, you learn a simple and powerful way to find the energy of an emotion and to know exactly how to resolve it.   

Lesson 3 – Trusting Yourself  – This class teaches you how to get rid of the fear of punishment, the fear of confrontation, the fear of uncertainty, and the fear of emotional overwhelm. Then you trust yourself and your muscle testing much more. 

Lesson 4 – Practice Makes Perfect By practicing the Freedom Practice and debriefing, you learn several details about how to do the process successfully. 

Lesson 5 – The Wholeness Technique A technique for experiencing that everything in the universe is a pattern of vibrating awareness. 

Lesson 6 – The NEUTRALITY Technique  – This lesson teaches you how to shift to neutral. It is like unplugging a power chord, 

Lesson 7 – The CLARITY  Technique – This is about how and when to get to clarity. 

Lesson 8 – The KNOWING Technique – This is for getting access to your inner intuitive knowing by learning how to go into pure awareness and ask any question that you want insight about. Typically, you will get an answer, and sometimes it will surprise you. 

The Inner Guidance App

We created another great resource to help you learn each lesson which is an app within the Freedmo Practice -2 app. It is called the Inner Guidance app. There is an index of the Pure Awareness Techniques that looks like this – 








Each of the techniques listed in the Index uses a special audio player that we created so that you can guide yourself through each of the Pure Awareness Techniques with your eyes closed.

When you select a technique by clicking on a link in the index, you get a new page with some buttons on it to use with this special audio player. Those pages look like this – 

When you tap the Start button, you hear an audio clip of a pleasant woman’s void inviting you to sit comfortably and close your eyes. After the instruction, the audio stops and waits for you to click on the Next Button. The Next button is big so that you can hover over it with your mouse or your thumb or finger if you are using your phone or tablet to get a series of instructions for guiding yourself through that particular technique. The Freedom Practice app and the Freedom Practice – 2 app are on a responsive WordPress website, so you can access them from your phone or tablet. 

The Locate Techniques

The locate techniques are designed to help you find where energy is being held in or around your body. This is useful because, due to the habit of suppressing your emotions, it is often the case that you have done that so well that it may be hard to find them.

So with the Locate Technique, you can guide yourself through a process of being able to feel the sensation of the energy pattern that has been hidden by the suppression.

We built a special feature into each of the Locate techniques so that when you get to the end of any of them, the last audio clip asks you if you can feel the sensation of the energy with the simple question – “Can you feel it?”

If you can feel it. you double-click (or tap) the Next button, which you can do (without opening your eyes), and the app switches to the IN or OUT technique (as appropriate), and you get the first audio clip instruction of that technique.

We designed the Inner Guidance app in this way so that you can keep the flow of your experience uninterrupted. You don’t have to open your eyes and go back to the index to find the IN or OUT technique. You can just keep going!

Get Freedom Practice 2

You can register for Section 2 of the training by using the link above. The cost is only  $150 USD.

Once purchased, you can then watch the video for lesson 1 and get an overview of the whole Freedom Practice  – 2 training. This is a unique and powerful training in learning how to handle your emotions so well that you stop being a victim of them. You become truly emotionally competent, even emotionally masterful.

Go through all of the lessons by reading any text on a lesson page and then watching the video that goes into detail about each topic or technique that you are learning, often with demos. You can then use the Pure Awareness Technique instructions in the Inner Guidance app so that you can guide yourself through the techniques with your eyes closed, as explained above. That is the best way to do them without visual distractions. 

Why You Really Need this App

Let’s face it, most people are not very good at handling their emotions. Very few people have parents or friends, or teachers who are truly emotionally competent. Most people have little or no training in how to handle their emotions. In fact, most people are usually the victim of their emotions.

It would be fair to say that we live on an emotionally incompetent planet. Emotional incompetence is probably the biggest pandemic on the planet.

Why is that?

It’s quite simple, really. When we are an infant, we all get emotionally overwhelmed lots and lots of times. Nobody likes it. In fact, we hate it, and we try to get as far away from the emotional pain as possible.

This happens before we learn how to talk. And we get so used to it that without realizing it, we develop a deep habit of suppressing and avoiding emotional pain as much as possible.

But because we develop this habit pre-verbally, we continue to suppress and avoid emotional pain as much as possible.

We often get overwhelmed and cry, and whether we cry or not, we often don’t finish the experience of the emotional pain.

This causes us to accumulate more and more patterns of emotional pain, and we store the incomplete experiences of these pains in our bodies.

Everyone does this, and we know that the residue of these emotional pains can feel like tight knots or balls of painful emotional energy stored inside of us.

It is so common that most people don’t realize that they are doing this.

You have probably heard the old saying that “necessity is the mother of invention.” 

Well, in 1993, I got shot in the chest by a deranged stranger right at my front door. There is a saying that necessity is the mother of invention. I had a necessity. 

I had (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder – PTSD) as a result of this attack. It was a complete miracle that it didn’t kill me because the gun was a .44 caliber handgun. It has a big bullet. Hunters use such guns for killing bears! 

 I had all of the PTSD symptoms, including nightmares every night, flashbacks, startle responses, hypervigilance, etc.

I didn’t believe the psychological dogma that PTSD is incurable, so I did my own private research to see if I could find a way to heal myself.

It took a while, but I was very fortunate to finally have a simple insight about getting emotionally overwhelmed many times when we are very young.

When I realized this, it became clear to me that I had to experiment with doing the exact opposite of what I had been doing all of my life (like everyone else on the planet).

So I decided to try it. I got my courage up, and then I simply thought about going to answer the door and watching the stranger standing there pull this big gun out from behind his back. I tried to slam and lock the door, but he stepped over and shot through the big oval decorative glass mounted in the door.

I must have been leaning over at just the right angle because later, I learned that the bullet glanced off of the lower edge of a rib and ricocheted down, going through my diaphragm, right between the two lobes of my liver, and ended up lodged in the bone behind my 5th lumbar vertebra. If it had gone through my chest or even through the liver differently, I would have quickly bled to death.

All it took was thinking about the incident, and I could feel the terror in my chest. But instead of trying to get away from the feeling, I decided to get closer to it. That made it feel more intense, not because it became stronger, but just because I was really allowing myself to feel it. It was like clicking in for a closer magnified view on a program like Google Maps.

It was certainly intense, but the first thing that I noticed was that it didn’t kill me to let myself feel that intensity of the sensation of residual energy that was still being held there in my chest.

So I just hung in there, and gradually the intensity started to become a bit less. So I got my courage up some more and brought my attention even closer to what remained of the sensation. This made it feel more intense again. But after a while longer, the intensity faded a bit more.

So I kept getting closer to the sensation each time it softened. I did that again and again until… I couldn’t feel anything anymore!

I thought of the event again, and now I didn’t feel any sensation of terror in my chest! I thought I must be onto something, but to be conservative, I decided to sleep on it and see how I felt in the morning.

When I woke up, the first thing I realized was that it was the first night since the shooting that I had not had a nightmare.

I realized that I had discovered something quite important.


Emotions have both Content and Energy

For pretty much everyone, it feels like the content and the energy of emotions are tied together. It feels like they are one thing not two separate things. But it turns out that they can be separated and the energy can be resolved by allowing yourself to feel it and then get closer to it until you feel it to completion.

It is a process of completing an experience that was just too much to process when it happened so we archived part of it. We call this completion process the IN Technique because we feel down INTO the energy until it is completed.

The IN Technique is the main technique for resolving trauma. I used it for some years before discovering that other main technique that is called the OUT Technique.

The OUT Technique energies are quite different from the IN Technique ones.

As you will learn in lesson 3, the OUT Techniques energies are reactions to stories we make up in our mind. They are usually either a reaction to an unmet expectation or they are a projection of a negative outcome onto the future.

When we have an expectation that doesn’t get met we tend to react with some form of upset, anger, frustration, disappointment, sadness, etc.

When we project a possible negative outcome onto the future we tent get worried, anxious, fearful or even have panic attacks if it is extreme.

In both of these kinds of cases, the body produces a cloud of energy that radiates out into the space around you. It is not so concentrated as the IN Technique energies.

It is a bit like having dark glasses on. You are inside the energy field and it feels like the energy is filling up the space around you, surrounding and engulfing you.

These emotional energies are quite different than the IN Technique energies. They are not there to be completed. It is necessary to take your awareness out away from your body. You go out further and further until you come to the outer edge of the energy field and then you keep going until you get completely outside of the energy cloud.

When you get outside of the energy cloud it feels like you have taken off the dark glasses. You can see everything in a new clear light. Then you go even further into the surrounding silence and you experience a kind of vast peaceful feeling. It is a kind of emptiness but even though there is nothing there, there is a sense of lively silence. But it is not the silence of sleep. You are awake but just aware of your own awareness, there’s no object of perception.

So in both cases, both with the IN and OUT techniques, at the end of the technique you experience just awareness itself. This is why we call these the Pure Awareness Techniques.


Your Inner Emotional Landscape

You can see from the images in the types of emotions chart  that the IN Technique energy fields are localized and they are inside of you. You are inside the more diffuse OUT Technique clouds of energy.

Everyone has a collection of IN Technique energies and also a collection of OUT Technique energies. As explained above, you have been deeply conditioned to avoid dealing with these energy fields. This habit of suppressing and avoiding these energies is what makes people think that PTSD is incurable.

So by taking the lessons and using the app you will quickly get good at following the instructions and be able to resolve both IN and OUT Technique energies.

You are cleaning up your inner emotional landscape. As it gets cleaner and cleaner it is like a partly cloudy day that is having fewer and fewer clouds so there is more and more pure blue sky. That means there is more and more Pure Awareness. The idea is to get it so clean that you live in the expansive peaceful state of Pure Awareness all the time. It is a wonderful state of being that is totally problem free,

Now you know what to expect as you learn the Pure Awareness Techniques. It’s good to know what to expect before you start. This way when experiences that you haven’t had before do start to occur, you will know just what to do to get the Techniques properly learned and be able to use them to thoroughly resolve any trauma orir emotional pain… completely and permanently!

The Inner Guidance App is a custom audio player that provides guidance through a series of experiential techniques called the Pure Awareness Techniques. They are –









There are three additional Pure Awareness Techniques that are simple enough that they do not require audio instructions. They are:

Lesson 8 – The NEUTRALITY Technique

Lesson 9 – The CLARITY Technique

Lesson 10 – The KNOWING Technique

All of these techniques provide new ways of resolving trauma and emotional pain using new methods that are significantly more effective for resolving emotional stress than previous methods used currently and in the past.

Some emotions are useful. For example, if we are about to try to cross a street and a very quiet electric car is coming that is so quiet that we don’t hear it or see it until the last moment. When we do finally see the car we will typically experience the fear of being hit or injured and  pull back or jump back so as not to get hit by the car.

This kind of fear is a useful emotion. Such experiences of fear and other emotions can certainly be useful to us. Some other useful emotions include love, happiness, compassion, joy and others. The useful emotions typically come when they are needed and then go away when they are not needed anymore.

But most emotions produce patterns of energy that are not useful.

These are much more common than useful emotions.

The not-useful emotions are typically disruptive, overwhelming, and painful.

There are two categories of not-useful emotions. The experiences of the emotional patterns of energy of each category is quite different.

Two Categories of Emotional Energy Patterns

We call them Painful-Internal and Reactive-External energies.

The sensations produced in or around the body by these different emotional energy patterns are quite different from each another. They can be seen on the following chart.

IN Technique energies are like a tight knot or ball of constricted energy inside of our body. Everyone has had the experience and each kind of energy. We all know what Internal and External emotional energy patterns feel like. The Internal energies are localized and feel like they are inside of us.

The external emotional energy patterns feel quite different. The energy radiates out from the body into the space around us. It is not so localized and intense as the Internal energy patterns. The mist or cloud of energy of the external emotional energy patterns surrounds and engulfs us.

Suppression and Avoidance

When we are quite young, we all get emotionally overwhelmed lots and lots of times. This happens before we have learned how to talk. It is a form of pre-verbal conditioning, and it seems to be quite universal.

These overwhelming experiences happen when the intensity of the emotional pain is just too much to process right when it happens. The common reactions to emotional overwhelm are  to try to get as far away from the painful experience as possible. We either get overwhelmed and cry or we suppress the pain the best we can, or we resort to some drug or behavior to self-medicate to numb or mask the pain.

So, it would be fair to say that the internal energy patterns are caused by incomplete emotionally painful experiences that don’t go away by themselves like the useful emotions do.

 Reactive External Emotions

Pretty much everyone has experiences of painful emotional experiences that are quite unexpected and just come out of the blue. These can be reactions to unmet expectations, or they can be caused by projecting negative outcomes onto the future.

These kinds of experiences are quite different than incomplete experiences that produce the internal more localized painful energy patterns.

The External Reactive emotional energies get created as a reaction to a story that can be triggered under different circumstances.

For most people they are so used to having the story triggered and then having an OUT Technique energy created that is like a cloud or mist of energy that radiates out into the space around them and surrounds and engulfs them.

Most people don’t realize that the story and the cloud of energy that it creates are actually two separate things. It feels to them like the story and the energy are two separate things. But they can be separated and the energy can be resolved using the OUT Technique.

You can experiment with the OUT Technique. Watch the video for lesson 3 and then it is time to try the OUT Technique, use the Inner Guidance index page (have a link to the index page on every page of the app) and guide yourself through the OUT Technique. You will find that you will get outside of the cloud or aura of the OUT Technique energy field and by following the audio instructions the story and the energy cloud it produces will collapse back into the nothingness out of which you had inadvertently created them.

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