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The 12 Causes of Human Problems

The following courses are for people who are currently taking the Extraordinary Coach Training or took Core Dynamics Coach Training in the past. If you are not in the current Extraordinary Coach Training course or have not taken such training in the past, you can register for the coach training now and then also register for the  advanced trainings. Extraordinary Coach Training.

The 12 Causes of human problems course has already been given and is available to take from the 13 video recorded classes. Scroll down for information about it.

Extraordinary Relationships is 14 recorded zoom calls which as of February 8 there are now 4 live classes yet to be delivered. The classes are on Monday and Thursday evenings at 5:30 PM Pacific. We announce the details for each class in the Slack group. You will be made part of that group once you register for the course.

Extraordinary Relationship Program

14 lessons via recorded zoom calls – 90 to 120 minutes each.

Price – $397

This course is the first in a series of courses about how to have the best possible relationships in your life. The three courses are –

  • Extraordinary Relationships
  • Love without Attachment and Unconditional Love
  • Making Love the Divine Way

These courses are Topic Specific FP programs so taking FP first is a pre-requisite.

The other courses in the Extraordinary Relationship Program will be offered in the future and you will be able to register and pay for them when they become available. The number of classes and prices are TBD. 

Here’s the list of the 14 topics that are addressed during this course: (In some cases more than one topic will be covered in one class and in other cases a topic may be covered over more than one class).

  1. Eliminating resentments
  2. Staying present
  3. Love Based on Self-Sufficiency
  4. Optimizing communication
  5. Your partner is a mirror
  6. Stop dating your parents
  7. Attracting an ideal partner (or allowing your partner to be ideal)
  8. How to get over heartbreak… completely!
  9. Not settling for less than you really want
  10. Waiting Before Making a Long-term Commitment
  11. You Can Have Both Intimacy and Independence
  12. Appreciating different emotional waves
  13. Having the qualities in yourself that you want in your partner
  14. Financial integrity

By removing all of the barriers to all of these topics you transform your ability to be in relationships so that they are better than anything you could even imagine in the past. If you are already in a relationship, this course will transform you, removing the kinds of barriers that get in the way of your relationship being truly extraordinary. If you are not currently in a relationship, the course will prepare you to be a magnet for attracting an ideal partner by making you the kind of person who an ideal partner will be magnetized to. You won’t want to miss this opportunity to really transform your relationship into something truly extraordinary.

Only $397

Register here – Extraordinary Relationships

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