Extraordinary Coach Training (April 2023)

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Thomas Leonard – Founder of the International Coach Federation and considered by many to be the father of the modern coaching industry, had not had his own coach for 10 years. So he was looking for someone who was ten steps ahead of him. When he met Tom Stone (who had no coach training at all), he immediately hired Tom to be his personal coach. Thomas told his seminar students – “Tom Stone has the cleanest energy of anyone I have ever met… bar none!”

Tom and Thomas agreed that great coaching comes from great people. Tom Stone knows precisely how to help you rapidly become a great person. That’s what this program is all about! Don’t miss the opportunity to be trained by the coach of the coach of the coaches so you can become one of the best coaches in the world!

There are 3 phases to this training –

  1. The Freedom Practice
  2. The IGO Protocol for coaching others
  3. TraumAway – How to reduce the severity of all PTSD symptoms down to zero

The price for this training is $2997, but if you register before Now, there is a massive $2,500 discount! We are doing this because we want to get as many people as possible trained as soon as possible. Therefore, we are offering an introductory price of only $797. This is an update on the info in some of the videos you may have seen. The idea is to make the training so affordable for the people who register early that deciding to take it is a no-brainer. Take advantage of these huge savings and register now!

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