The Three Main Causes of Pain

The Three Main Causes of Pain

You have a big problem!

You have forgotten that you are tolerating some pain. You think that you have tried everything to get rid of the pain, but nothing has brought you the relief that you were hoping for. And you have just become resigned to the idea that it is not going to get healed, and you are just going to have to live with it or take drugs to suppress the pain. 

It may surprise you that some brilliant scientists have figured out some new ways of getting rid of the pain that really work.

Based on your experience so far, it might seem hard to believe that this could be true. But new technologies are being invented in many industries all the time. So why not finally have some kind of healing processes that actually really work? What a surprise that would be! 

Our mission at Inner Greatness Global is to remove the pain of the world. It’s a big job as there is so much pain in the world. But we have the great good fortune to have highly effective programs for resolving each of these categories of the causes of pain so that the pain is really and permanently gone.

This is quite unlike traditional medicine, which primarily masks pain with drugs that only provide temporary relief, assuming they work at all or at least to some degree. That is symptom suppression, not an actual cure.

Pharmaceutical companies like it because it is an ongoing source of revenue and profits. They don’t want you to get truly well, or you will stop buying the drugs. At Inner Greatness Global, we have a different agenda. We are not selling drugs. We are about helping people to get well and stay well.

There are three main causes of pain. And each needs a different approach to truly heal from those causes.

In summary, the three causes are:

  1. Pain is caused by the accumulation of toxins and pathogens in the connective tissue that the body is having difficulty getting out of itself. 
  2. Pain is caused by simpler single causes, such as an injury, a dislocated joint, or some kind of strain.
  3. Pain caused by emotional overwhelmed, trauma, anxiety, depression, heartbreak, grief, etc. 

The first category of causes of pain

The first category of causes of pain is the accumulation of toxins and pathogens in the connective tissue. The connective tissue is the soft tissue that is everywhere in the body. It is the safest place for the body to put the toxins and pathogens. But the problem is that the body puts them there because there is some reason that the body can’t get them out.

Eliminating pain caused by this first category of causes requires removing whatever blocks exist to the body’s ability to get the toxins and pathogens out of itself.

Think of it like this. If the piping between your house and the sewer line underground is blocked, it won’t be a good idea to flush the toilet. The water in the toilet and what’s in it won’t go down to the sewer. It can be a pretty messy situation. 

This is what happens if your organs and systems of elimination and detoxification are not open and working properly. So these problems must be solved before trying to push the toxins out. 

Our program for doing this is called the Wisdom System. It is a program to get well and stay well. It addresses this issue of the accumulation of toxins and pathogens in the connective tissue with a highly effective 10-step protocol.

Below is a diagram of the connective tissue showing that none of the body’s systems that serve the cells are in direct contact with the cells.

The capillaries bring the cells’ oxygen and nutrients, but the veins put the oxygen and nutrients into the connective tissue. Then the oxygen and nutrients move through the connective tissue to get to the cells. The capillaries also have a role in helping to remove metabolic wastes, toxins, and pathogens.

The things that look like fried eggs represent organ cells. You can also see the lymph vessels that remove metabolic wastes and toxins. There are also nerve endings that supply energy and information to the cells.

In addition, there are groups of dots that represent the toxins and pathogens that the body can’t get out of itself. So, these accumulate in the connective tissue, and they can begin to cause pain as they can interfere with the cells getting what they need and getting rid of what they don’t need,

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The second category of causes of pain

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