The 10 steps of the Wisdom System Program

The 10 Steps of the Wisdom System Program

Step 1.

The first step is taking the history and performing the initial testing to determine the energetic situation of the body and which toxic stresses and other problems there may be. It is also for deciding what needs to be done upfront, such as avoiding certain foods, clearing operating system blocks, etc. Finally, it is also for determining the best ways to give energy to the body based on the five element and chakra assessments.

During the testing, we also test for allergy background stress. We test the milieu of the intestines to see if there are allergic reactions to different foods and other substances.

As part of testing the milieu of the intestines, test to determine if there is fermentation and putrefaction. If fermentation or decay is present, it will be necessary to have them avoid the related foods for a few weeks or up to a few months.

The alcohol created by intestinal fermentation is very toxic to the liver cells. If they have fermentation, then they are dying because of this alcohol. It causes the liver not to be able to detoxify. The dietary guideline is that they must avoid whole grains and fresh vegetables.

Putrefaction – If they eat meat and there is putrefaction of the meat protein, this will be very toxic to the nervous system. In this case, the type of meat that is putrefying must be avoided for as long as is needed to stop the putrefaction while debugging the bacteria that are causing it.

All participants must have total abstinence from pork. The toxins in pork and how pork is processed in the intestines cause blocks in the lymphatic system. As a result, the lymph fluid becomes insufficient. Eating pork also blocks the gallbladder. Therefore pork in any form must be avoided entirely.

If too much sugar is being eaten, the healthy bacteria of the intestines can no longer grow. This creates a problem for the intestines. In such cases, the person much stop eating sugar. When the healthy bacteria cannot grow, it causes the intestines not to be able to detoxify the body.

You must test to see if toxins are in the environment or being breathed, ingested, or absorbed through the skin and then reduce/eliminate the toxins that are going into your body all day. Next, determine if any critical toxins in the home or workplace are causing ongoing stress. If so, make arrangements to eliminate them from the environment or change the setting. It won’t work to be under this constant stress.

Drink lots of water – 3 liters of pure energized water per day – in 14 days, your kidneys will be cleared.

The skin is one of the largest and most important detoxification organs. Unfortunately, Paraffin in skin products can block the proper functioning of the skin. It is like wearing a plastic warp on the skin. Therefore, it is essential to stop using products for the skin containing Paraffin. The skin can heal within about 7 to 14 days of stopping the use of paraffin-containing products.

The liver will also not work properly when the intestines are not working correctly. Intestines can take a long time to work correctly, depending on which stresses are there. Be patient and thorough with this step.

So in the first step, Wsi, you test for all these things and make your guidelines for the client to follow.

Step 2.

The 2nd step of the Wisdom System plan is to remove the operating system blocks. This is not detoxification. It is to get the regulation processes working. Remove the therapy blocks per the list we made before.

Step 3.

The 3rd step – Allergy debugging

This is because allergies consume so much energy

You cannot produce endless energy in the body – if 40% of your energy goes into allergies, then you don’t have that energy available for healing or functioning.

Step 4.

4th step – debug the problems with the intestines. According to Martin Keymer, about 80% of detoxification comes from the intestines. Therefore, it is the most important organ of elimination and detoxification. However, it is not just about the elimination of food waste. The process of removing the toxins passing through the body by absorbing them through the intestinal wall and then sending them to the liver to be processed and shipped out of the body via the gall bladder or kidneys and bladder is the fundamental way in which the body detoxifies itself. If this detoxification process is less than optimal, then the body cannot correctly detoxify itself, and toxins will accumulate in the connective tissue. Such accumulation of toxins in the connective tissue forms the basis of most chronic illnesses.  

In steps 4 and 5, the goal is to eliminate lymphadenitis.

Step 5.

In the 5th step, we debug parasite and mycosis (mold and fungus). While either parasites or mycosis are present, there may still be infection of the lymph of the intestines – lymphadenitis. Therefore, the lymphadenitis must no longer test before you can go on to the next step.

Once the lymphadenitis is cleared, the burden on the liver is less, and it can work with the toxins from the connective tissue.

Work very carefully until the lymphadenitis no longer tests.

In step 5, we also ensure the kidney and bladder work correctly.

Step 6.

6th step – When lymphadenitis is gone, now it will be possible for the organs and systems of elimination to detoxify the accumulated toxins in the connective tissue. This means getting more toxins out than earned each day will be possible. It may be the first time a person can do that in years.

During this step, there will be less frequency of debugging. This is because the body must now learn and practice detoxifying. During this time, we debug using body secretions, typically in this order – blood, urine, stool, and saliva. During this stop, we usually work only with debugging the body secretions and allowing plenty of time for the body to drive as much of the accumulated toxins out of the connective tissue as possible. This usually takes about two months or longer if doing the debugging using HSE drops.

When the process of driving the toxins out of the connective tissue by using the body secretions is complete, we now test what remaining toxic stresses, environmental toxins, bacteria, viruses, etc., are still in the person’s system.

Step 7.

7th step – elimination of other toxic stresses

In this step, we use the specific ampoules for environmental toxins, bacteria, viruses, etc., to debug any remaining toxic stresses that did not go out with the generic detoxification of the connective by using the body secretions. Usually, about 90% of the original poisonous pressures will be gone from the general detoxification.

It is essential to debug these toxic stresses using long durations and high amplitudes for the debug settings. The body is strong and has the energy to process the poisonous priorities, with the pathways for getting the toxins out of the body now open and working.

Step 8.

The 8th step addresses specific connective tissue problems from the deepest and oldest stresses. These include what are called retox childhood diseases, which means any residual effects of childhood illnesses, vaccinations, and the inherited pressures that have reached miasms. During this step, sometimes people can have some aggravation of symptoms as these problems are being debugged. However, such aggravation of symptoms typically passes within a few days. It is good to know that this can happen, and you can reassure your client that it will pass.

Step 9.

In the 9th step, you give the client a high-potency homeopathic remedy. The homeopathic test kit is ideal for this, as you can make an individualized remedy (sometimes using more than one potency ampoule) of the treatment using this kit. The client typically does not need to return for sessions until their 6-month checkup unless they have some acute stress that needs support.

Step 10.

The 10th step is to have a 6-month checkup. This is a crucial step to see how the client is doing and to give any tune-ups/debugging as needed.

This program aims to bring harmony to the body so that it can take care of itself under virtually all circumstances. Once someone has been through the Wisdom System Program, their system is usually in the best condition it has ever been in to detoxify itself and keep itself healthy. This is a program to get well and stay well.

It is important to note that because unresolved ACE (Adverse Childhood Experiences) and other forms of emotional stress are causal to chronic illnesses, it is also essential for the client to have Core Dynamics Coaching sessions or WaveMaker Coaching sessions as needed at the beginning and throughout the Squeaky Clean Program to resolve any such stresses that exist at the level of Bio-Awareness. Such debugging of the inner human software is an integral and essential part of the Wisdom System Program.

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