How to Solve Unsolvable Health Problems

A Unique Program to Get Well and Stay Well

Do you have a health problem you haven’t been able to solve? What if there were a new way to solve it that really worked? What if there was a way to get well and stay well? 

You are in luck! Over the past 40 years, a brilliant group of Natural Medicine doctors in Europe discovered some insights about how the body heals itself and how to powerfully assist the body in doing that. As a result, they created a program to get and stay well. We call it The Wisdom System.

It’s been a well-kept secret until now. People are getting such incredible results that the word is getting out about this marvelous new way to get to the real causes that block the body’s ability to heal itself out of the body and out of your life.

Several things about this program border on the unbelievable, but when you follow some simple instructions and guidelines, the results border on the unbelievable too.

We know from physics that everything is made of patterns of energy. So one of our new developments is that we found a way to guide the body in creating precise energy patterns that can cancel out the barriers to your body’s ability to heal itself.

It works on the same principle as a noise-canceling headset. Still, you don’t need a headset or other equipment as you already have the ultimate healing technology, the body itself. You need to know how to guide it to produce the correct energy patterns, which is a fantastic thing that our European colleagues discovered, and then we figured out how to deliver it online.

How The Wisdom System Program Works

A brilliant pathologist in Austria named Alfred Pischinger discovered that the connective tissue is the place where all of the “regulating” of basic functions of the body takes place.

All of the services that the cells need for their functioning, such as nutrients, oxygen, metabolic waste removal, energy, etc., are provided through the connective tissue.

He discovered that the capillaries of the circulatory system, the ends of the lymph system, and the fine nerve endings do not directly in connect to the cells. They terminate in the connective tissue near the cells. 

The chart above is a diagram of the connective tissue.

The program that we are offering is not how to learn to do this unique program to get well and stay well; that’s a lot to learn. The Wisdom System program is about being a recipient of the program for your own health to clean out your body of accumulated toxins and pathogen and to strengthen the healthy cells and functions of the body so that the body can heal itself! 

People who have gone through this program end up feeling better than they have felt in their entire life. And in many cases, this approach allows people to finally heal from something that has been stubborn and defied all previous approaches.

Though each person’s accumulation of toxins and pathogens, etc., is unique to them, the steps of the program and the actual procedures are similar for each person, but still individualized. 

We will be doing a lot of WaveForm Optimizing (WFO), which is typically individualized. I may be getting some help with some of the individualized WFO work from my most experienced certified coaches and mentors.

At the start of joining the program, you have an individual interview with Tom Stone, and he takes a detailed “history” of health-related information and other factors. This is a detailed process of testing to see what’s blocking your body from healing itself. It can take between 1 to 2 hours. Taking the history in this detailed way forms the basis of making a plan for removing all of the blockages to your body so that you can detoxify and heal better than ever before. 

Most chronic diseases are caused by the accumulation of pathogens and toxins in the connective tissue. Taking a detailed history will give us a comprehensive picture of what’s really going on that is interfering with the body’s natural ability to heal itself. 

Each person’s collection of this stuff will be unique. The process of finding what is there and determining the best ways to get rid of this physiological garbage follows a 10-step protocol for finding and getting rid of the harmful things stored there.

Why are these things stored in the connective tissue? It’s because it is safer than having them in the cells. And there are typically things blocking the body’s ability to get them out. 

Finding and effectively removing these blockages is what this program is all about. You need to know what’s there and what effect it is having on interfering with the cleanup process. You need to know what to do and in what order to do it to get the result you are looking for. 

I learned how to do the this from a brilliant Naturopath in Germany named Martin Keymer. He figured out how to embed the energy of all of the most common toxins and pathogens into small ampoules organized by categories into what are called test kits. 

In Europe, when you learn how to do this program, you must purchase a big stack of test kits (quite expensive). There are test kits for bacteria, mold and fungus, parasites, viruses, allergens, pharmaceutical toxins, and environmental toxins, etc. There are also ampoules for being able to give the cells, organs, and functions of the boy energy that they need for healing.

You also have to take many seminars in order to learn how to use all of the ampoules properly.


Ampoules vs. WaveForm Optimizing

The ampoules are made by sending the energy patterns of the pathogens and toxins into special fluids in the ampoule that have been tested to be able to hold the imprinted information for a very long time. The information is simply the electromagnetic field of the substance or pathogen. 

WaveForm Optimizing is a process of using special comparison testing to obtain a very specific pattern of energy that is even more individually precise than the information in the test kits.

Being able to do WaveForm Optimizing provides an even more precise pattern of energy that is highly individualized to the specific client without having to purchase the large array of test kits and take the associated seminars. 

Our training is online, and the lessons will be recorded. So if you can’t make it to one of the classes due to timezone differences or other issues, then you can take the class from the recording in timing that works for you.

You also don’t have to wait for the test kits to be physically shipped to you, which historically has often taken a long time. Plus, the test kits needed cost more than $20,000 USD!

The sequence of learning with our approach if you are just starting to learn from our training is to take this sequence of courses –

  • The New Freedom Practice Training.
  • WaveForm Optimizing
  • The Wisdom System Program

We are making a special bundle package of these courses with a deep discount and excellent follow-up and support. There will be a discussion group for answering questions and sharing experiences. 

is Part of the inspiration for offering this training was a request for help from one of my top students. She contacted me to ask for help with a client who has a very significant problem with mold infection. She was really suffering.

My student told me that her client said that there are 10 or more Facebook groups with thousands of members who are struggling with mold toxicity. And these people are frustrated because anything offered by traditional medicine is mainly symptom suppressive and doesn’t really “cure” the problem. 

With our process of WaveForm Optimizing, we can take such people through a series of sessions following the protocols of the Wisdom System and get the toxins and pathogens out of your body so that you become increasingly physically clean inside. This allows the body to return to normal healthy functioning. It is a path to getting well and staying well.

Here are the options for taking the various parts of the Wisdom System program.

The normal pricing of the different phases of this training are:

  • The Freedom Practice Training – $997
  • WaveForm Optimizing – $2997
  • The Wisdom System Program– $2997

This would be the total price if purchased individually.- $6991. 

To make it possible for as many people as possible to take the Wisdom System program, we are both offering a very deep discount on the training fees as well as making a payment program so that if needed, you can pay for the training with 12 monthly payments.

So we are reducing the price of the three sections of training as a bundle to only $501 as a one-time cost.  This covers the taking of the “history,” which is the first step of the program. It takes a lot of Q and A and then the preparation of a treatment plan. This is an outrageous discount, but I’m doing this because I want everyone who wants to do this program and get their body able to heal and detoxify itself to be able to do that.

Some scholarships are available to cover part of the initial payment if you have a financial situation in which that would make a difference in being able to take it or not. That will be on an individual basis but don’t be shy to ask for it if you need it.  I’ve been there myself in the past, so I am flexible on this topic.

And for the payment plan, you can pay in 11 monthly payments of only $101 per month. Your first month is included in the initial registration fee.. 

The market for getting clients who need this program is enormous. Register now so that you can start to get the enormous benefits of this extraordinarily effective program. This is exactly for people who have “tried everything” and still have a health problem that has remained unsolved. 

Here are the links for registering – 

The Wisdom System – Full payment – $501

plus 11 monthly payments of $101

The timing of the classes will be set to that some of them can be seen as live interactive zoom calls. They will all be recorded so that people will be able to watch them from the recordings when necessary.

Some of the classes are already pre-recorded and can be watched at your discretion.

As mentioned, we will have a discussion group on our website for Q&A and sharing of experiences. That is in the process of being set up. 

Because there are thousands of people with mold infections and other difficult conditions, we don’t really have to look for other conditions to find lots of people who need the The Wisdom System program. It is certainly a realistic way to help for getting rid of the underlying causes of most chronic health problems.  

Investment Options

Option 1

$501 + $101 per month for 11 months for the preparation of your detailed assessment, your individualized treatment plan, and weekly group coaching meetings. 

Option 2

$151 per month for 12 months for the preparation of your detailed assessment, your individualized treatment plan, and weekly group coaching meetings. 

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