The Second Main Category of Causes of Pain

The second main category of causes of pain

The second category of causes of pain is simpler than the first category. This is when there is only one primary cause of the pain, such as a dislocated joint, an injury, or a sore muscle that is getting strained in some way.

Eliminating this second cause of pain requires our program called the Results Now Program. It uses a unique approach in which you are guided through a process that gives the body instructions to create a waveform of energy that is the exact mirror image of the pattern of energy that is causing the pain.

The results are bordering on unbelievable. The pain is usually resolved entirely in just one session. And people report that the relief of their problem lasts and typically doesn’t come back.

Additionally, by doing the Results Now process several times, you rapidly learn how to do it and can do it again on your own, even if the issue or pain does come back.

This process uses the principle from physics called wave interference. It is the same principle used to create noise-canceling headsets. In such headsets, a built-in mic picks up the sounds of the noise in the environment. The frequencies of speech and music are not filtered out, so you can watch a movie or have a conversation.

But in the case of the Results Now program, we are not canceling environment noise but rather the electromagnetic field “noise” of the toxins and pathogens stored in the connective tissue. 

In a double-blind, placebo-controlled knee surgery study, a treatment group received the actual therapy.1 This involved making small slits in the skin so that a tiny camera and tools for cleaning out the knee joint could be inserted. Some people got the therapy, and a placebo group only got the slits in the skin but no joint cleaning with the tools. So, the people in the placebo group didn’t know whether they had been given the therapy.

All of the participants in the study had knee pain before the study was conducted. It turned out that 100% of the people in the placebo group had no more knee pain after the placebo, and the pain was still gone even two years later. This is a kind of proof that the body knows how to heal itself under the right conditions. That makes good sense, as the body is constantly healing itself. 

With the Results Now process, we have the person getting the therapy understand that the body can produce waveforms that will either cancel out the wave pattern causing the pain or strengthen any waveform needed to allow the body to heal itself.

There are some video demonstrations of the before and after treatment of the Results Now process for resolving limited range of motion problems.

We had the two women in the video show us their limited range of motion before the Results Now process was performed. Then we had them do the Results Now process and try to move in the previously limited way again.

In both cases, the limited range of motion and its painful feeling were resolved entirely. They were both amazed that it could happen so fast with just one treatment. And this was done ov Zoom without any need to go to a clinic. It is much faster and much less expensive than going for physical therapy. And it then doesn’t require stretching or special exercises as the problem is gone. In a testimonial nine days after the treatment, one of the ladies said that the pain was still gone and there was no limitation in her movement.

I am doing the Results Now process as part of a unique technique called WaveForm Optimizing. The WaveForm Optimizing process is explained here – WaveForm Optimizing.

Read more about the Results Now Program here –

The Results Now Program

The Third Main Category of the Causes of Pain


  1. A controlled trial of arthroscopic surgery for osteoarthritis of the knee – The National Center for Biotechnology Information 
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