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There are two main things that can cause you to have trouble focusing.

  1. Having a subtle inherited stress caused a TB Miasm, This is the main cause of ADD/ADHD. See – Help Your Kid Do Better in School and Solving Focus Problems 
  2. Unresolved disruptive emotions

Determining which of these are the most significant contributing factors to your focus problems can be done using a technique called Intuition Testing. Our Certified Inner Greatness Coaches can do this for you so that you can choose the right resources for resolving the stresses that are at the basis of your specific focus problems. To get this free personal evaluation first take the focus and presence assessment. Take the version of it based on whether you are going to come to one of our Inner Greatness Centers for your treatment or if you are not close to an Inner Greatness Center you can use the version that is for the Inner Greatness Energy Drops.

Focus and Presence Assessment – Inner Greatness Center version

Focus and Presence Assessment – Inner Greatness Energy Drops version

There is an email form on your personal results page for the assessment that will automatically include your assessment results page URL and other information such as your name, location, age, sex. photo, etc. You can fill in any of the information that isn’t filled in automatically by our system. Make sure to include all of the requested information.

Send us that email and we’ll get back to you with our recommendations as to which approach or approaches will work best for improving your focus and also answer any questions you may have.

Be Assured…

Be assured that we don’t just recommend that everyone gets the Energy Drops. We are collecting the data on people’s before and after experiences of using these drops and we want the success rate to be as high as possible. So if it looks like your focus problems are caused mainly by other factors such as emotional issues, or something else, then we won’t recommend that you get the Effortless Powerful Focus Energy Drops.

This method of getting rid of the influences that cause your distractions and focus problems already has a good reputation. We are building on that so our honest recommendations are a key factor for this. So its in our own interests to give you a good an evaluation as possible to build and protect our reputation as being an effective strategy for improving focus and presence.

Thanks for putting your trust in us. We of course can’t guarantee that our Energy Drops will completely get rid of your focus problems and the underlying causes of them. But the scientific research certainly indicates that the probability of that is high (if this is what you need).

To get your individualized personal evaluation, fill out the form below and click SEND.

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