(IGC) Focus and Presence Assessment

If you have trouble focusing it might show up as difficulty with things like reading, writing, paying attention to a teacher or lecturer, organizing your day, getting things done efficiently without constantly shifting from one thing to another before finishing each task, etc. If you can relate to any of this then it’s a good idea to take this assessment and find out what’s causing these problems and try out our unique and highly effective ways of solving such problems.

If you have such problems then you may have been having them all or most of your life. And if that’s the case you may have become resigned to just accepting how things are as “just the way that it is.” So one of the purposes of this assessment is to help you to “wake up” to the possibility that this isn’t innately a part of you but something that can now be resolved with new, precise techniques and technologies for handling these issues at the source of what’s truly causing them.

This version of the Inner Greatness Assessment for Focus and Presence is for people who can easily get to an Inner Greatness Center (IGC) (see Locations). If you do live near an IGC take this version of the Focus and Presence assessment and then include the results in an email to us. Send the email to [email protected] and include the URL from your Assessment Results page, your name, age, sex, a picture of yourself and anything else that you feel may be useful for us to know about you). If this is for one of your children then of course provide the information about them. Then we’ll get back to you with our recommendations. The reason that we have this free personalized evaluation service is that we want to help insure that you use the right resources for solving your problem and not waste precious time and money pursuing things that aren’t really the cause of your problem. Then call the Inner Greatness Center to schedule an appointment and go in for a free in person test to confirm which of our techniques and technologies is the most likely to solve your problem. Then you can have a session at the IGC that’s most likely to really work.

In the case of focus and presence that’s because there are two different things that can cause you to have trouble focusing.

  1. Having a subtle inherited stress caused a TB Miasm, This is the main cause of ADD/ADHD. See – Help Your Kid Do Better in School and Solving Focus Problems 
  2. Having unresolved disruptive emotions that cause you to be distracted or absorbed in the emotional reactions

Determining which of these are the most significant contributing factors to your focus problems can be done by having the individualized personal evaluation.  Then we’ll will be able to use the right resources for resolving the stresses that are at the basis of your specific focus problems. This is a free service that is part of our dedication to providing the best and most realistic solutions to our client’s needs.

The Assessment

Rate yourself from 0 to 10 (0 = Not true – 10 = Very true) for each statement. Making a selection for each of the statements is required.

[assessment name='(IGC) Focus and Presence’ 10_bar=”true”]

@ Do you sometimes have trouble paying attention or have a short attention span?
@ Are you easily distracted?
@ Do you sometimes get distracted when reading something and have to re-read it to get the meaning?
@ When listening to a teacher or lecturer do you find your mind wandering to other things?
@ Go you get bored easily?
@ Do find yourself going from one task to another without finishing the previous ones?
@ Is writing difficult for you?
@ Do you tend to be forgetful?
@ Do you make careless mistakes in your work?
@ When given instructions do you sometimes not hear them properly?
@ Do you have difficulty sitting still for a long time?
@ Would people say that you talk too much or too often?
@ Do you have restless legs or feet?
@ Do you often tap your pencil, click your pen or drum you fingers on something?
@ If you are a student, do you get out of your seat in the classroom more than other children do?
@ Do you have a tendency to be impulsive and lack self-control
@ Do you sometimes say things that are inappropriate?
@ Do you have trouble waiting in line for your turn?
@ Do you get aggressive or agitated when you are upset about something?
@ Do you have trouble organizing your tasks or your activities for the day?
@ Do you have difficulty organizing or completing your work at school?
@ Do you have trouble finishing projects, chores or school homework?
@ Do you have difficulty with coordination such as throwing or catching a ball?
@ Do you tend to leave your things all over in a disorganized or messy way?
@ Is it hard to feel pleased or satisfied?
@ Do your moods change frequently?
@ Do you experience a lot of frustration?
@ Are you impatient?
@ Do you have difficulty concentrating or staying focused?
@ Do you get bored easily at meetings?
@ Do you have a hard time managing your time?
@ Does it seem like your mind is filled with too many thoughts?

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