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The emerging field of Inner Greatness Optimizing offers a new way to eliminate focus problems – (ADD  – Attention Deficit Disorder and ADHD -Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) and get our kids off of drugs like Ritalin.

I’ve had many clients come to my practice seeking help with ADD/ADHD. One of them was a nine-year-old girl who had been having trouble in school and difficulty with reading. She had been diagnosed as having ADD. Her mom and grandparents also had the same kinds of attention/distraction difficulty with focusing issues in varying degrees of severity. So I tested the whole family and they all had exactly the same underlying cause. Here’s the background on what I found.

About 60% of the people in the world have a pattern of energy and information in every cell in their body that is called a TB miasm. A TB or Tuberculosis miasm gets created when someone in your ancestry got TB and then had children either before the disease became fully developed or after they survived it. In either case the energy pattern of the residual influence of the disease got passed on to the next generation and the next, and so on. This pattern of energy gets transferred from parent to child at conception. It is a pattern of energy and information that is imprinted in the cell. It is transferred from parent to child in a way that is very similar to a virus getting into your computer via an email attachment. When the fetus gets this pattern of energy and information from either the sperm or the egg (or both) then as the cells replicate, every cell in the developing body also replicates the pattern of disruptive energy of the residual effect of the TB. This is known as a miasm. The concept of a miasm was discovered by the creator of Homeopathy, Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843).

Tuberculosis has been one of the biggest causes of illness and death in the world throughout human history. Even today, millions of people die from TB every year, especially in developing countries. It is therefore no wonder that about 60% of the population has one or more of the forms of the TB miasm. It seems that the presence of the miasm’s pattern of energy in all of the cells of the body, although subtle at the individual cell level, when taken collectively creates enough of a disturbance to the nervous system that people experience what is now popularly called ADD or ADHD.

In 1998 I met a homeopath from South Africa who told me that experienced homeopaths have long known this connection between the TB miasm and ADD/ADHD. But effective ways of eliminating the pattern of energy from the body have not been readily available, until now. Also beginning in 1997 I have had the good fortune to get to study with many of the leading researchers and practitioners in Germany who use physics based devices and advanced applications of the principles of wave interference from physics to change patterns of energy in the body.

Thousands of German practitioners are using biophysics based devices to cancel out the energy of pathogens, toxins and allergens. I learned about this technology from a seminar participant from Scotland who sent me a newspaper article about one of the devices. The article was about a study of 200 children with allergies. In the study 83% of the children were completely free of their allergies after a series of 10 treatments. I had terrible hay fever and allergies myself so I was of course intrigued. I found one of the few practitioners in the US and had some treatments with the technology for my allergies. The results were so impressive that I went to Germany to explore the technology more. While there for training in how to use these new biophysics based devices, I had a few additional treatments for allergies and since then they have been completely gone.

Needless to say I was impressed and decided to become involved with this technology. As a result of many trips to Germany to study with leading practitioners and researchers I found an excellent company of brilliant electronics engineers and worked with them to create updated and improved versions of the technology. We now an updated version of the technology called the Quantum Energy Optimizer (QEO) at our Inner Greatness Centers that are being established throughout the world.

The language that I use to describe the changing of the patterns of energy and information in the body I call Human Software Engineering and now we talk about what it does as “debugging” and “upgrading” people’s inner human software. It’s like running anti-virus software on the energy and information systems of your body.

These technologies are quite similar in principle to the noise canceling headsets made by Bose, Sony, Shaper Image and other companies. But instead of canceling out the noise in the environment, the QEO cancels out the “noise” of the patterns of energy of pathogens, toxins, allergens, habits, conditioning and even miasms. The device inverts and amplifies the energy pattern thereby creating its “mirror image” and sends this inverted signal back to the body. The inverted signal cancels out the unwanted energy pattern in the body through the physics principle of destructive wave interference. This is similar to erasing a pattern of energy and information from the hard drive on your computer which is why we call this debugging and upgrading people’s inner human software. Because computers were created to automate certain human tasks, they have many attribute of those who created them, namely human beings. So the analogy is an excellent way of describing what happens when we cancel out or strengthen patterns of energy and information in the human body.

Now, back to my 9 year-old girl client; after “debugging” her for one of the TB miasms the difference in her experience and behavior was dramatic. She is now reading whole books by herself which she simply couldn’t do before and her whole demeanor is much more calm and peaceful. And she feels much happier too. She has been able to stop taking the drugs that she had been prescribed for her ADD and both she and her mother are very happy about that. Her grandparents came to visit about a week after I had worked with her and they couldn’t believe how different she was. They were so impressed by the changes that they saw in her that they came in to get “debugged” for their TB miasms too! (After all, it is an inherited pattern of energy.)

This is especially important for children on Ritalin and related drugs. There are an estimated 7 to 10 million children on Ritalin and there are negative side effects as well as a number of deaths that are directly attributable to its long term use.

ADD/ADHD can be a big problem for adults too. I debugged a business executive for ADD who had suffered from it all of his life. He’d take stacks of papers with him to corporate meetings because every five minutes or so he would be distracted and needed something to look at. After the debugging I saw him the next day and asked how he was doing with the ADD issue. He told me that he had just come from a two and a half hour meeting and had only one distraction! Six weeks later he reported to me that the problem was completely gone! This was the result from just one 20 minute debugging session.

Having numerous experiences with debugging people for ADD in a short period of time got me thinking about the fact that if 60% of the population has the TB miasm perhaps there are different degrees of severity of its influence. Maybe some people have full fledged ADD/ADHD and others may have something that is far too subtle to be characterized as ADD. Even within the same family it may vary in how it impacts each child. I thought that perhaps the influence of the TB miasm, if it is there, is enough to create a kind of “rough edge” to their life and perhaps create the experience of minor distractions, subtle inner irritations, sometimes difficulty in staying focused and general lack of peace of mind.

Now I would not have characterized myself as someone with ADD but I had the idea that I should test myself to see if I had it. So I grabbed the test kit with the TB miasm ampoules in it (there are five different versions of the TB miasm) and tested myself. And there it was. I had one of them. Perhaps this would explain why I had trouble learning in school and why I had to go to the remedial reading teacher. It also would explain why I sometimes don’t seem to be able to stay focused on a project or task.

I immediately debugged myself and so far I have experienced two mind blowing things:

  • First I have never been more focused and “in the zone” at work than ever before that I can remember.
  • And 2nd, the day after the debugging, I had probably the best day that I can remember. I never felt so alive, happy and productive and this has continued ever since!

Wow! I had no idea that this subtle cloud had been there all of my life. I was telling all of this to a colleague a couple of days after I had debugged myself and we agreed that there must be a whole range of effects of the TB miasm from subtle to dramatic affecting many millions of people. We are excited about this discovery and we are eager to make this new method of resolving ADD available to everyone who could benefit from it.

The training to be able to test and debug someone for one of the TB miasms is quite easy to learn. Once learned, the testing takes less than two minutes to do with each client. The QEO device is also easy to learn to use. All that is needed now is to get the word out about this new and highly effective way of  helping our kids get off of drugs like Ritalin.

We do not consider this to be a “medical” treatment. It is simply debugging and upgrading people’s inner human software. Therefore, no medical training or background is required to learn and use this technology.

What can you do to help get our kids off of Ritalin and get their ADD completely resolved?

  • Tell every parent who has a kid with ADD, ADHD, difficulties with reading, or learning disabilities that this new breakthrough is available and they can very likely get their kids off of the ADD drugs.
  • If one of the kids has ADD then the others kids also have it in a milder form even if it isn’t showing obvious signs. Get all the kids debugged.
  • If your kids have it then it means that you and/or your spouse have a TB miasm too. Get debugged yourself and if your parents are still around arrange to get them debugged too.

We can’t promise that if you have a serious case of ADD that there will only be this one influence that is causing it and that it will be all gone in one session (although this has been pretty common!). Also we can’t promise that if you do test as having one of the miasms that you will experience a dramatic shift like what I experienced or like what I have seen in many clients. But there’s a very good chance of that, especially if you can relate to the possibility that there is some subtle disruptive influence inside of you and feel less peace of mind than you would like to have. If our testing indicates that you do not need this debugging then at least you will know that you don’t have this bug in your inner human software. The test is completely free of charge and without any obligation. You can request being tested before you purchase this treatment.

Although we are only at the beginning of opening our network of Inner Greatness Centers, fortunately this treatment can be given by preparing custom made remedy drops for your child or for you. The energy patterns that need to be imprinted into the remedy drops are different for adult than for children, They are also different for males and females whether child or adult. So when you place your order make sure to give us the name, age and sex of your child or yourself.

So let’s get the kids off of Ritalin and other related drugs. And while we’re at it, although you may not have ever considered that you have ADD (like I said, I wouldn’t have characterized myself that way at all) you can get tested and debugged too! If your experience is anything like mine, I’m sure you will feel better with that “bug” out of your system.

Tom StoneFounder

Inner Greatness Global

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About the Author:
Tom Stone is the founder of Inner Greatness Global and is an expert in the application of biophysics for changing patterns of energy in the human body. Tom is pioneering the new field of 
 Inner Greatness Optimizing.

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