Our Mission

To Remove the Pain of the World

Yes, its a big mission! But amazingly enough we have the new technologies that make this possible. 

There are two main types of pain in the world, physical pain and emotional pain. 

There are two basic approaches that are taken to reduce the pain – 

  1. Symptom suppression
  2. Cure – removing the real root cause of the pain so that it is permanently gone

The current approaches to reducing or eliminating pain, both physical and emotional pain, are mainly various methods of suppressing symptoms. Sometimes this can be useful but the problem is that these approaches leave the true underlying cause(s) of the pain unresolved. So after a short time, the pain comes back. Another problem with the symptom suppression approaches to reducing pain is that such approaches often come with unwanted negative side effects. 

At Inner Greatness Global we believe that it is far better to find and resolve the true root cause or causes of the pain so that when it is gone, it doesn’t come back. This is the only realistic way to remove the pain of the world. 

Fortunately, we have discovered and developed two new technologies that when used properly can pin-point and permanently eliminate the true root causes of various forms of pain. Here are some examples of applications of our technologies with more details on pages linked to for each application. 

Quantum Energy Optimizer

One of these new technologies is a device called the Quantum Energy Optimizer (QEO) that can amplify or reduce the energy levels of either healthy or toxic electromagnetic fields in the body. We can use the QEO with additional special resources to activate the production of antibodies to the COVID virus and its variants without having any physical vaccinations. Here’s what the QEO looks like – 

The QEO 

Cables (not pictured) are attached to the ports on the lower right with electrodes attached to the cables for picking up and/or sending precise ultra-weak electromagnetic signals to the body.

Some of the applications of the QEO reduce or eliminate certain problems permanently. In other cases if the person is exposed to the original cause of the problem again, such as with air pollution or an addictive substance such as nicotine, additional treatments may be needed to remove the new stresses acquired since the previous treatments in order to eliminate the cause of the problem again. This is not due to the treatment being symptom suppressive. It is due to the new exposure to whatever caused the problem in the first place. 

The air pollution application is designed to relieve the symptoms caused by PM2.5. Neither traditional nor alternative medicine have anything that has been able to help get these toxic particles out of the body. With the QEO we can invert and weaken the electromagnetic fields of the particles which makes it much easier for the body to get them out. However, as explained above, if the person continues to live in a highly polluted area, they will need periodic treatments due to the ongoing repeated exposures. – Reducing Air Pollution Symptoms 

We can dramatically reduce withdrawal symptoms from many drugs. Nicotine withdrawal symptoms can be almost  completely eliminated making it far easier for people to stop smoking. –  Addiction Withdrawal Symptom Reduction

Some of the applications that produce a permanent elimination of the problem include:

Eliminating the real root cause of ADD/ADHD. – ADD/ADHD Pilot double blind study results

We can dramatically reduce or eliminate the real root causes of allergic reactions. – Allergy elimination research and examples

Pure Awareness Techniques 

Our 2nd technology is called the Pure Awareness Techniques. It is a new way to use the body to heal itself of things previously thought to be incurable. For example, PTSD is considered by most of the therapeutic community to be incurable. But we can now actually cure PTSD, trauma, and grief completely. We typically eliminate nightmares or other PTSD symptoms in one session. PTSD – Results and Demo videos

Our program for reducing the severity level of all of someone’s PTSD symptoms is called the TraumAway Program. This program starts with a self-assessment. A copy of the assessment form and also a graph showing the progress of symptom severity reduction over 5 session is on the following page – Reducing the severity of all PTSD symptoms

Our new Extraordinary Coach Training includes how to reduce the severity of all PTSD symptoms more quickly and easily than any previous method. You can learn about it here – Extraordinary Coach Training.

A now famous study called the ACE Study (Adverse Childhood Experiences) was conducted by the Preventive Medicine Department of Kaiser Permanente in San Diego CA in collaboration with the (CDC) Center for Disease Control between 995 and 1997. The study had over 17,000 respondents for which Kaiser had detailed medical and psychological histories. There is a saying that “time heals all things,” But this isn’t true of childhood traumas. The ACE study found that unlike most health problems, childhood traumas continued to have negative impact on both physical and mental health issues even 50 years after they occurred. This was only discovered during the study so the study didn’t include determining why this is so common.  At Inner Greatness Global, in our specialized research about the origins of human problems we discovered a simple insight that explains why this happened.  – Why traumas don’t self-heal over time. This includes an explanation of why the therapeutic community thinks that PTSD is incurable. However, it is now possible to cure PTSD completely and permanently. 


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