Addiction Withdrawal Symptom Reduction

Nicotine is a strongly physically addictive substance. People usually have a very hard time stopping smoking because of the strong withdrawal symptoms they get when they try to stop.

Here is the result of a small pilot study that shows the dramatic reduction in withdrawal symptoms for the study participants. When asked about their experience of their withdrawal symptoms after having the QEO treatment to cancel out the addictive influence of the nicotine, many of the participants responded – What withdrawal symptoms?

This same process can be used to reduce withdrawal symptoms from virtually any drug, street drugs or perscription drugs. 

Here’s a lovely testimonial about what a difference this process made in the person’s life –

“Hey Tom, I have been thinking about thanking you. Telling the world. Writing in a way that articulates to you and anyone who should read this the depth and the miracle of my story. Can’t be done. Just know that I have tried everything from the patch to acupuncture to stop smoking. Some of those things I have tried more than once. Then I found you and the WaveMaker*. What can I say? I am free, free, free of cigarettes and everything that is a part of them! Grateful and beyond! I want to go on and on but as I have said it feels flat to try to do so in this way. So I will say to you once more. You call it making waves. I call it parting the red sea. From the deepest part of me, thank you.”

Sabra Hutchinson – Queen’s Creek, AZ

*The WaveMaker is an earlier version of the QEO

Here are some typical unedited responses from people who went through this process –

Since being ‘debugged’ I have a mind-body knowing that I am a non-smoker for life – this did not happen before.”

“Be Smoke Free Now allowed me to function while becoming a non smoker. In the past I felt the only way to really quit is to be sedated for 6 months, wake up and no longer crave smoking. As I always came back to smoking due to life situations and triggers. This time I could live while not smoking and seriously I really never had a day that I fought the urge. It was as if I never smoked before in my life. Thank YOU Tom.”

“There were only a 5% craving as opposed to 100% craving when I tried before”

“I do not accept congratulations on quitting since it did not involve any action or willpower on my part. The only thing I did was decide I wanted to be a non-smoker; the program did the rest.”

“I have only tried to quit once and went back to it. The withdrawal from not smoking was terrible. The Be Smoke Free Now Program was so simple that it is hard to believe I do not even care of smoking. It is a miracle.”

“The ease of the first few days of not having any physical cravings to smoke made it easier to stay a non-smoker.”

These results confirm that the Be Smoke Free Now Program can make it much easier than ever before to end the physical dependence on nicotine so that you can stop smoking immediately, easily and comfortably. Amazingly, this part of the program only takes about 20 to 30 minutes. There are no drugs to take. There is no “going cold turkey.” It’s completely painless. Tens of thousands of people have gone through this process in Europe and no negative side effects have been reported. The typical withdrawal symptoms that people would usually feel if they stopped smoking by going cold turkey simply vanish or become so diminished they aren’t a problem.

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