Eliminating ADD/ADHD

Many kids have some level of difficulty with focus and attention. When they read something they often get distracted and miss getting the meaning of what they are reading. Then they have to go back and really try hard to focus and get through the paragraph without being distracted. Sometimes they have to read the same thing over more than once! And some kids have a really hard time with being hyperactive. They just can’t sit still and stay focused on what the teacher is saying or what they are supposed to be studying.

And many adults have this problem as well. In fact, an estimated 60% of the worlds population has this problem to some degree.

The World Wellness Centers have a new unique solution to these problems. In just one treatment focusing becomes effortless and all of the having to re-read things to get the meaning and being fidgety goes away… permanently. Reading becomes much faster and much easier and they can easily remember what they read.

Look at what this does for improving academic performance.

This pilot study was done double-blind and half of the kids were given a placebo treatment. Here’s a comparison of ADHD symptom severity levels as assessed by this kid’s mom after the placebo treatment and then after receiving the actual treatment.

After placebo treatment

After actual treatment

As you can see, there was very little change following the placebo treatment. But there was huge change following the actual treatment. This indicates that it is really the effect of the treatment not just thinking you are getting it that makes the difference. It’s clearly not a placebo effect.

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