Reducing the Severity of all PTSD Symptoms

PTSD Symptom Severity Reduction


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On the chart above the blue lines are the severity levels prior to starting to use our techniques for reducing the severity of the one of the PTSD symptoms. We have found by working with many PTSD sufferers and having them take the assessment again after a few days and before the next each session that when we thoroughly resolve the traumas that are causing the severity of one symptom that other symptom’s severity levels also go down.

By taking the assessment again a few days after each session we can track the progression of the reduction of the severity levels of all of the symptoms. The example above shows what the progress was over the 5 sessions that it took this client to get all of the severity levels down to zero.

Typically it takes between 5 and 10 sessions to bring all of the symptom severity levels down to zero. It is possible to do this because the resolution of one trauma that is contributing to the severity of one symptom is frequently contributing to the severity level of other symptoms as well.

As mentioned on our Mission page, we prefer to focus on finding and resolving the real root causes of problems rather than simply suppressing symptoms. With PTSD we have a self-assessment that people take before they start their sessions for reducing or eliminating the severity of their symptoms. The assessment form is based mainly on the statements from the DSM-IV with a few additional symptoms added by us. We call our assessment the TraumAway Assessment.

Our Assessment form is for self-assessment by the client. They rate the severity of all of their PTSD symptoms on a scale from 0 to 10.

Here is a sample assessment form with the symptom severity values in the graph above. 


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