Love without Attachment

What is Attachment?

Attachment has nothing to do with love. But most people think that attachment is love or is a part of love. It isn’t!

Attachment means feeling that something is essential to you being able to feel whole and complete. It is created by the Cause of Human Problems called Longing or Looking for Yourself Where You Are Not.

Most people are deeply conditioned to become attached to others, particularly romantic or intimate partners. The kinds of conditioning that cause people to create attachments are numerous. It comes from religion, government, parents, media, books, movies, childhood fairytales, behaviors and stories from friends and relatives etc.

Attachment is presented to us by all of these conditioning sources as being an aspect of love, but it has nothing to do with what love really is. Love is not about giving and getting. It’s not about meeting needs.  Everything else that is marketed to us under the false label of love – attachment, need and identification are not love. They are all based on need. There’s only on form of love which is unconditional.

Similar to the Extraordinary Relationships course, There are 10 intentions and 13 topics of barriers. It has some similarities to the Extraordinary Relationships course, but it is taking it to the next level.

The course will probably be between 12 and 15 classes depending on what comes up in each class. We will continue the classes until we have adequately removed all of the barriers from all of the topics/issues.

Pre-requisites – The Freedom PracticeExtraordinary Relationships

The course fee is $397 and you can register here –

Love without Attachment

It will be followed by the course on Unconditional Love. This course is again taking you to the next level over Love without Attachment. You can see more about the Unconditional Love course here –

Unconditional Love

There is a discount for registering for both courses together.

The Unconditional Love course is $397. Save $200 by registering for both courses now.

The link for the combined registration is here –

Love without Attachment and Unconditional Love – only $594

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