Love without Attachment

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Love without Attachment 

Being able to love without attachment is unusual in the world today. It is a special skill that only can be achieved at an experiential level  which is accomplished by removing the remaining disruptive emotional energies that have been locking you into being attached without even realizing that you are doing that. That’s exactly what this course is all about!

It also makes it possible for you to love deeply yet also have such a deep level of self-sufficiency that you can be in a wonderful relationship for whatever it’s natural duration is and if and when it comes to an end you don’t get heartbroken. It is quite different than having “normal” relationships. It is taking relationship to a new level that due to your conditioning you haven’t even been able to imagine it.

The whole way that you view relationship after this course will be quite different than your previously deeply conditioned way of seeing them. It makes it possible to have relationships that are both more enjoyable and at the same time more liberating and free than you could previously imagine, not to mention actually 

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Love without Attachment

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