Inner Greatness Centers

If there is not an Inner Greatness Center near you, you can book a session with a Certified Inner Greatness Coach and have the session online via Skype or similar for many of our programs and services. To view which sessions you can take on line versus the ones that include the QEO and have to be taken in person at and IGC, see the list of Programs and Services.

To schedule a session using our online booking system click here – Appointments.

We have Inner Greatness Centers opening in different countries. The first 13 IGC’s are now open in China

Inner Greatness Centers China
NO.IGCChinese NameEnglish NameMobile PhoneCityWeChat IDEmail
1Shanghai1Jing XuKristin139 173 88177ShanghaikristinXushanghai1@igcchina.com
2Shanghai2Xiaotong TangMia138 017 78411Shanghaimia-txtshanghai2@igcchina.com
3Suzhou1Li JinJenny186 278 04113Suzhoutdty_jinlisuzhou1@igcchina.com
4Beijing1Jie ChenJane189 105 66569Beijingchenjie494177beijing1@igcchina.com
Weiqun PanWeiqun139 118 56178BeijingJHCL-P
5Beijing2He YuYoha136 932 15467Beijinghouqiaodibeijing2@igcchina.com
6Nanning1Yanxia LiuBonnie180 077 17977Nanningbonnie_liuzhangnanning1@igcchina.com
Yunting HuangGrace189 788 18228lele919
7Xian1Yun WuWindy186 029 88628Xianwuyun73xian1@igcchina.com
8Haerbin1Min WangMin186 450 75133Haerbinaa051023haerbin1@igcchina.com
Guojun XuKing130 698 81781gojun_0330
9Hangzhou1Zeyi GuanAbba158 571 01550Hangzhoutamagahangzhou1@igcchina.com
Yanyu WangLisa186 868 6808318686868083
10Shenzhen1Di LuAaron135 104 63311Shenzhen13510463311shenzhen1@igcchina.com
11Taiyuan1Ling ZhaoSophie186 035 17600Taiyuandream100Studiotaiyuan1@igcchina.com
12Wuhan1Li JinJenny186 278 04113Wuhantdty_jinliwuhan1@igcchina.com
13Xiamen1Peilin HuangVivian158 018 03627Xiamenvvn_huangxiamen1@igcchina.com

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