Get Super Good at Doing HSE – English ($197)

Get Super Good at Doing HSE

English with Madarin Version

For China

This is a new training that I am offering both in China with translation into Mandarin and also an English only version for our non-Chinese students. This web page is for the English version. 

The page about the version with Mandarin translation is here –

China – Get Super Good at Doing HSE – Presented in English with Mandarin Translation 

There are three main sections to this training –

  1. How to recognize Reactivity and Resolve it
  2. How to use Extraordinary Programs 
  3. Going deeper into the 12 Causes of Human Problems

Use the link above to access the explanation of this new training in English with translation into Madarin is on the additional web page referenced to above. There is a link for registration for this training via tha Inner Greatness Global website. You can only register using a credit or debit card directly on the Inner Greatness Global site. If you can’t do that for any reason send us an email at [email protected] and we will work something out so that you can take this new course.

Get Super Good at HSE!

Years ago the name for IGO was Human Software Engineering (HSE). There was also some years when we called it Emtional Master and one of Tom’s books by that name became a best seller in China. 

On my recent trip to the Netherlands I found that there are some people who want to get really, really good at doing HSE.  With the kind of incredible breakthroughs people have been getting with IGO/HSE in trainings and in 1-on-1 sessions it’s no surprise that many of our top students want to help others get such great breakthroughs too.


I have also noticed that in pretty much every coaching session there are both circumstances and reactions to the circumstances. In most cases people get caught up in the reactions. The reactions are the main things that frequently get in the way of and delay getting to the true topic the real underlying issue! You can’t really work on the real issue unless all of the reactions interfering with the issue are gone. It doesn’t mean that all of your disruptive emotions are gone but just the ones that are in the way of the target issue.

You can see that decisions have four primary influences. There are four kinds of thoughts for everyone in the world. The first two categories are useful and the second two categories are NOT useful. It is the second two categories that are based on unresolved disruptive emotions. We call them reactive emotional energies.

  1. Practical (useful)
  2. Intuitive (useful)
  3. Ego-based (NOT useful)
  4. Emotional Pain-based (NOT useful)

Categories one and twi are based on things that do exist in the world even if we are not proximate to them in time and space yet.

Categories three and four are based on disruptive emotions. These only exist in the mind not in the “real” world. 

The difference between the two categories is because of one simple insight, When we are infants we don’t know how to talk. So we have no words for our experiences. And we have lots of overwhelming emotions. Because no one likes to be emotionally overwhelmed we try to get as far away from the emotional overwhelming experiences as possible. Most people get so far away from their disruptive emotions that they don’t even realize that they have them.

Emotions and both Content and Energy

It seems that people don’t realize that they are caught in reactions. So there’s a big upgrade needed in being able to recognize that it is so common not only in others but also and especially in yourself.

This work is about making the unconscious – conscious.

The way that we are going to do that in this traininig is to have one person be the coach and one be the client. Everyone will watch the coaching session and when you sense the reactivity and test for the best way to “debug” it then you can “raise your hand” as you sense what it is.  At a certain point we will stop and discus and resolve it. Sometimes there’s more than one pattern of reactivity related to the current topic  When that is the case we will repeat the same process until there’s no reactivityo related to that topic. This is a very important and central skill to develop in order to become really good at IGO.

Extraordinary Programs

Extraordinary Programs are a way to optimize the attributes in your life that allow you to be truly extraordinary in every aspect of a particular topic, such as leadership, productivity, specific sports such as Extraordinafy Golf or Tennis,  is a very important and central skill to develop in order to become really good at IGO. The Extraordinary Programs are designed to help make sure that you are really free of anything that could possibly get in the way of being genuinely optimal for every aspect of a topic that is important to you in your life.

Here’s an example of such a program that is not completed yet but is well on the way there.


Get Super Good at HSE!


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