Sleep Problems – Some unique solutions

Trouble Sleeping?

Solutions You might not know about

Many people have sleep problems for so long that they jave just learned to tolerate them. On this page I am gathering solutions to sleep problems that can really help but that you may not know about.

The first three such solutions are:

  • Understanding Awareness during sleep
  • How to get rid of traumas that creaete nightmares and other PTSD symptoms
  • How to stop having to get up lots of times in the night to urinate (mainly for men)

Awareness –

Awareness during sleep – get the barriers out of the way so that awareness is naturally present all the time. You might have experienced it but it didn’t last. You might have interpreted this as a not sleeping problem. But all of the techniques of HSE are designed to make you have Pure Awareness present all the time. If Pure Awareness is starting to be present in sleep which can be thought of as the least conscious state of Awareness it is actually a very good sign of the integration into your life. In this class we will be targeting any barriers to having awareness during sleep.  Now you can increase the presence of awareness during your sleep by joining this simple class for only $37.00 USD.


Classes will be on Saturdays at 2 PM Eastern time. Once registered you will get an email with all access details.

You can register for this class here – Awareness During Sleep

Trauma – PTSD Symptons

Do you have nightmares or any other Post Traumatic Stress Symptom? Now you can take a simple class that teaches you how to find and resolve the ENERGY of the trauma. Heather had terrifying nightmares for months but in one session of using the Pure Awareness Techniques she was permanently nightmare free. See her 1 minute testimonial here –

You too can get rid of PTSD symptoms in a simple Traumaway course.

Incontinence –

This one is mainly for men.

If you have to get up several times in the night to urinate it is very likely that you have an enlarged prostate.

There are natural herbal supplements that help to shrink the prostate and return it to its normal size and functioning. I researched this and found the top rated brand according to research and testimonials that is called Prostacor. I have received some just yesterday and I’m trying it and will let you know how it works our. The research and testimonials are excellent. The web site is at

There may also be some emotional energy causing the prostate to be more susceptible to being enlarged than it might be otherwise. If anyone in the class has anything like that we will resolve it during the call and those who can related to it can follow along. If you can’t make it. No problem. It will be recorded and available vie the IGG web site –

If you are asked to pay for something just let me know and I’ll Fix that.

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