World Wellness Centers

 Our plan is to establish thousands of World Wellness Centers all over the world as a combination of corporate owned centers as well as franchised centers in existing health care facilities such as hospitals, clinics and other franchised locations.

These centers will be equipped with a new generation of physics based technologies that can upgrade the body’s systems so that RNA production can be modified and optimized.

We will be conducting research this year on treatments with this new breed of technology for stimulating the production of antibodies and T cells to the COVID-19  virus and its variants, thus producing permanent immunity without requiring physical/chemical injections.

The research will  substantiate and quantify how well this works. This project is called Global eMunity.™ The research will be coordinated and managed by the World Wellness Research Institute.

Some additional applications that will be offered at the World Wellness Centers include: :

  • THE Air Pollution SolutionReducing the symptoms and illnesses caused by air pollution that currently kill approximately 7 million people per year world wide.
  • Reduce or eliminate ADD/ADHD – The elimination of the principle underlying cause of ADD/ADHD thus greatly improving the ability to stay focused. This results in having a significant positive impact on improving academic performance and productivity at work.
  • Reducing chronic pain
  • Improving range of motion
  • Reduction and elimination of allergies
  • Reduction of radiation damage caused by mobile phones and other radiation sources.
  • Reduction of food cravings such as for sugar
  • Creating eVaccines for all other diseases that will benefit from antibody and T cell activation.\

Unique Training and Management System

WWC has a unique training and management system that helps to ensure that everyone in the company is able to contribute their very best to the organization.

After studying the lives of successful people like Steve Jobs,  Oprah Winfrey, Albert Einstein, Winston Churchill and many others, they all say that trusting your intuition is the key to success. They knew how to do that themselves, but they don’t say anything about HOW to do that. IGG has had the very good fortune to figure out exactly how to show people how to do that.

It requires debugging and upgrading your inner human software operating system in such a way that you can distinguish between your intuitive thoughts and your ego and emotional pain-based thoughts. You can’t do that intellectually. You can only do that by getting rid of the energy patterns that cause the ego and emotional pain-based thoughts. And we at IGG know exactly how to do that.

Learning to do that and doing it as a daily practice is, and will always be, a part of the company culture for all IGG businesses. In addition, we will favor and do business with vendors, suppliers, consultants, licensees, and others who come to understand the importance of this and implement it in their own lives and in their organizations. It’s the only realistic way to have the people who are important to your endeavor become truly emotionally competent. Truly emotionally competent people trust their intuition more consistently than emotionally incompetent people do and thus make better decisions and are more successful.

This is a key element of the management system that IGG has throughout all of its businesses. A part of this includes something called a Decision Influences Assessment (DIA). IGG has a unique method of being able to test for the extent to which each person is impacted by the four kinds of thoughts that influence their decisions. The four types of thoughts are:

  1. Practical thoughts
  2. Intuitive thoughts
  3. Ego based thoughts
  4. Emotional pain-based thoughts

Most people don’t distinguish between these and they make a lot of their decisions from the influences of their ego and emotional pain-based thoughts. That leads to many costly mistakes.

But IGG has a unique process called the Freedom Practice with which people rapidly reduce the levels of influence of the ego and emotional pain-based thoughts on their decisions, minimizing costly mistakes. IGG has minimum criteria for the DIA scores required for each position/role in the company. The higher the position, the better the DIA scores have to be. Everyone learns how to get the influence of the ego and emotional pain-based thoughts lower and lower very quickly which naturally increases the influence of their practical and intuitive thoughts. They are required to do this and to meet certain DIA scores in order to keep their position. Meeting higher criteria is required in order to get a raise in salary and benefits as well as a prerequisite to being promoted.

IGG management firmly believes that this is a major innovation in training and HR management. After all, your people are your most important asset. If you discovered that all of the computers in the business were running in an old bugged operating system, you would have the IT people all over it in a heartbeat to upgrade to the latest OS.

The reality is that just about everyone in every organization is running on an old bugged inner human software operating system. To have everyone in an organization truly upgrade their inner human software operating system, get rid of the influences that cause costly mistakes and rapidly upgrade their ability to make intuitive based decisions… what could be better?

Providing this program to industry, government, NGOs, etc. is also the business of the corporate training division of Inner Greatness Global. IGG is setting the example for this by being the living example of a truly emotionally competent organization.

Although various related products may eventually be sold at our various centers, the initial design is strictly a service business with no inventory needed.

Unlike many multi-location businesses such as food franchises or corporate owned store chains, no kitchens are needed, there is no inventory of foods, medicines or other kinds of supplies needed (other than for toxin elimination testing). People come into the center, check in for their appointment and join the cue. Then they sit in a comfortable chair, hold an electrode and the technician turns on the QEO via the software on a laptop that is connected to the device with a fiber optic cable. The fiber optic cable is used to send the control signals to the QEO with impulses of light so that no unwanted electromagnetic field information can get into the treatment signal in the electronics inside of the device or reach the person having the treatment.

As there is no physical product but only the energetic treatment, this will keep the overhead low and the logistics of the centers relatively simple also keeping costs of operation low resulting in the ability to have both low prices and still maintain very good margins. The primary operating costs will be staff and facilities. Startup costs will be for acquiring or building facilities, remodeling as needed, obtaining furnishings, equipment and hiring and training of initial staff.

Excellent long-term relationship with OEM supplier

We have been doing business with the firm that makes the QEO for 12 years. We have sold earlier versions of the technology using different names and designs over this period and the business relationship with the supplier has been excellent. They have been quite open to and supportive of upgrades in the technology that we have requested including the latest development of putting all of the control functions in software, getting rid of font panel control knobs that were previously used to make settings and run the device manually and other upgrades to the software, the database of programs, the activation codes needed for continued use each month and the email system for tracking the device usage. We have excellent cooperation and we have exclusive rights to the QEO as our private label device. They are not for sale and are only for use within our companies and clinics.

Ramping up production will not be a problem as the circuit board manufacturing is done by subcontractors with final device assembly and quality control done by our supplier.


The requirements for our center locations are relatively simple. To get things started we can rent and renovate existing buildings in high traffic locations. This is similar to a large multi-location business like Starbucks or KFC. As the program expands, we can build dedicated center facilities to optimize them for both location and operational efficiency.

In summary, WWC’s air pollution stress reduction solution sets itself apart from the competitive marketplace by providing:

  • A unique physics-based technology solution that produces consistently and often dramatically positive results
  • No competition from traditional or alternative medicine industries
  • Virtually limitless markets
  • The QEO technology is more advanced yet less expensive that other devices in this field
  • We have a comprehensive understanding of how to stimulate the body’s own healing mechanisms with the use of this type of technology.
  • This is not commonly understood by others in this field mainly because they are experts in things like electronics engineering rather than healing.
  • First to market and high potential to have long-term market dominance.
  • Safe and effective technology that falls under the safest class of devices facilitating fast regulatory approval
  • Unique management system for optimizing staff and management performance

Additional WWC Plans

  • Mental health
  • Creating 35,000 World Wellness Centers worldwide over 10 years
  • Collaboration with The World Wellness Research Institute to do the research that substantiates and quantifies the high levels of efficacy and positive results experienced over the past 20 years of our technology development
  • Market education and making our new solutions available everywhere for solving many of the world’s most troublesome problems in a consistently effective manner
  • Translation and localization of all IGG materials, processes and offerings
  • Creating the teams to open the centers
  • Provide training and initiate the marketing to meet our aggressive roll out plan

We will also use this method for other toxic work environments such as car painting booths.

We will be merging the current Inner Greatness Centers with the World Wellness Centers.

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